I Feel So Delinquent

Grr-ness. I feel so… delinquent. In the chaos of almost-time-for-Christmas-break, I forgot to get a copy of Dr. J’s take-home test. Megan and Stephanie brought a copy by for me this afternoon, though. I mean, it was my fault that I forgot it. I was all freaked out on the bus, cause there’s a lot of problems, and I don’t have a lot of time in which to do them. I owe them.

And I never finished the Chapter 10 homework, so I have to do that. Not to mention my two unfinished beta/omega projects. And my magazine rack is getting full. And I neglected piano for the better part of last week, so I have to catch up before my lesson on Friday. And… there’s probably something else I should do that I’m forgetting, so I really hope it’s not important.

Mark and I still have problems. I don’t know where my initial… affection… for him came from, so I can’t really figure out where it went. But I can tell that it’s not going to work. As of two minutes ago, we are no longer together. This is such a weird feeling. I’ve never had anything resembling an actual relationship before, much less ended one. I think we both knew it was inevitable, though. We don’t click. Despite our mutual Virgo-ness, we don’t seem to relate much.

It’s still depressing, though. I wanted it to work. But that would be beating a dead horse, so…

Oh, yeah. Legolas v. Aragorn: Legolas’ hair is too nice. Aragorn has the rugged manliness thing. No contest. Arwen, look out. ;)

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