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You people are impossible. Really. Well, maybe not *people*, but Mark and Greg specifically. Megan was right, they make my guestbook almost as interesting as my blog. Case in point: Greg signs, and cannot resist a shallow insult aimed at Mark. Mark signs, and only addresses yours truly in the last sentence, like it’s the Leave a Note for Someone Else Book.

Oh, and one other thing: I do like correcting you. =) It’s what I do (besides laugh uncontrollably every now and then). And it’s so much fun! I almost died when I read Mark’s note. It’s “miscellaneous”, dear. And Greg? There’s definitely not an “g” in “actual”.

In case anyone was wondering, Yente is a character in the Joseph Stein play “Fiddler on the Roof”. She’s the resident old woman, and the local matchmaker. Greg is my pseudo-Yente because he’s all wrapped up in my relationship with Mark (however you wish to define it). I say if he’s tired of my issues with Mark (and boys in general, for that matter), he should stay out of it. My life is neither a soap opera nor a talk show. It’s not even all that interesting, and yet people still read what I write here. Hmm…

Nothing remarkable has happened since Wednesday, except some more minor issues with Mark. I think I’m going to have issues about him for a *long* time. Fortunately, he has issues as well, so they might possibly cancel each other out. And I met OnSomething!Mark last night, which was… enlightening. Let’s just say I’m not particularly fond of that !Mark.

Also in case you were wondering, Robert is a graduate of my school who committed suicide this week. I didn’t know him, but I know he was on the It’s Academic team, and I get the feeling he was generally a nice guy. He is missed by many.

Until next time. The guestbook entries should keep you entertained. =)


I’m going to keep this short, because it’s late.

Possible snow tomorrow, which will cause at least a two-hour delay, which I will *fully* appreciate. Though, as I keep pointing out, they’re going to exhaust the built-in snow days and keep us at the end of the year. It would be just like the school system to push finals into those add-on days so people would actually have to show up. Grr.

Conflicted over Mark again. I want very much to get over it, but… I just can’t. It’s hard. I’m hoping very much that my indecisiveness isn’t pushing him away. That would be a Very Bad Thing.

Having been IM’ing Greg for ages. I hadn’t realized your opinion of someone could change so rapidly, so many times, in such a short time span. I keep thinking of him as Yente. A weird Yente (if that isn’t completely redundant).

Will blog more soon, when not so sleepy and up to writing complete sentences. ::yawns::


Makes-Lindsay-Feel-Loved Incident #4: Someone I actually *know* likes the fic! Squee! I appreciate the acclaim from total strangers, don’t get me wrong. It’s just something about kudos from people whose opinions you trust… That makes it all worth it. So, if you haven’t read it yet, what are you waiting for? Go! Read! Review! Make me feel more loved! [Oh, and I suppose Greg’s feeling pretty good, too, the brilliant Alpha that he is. =)]

Sims sent me the fourth chapter of her as-yet-untitled, unpublished fic. I feel like a certified beta now, even though my first project hasn’t been released, and the second is an omega project. Giddiness aside, Sims’ fic rocks, too. She’s as good at character developement, etc., as I am. I just polish it a little. W00t! Fanfic is *so* awesome. xD

Blech. School tomorrow. We were supposed to have the second half of a standardized test that I don’t have to take on Thursday, but the snow day cancelled it. (Man, that was a long lead-in.) I’m not sure if they’ll do it tomorrow, or if they’ll push it to later in the week, but either way, I didn’t have much work to do. And I heard there *might* be more snow next week…

Oh, and Greg? The Corrs has a guy. And Lifehouse is *all* guys, so :P. And you know that I’m going to gush about Mark whenever I feel like it. You don’t want to read it? Fine. Don’t. Your loss. [double :P]

And Mark, you *so* stole my line. *I’m* the one that corrects people’s spelling around here (btw, it’s “Pepto-Bismol”). =)


Bleh. I have such a horrible memory. Either I forget things entirely, or they pop into my head out of nowhere. This time, it’s the latter.

