I apologize on Greg’s behalf. The entries he writes are mostly incoherent, filled with errors that make them difficult to read, and generally pointless. The only thing that keeps me from deleting them is that they’re interesting (in a “gee, there are people weirder than I am” sort of way), and I’m a sucker for compliments. Read the guestbook at your own risk.

I’m bored. So I went to Googlism, and typed in my name. Most of the results were good, some were bad, and some were just plain weird. I think there’s a town somewhere called Lindsay, and apparently there are people whose last names are Lindsay. It’s fun; try it sometime.

Okay, so I’m not bored. I’m really avoiding my physics homework, which is not good, but I really cannot stand physics. It annoys me to no end. I’ll have to do it eventually, but the Net is too tempting. I think I’ll go (finally) finish DV. Then *maybe* I’ll get back to physics. Bleh.

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