I think everyone knows now about Mark and me. I didn’t think we were being especially obvious; maybe he’s been saying things. Relationships are complicated. I’m complicated. That leads to one big complicated mess, and it’s not much fun.

This morning, I swear I wanted to hurt someone. Two someones, actually: Paul and Greg. See, I was talking to Greg this morning. Our usual banter, complete with petty insults. So, on my way out the door, I called him “not a person.” Not the best pseudo-insult to choose, as Greg followed me.

He yelled something to the likes of ,”You left me!” or “Why did you break up with me?” It was almost time for class, so I think the half of the school that didn’t already think I’m crazy was there to watch me freak out. There is not now, nor has there ever been, anything but platonic-ism between Greg and me. I proceeded to yell something like, “What? I did *not* break up with you!”

Thinking that I could just tell him off and leave it at that, I stormed down the hall, dodging curious onlookers. I had only taken a few steps, though, before I turned and nearly slammed into Paul. I screamed (cause I’m jumpy like that), and he asked, “You broke up with Greg?”

So began a tirade that lasted for a good twenty minutes. I ran out of clever things to say, beyond, “No, I did *not* break up with him!” and “There was nothing to break!” and “We were never together!” And at some point, “Greg” became “Craig”, who I *definitely* did not break up with. That, lovely readers, is how false rumors get started, and they spread like wildfire. ::sighs::

I think Mark and I are making progress. And, seeing as both he and Greg read this, I will not elaborate. Night, all.

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