Makes-Lindsay-Feel-Loved Incident #3: The HP fic that Greg and I are writing got two positive reviews. I felt so special. We make such a great team. He has all the creative ideas, and I have the mad beta skills that hold it all together. He decides who does what and when (what I like to call Plot Points), and I tweak the grammar, syntax, dialogue, and character development. Oh, and Greg makes sure all the guys sound guy-like. No ambiguous homosexuality allowed. ;)

So, I’ve mentioned The Fic how many times now with no linkage? Well, enough talk. Time for action, preferably reading. =)

Also, one more song for the list. “Hanging by a Moment”, Lifehouse I’m part of the large group of people that wonder if it’s a simple love song, or if the Christian undertones are not so ‘under’ and it’s really about God. Either way, I like it. And Jason Wade has an awesome voice. {Desperate for changing/ Starving for truth/ I’m closer to where I started/ Chasing after you/ I’m fallin’ even more in love with you/ Letting go of all I’ve held onto/ I’m standing here until you make me move/ I’m hanging by a moment here with you} =)


I feel so loved right now. Really. (And annoyed, cause I lost the first version of this entry. Stupid reload button. It’s nowhere near the copy button. What’d I do?)

Makes-Lindsay-Feel-Loved Incident #1: The piano recital this morning. (10:30 AM — I *so* didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.) We took my grandma with us; it was the first time she’d heard me play. I was shaky-nervous, but I did well. She was so proud when the parents complimented me. I made my piano teacher cry. I felt so special.

Makes-Lindsay-Feel-Loved Incident #2: Mark. Ah, Mark. I can’t even explain it. I don’t think I want to. He is just… I can’t even find the words for it. I’m not quite sure what this is that I’m feeling right now, but it’s good. I like it. And I don’t want it to go away anytime soon. xD

Favorite Songs Ever … Lyrical Loves

“Breathless”, The Corrs — This song gets to me every time I hear it. [Most songs do now. They remind me of Mark. =)] And The Corrs have such beautiful voices. {And if there’s no tomorrow/ And all we have is here and now/ I’m happy just to have you/ You’re all the love I need somehow/ It’s like a dream/ Although I’m not asleep/ And I never want to wake up}

“Things I’ll Never Say”, and “Mobile”, Avril Lavigne — “Things” is everything I feel right now. {I’m tugging at my hair/ I’m pulling at my clothes/ I’m trying to keep my cool/ I know it shows/ I’m staring at my feet/ My cheeks are turning red/ I’m searching for the words inside my head/ I’m feeling nervous/ Trying to be so perfect/ Cause I know you’re worth it/ You’re worth it, yeah} “Mobile” embodies all the stress being a military brat has caused. {Everything’s changing/ When I turn around/ All out of my control/ I’m a mobile} I don’t care what that critic said, Avril will be around for a long time.

“You Set Me Free”, Michelle Branch — {Can’t you see/ There’s a feeling that’s come over me/ Close my eyes/ You’re the only one that leaves me completely breathless/ No need to wonder why/ Sometimes a gift like this you can’t deny} ::sighs::

“Unsung”, Vanessa Carlton — {I wait for the words on the tip of your tongue/ I’m only as good as the last one/ Well, you decide and I abide as my song goes unsung} ::sighs again::


Guess who’s back? Back again? Lindsay’s back… and she’s still bored to tears. [/bad Eminem ref] I’ll go read Draco Veritas in a sec, and quit inflicting my boredom upon you lovely readers. Anyway, I wanted to do the Friday Five (yes, I’m that bored — and it *is* Friday), but it seems to have disappeared. Darn.

So, I decided to make a list of my Favorite Songs Ever, and came up with this:

“Sweet Surrender”, Sarah McLachlan — This was way before the singer-songwriter kick I’m on now, but it’s still an awesome song. I’ve been singing it to myself lately, but only when I don’t think anyone’s listening. It’s rather high, and my range isn’t all that big. A sort-of oldie, but definitely a goodie.
“Fur Elise”, Beethoven — So beautiful. One of the most loved classical songs of all time. I learned to play it this year, and I still run through it every now and then to refresh my memory. I love Beethoven.
“Rhapsody in Blue”, George Gershwin — I first heard this on the Fantasia 2000 soundtrack. Then I saw the movie, and totally understood the animators’ vision. I love music that you can get all caught up in.
“Hedwig’s Theme”, John Williams — (Oh, come now. You really thought I wouldn’t be able to bring Harry Potter into this? Tsk.) This song is so incredible. Last year, when I (as a self-respecting Potterite) was on the edge of my seat waiting for the SS movie, this song had such an effect on me. When I heard it, I’d go rushing for the nearest TV (resulting in some near-collisions with furniture and family members). This song embodies everything about Harry Potter: the magic, the wonder, the excitement. Ooh.

That’s all for now. I’ll add more to the list soon. Ciao. =)


Another snow day, another case of “I have nothing to do! I’m so bored!” In that case, here’s some more fun-yet-really-pointless quizzes to take.

Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

Damn. I hate it when Greg’s right. ::is annoyed::

Which Sesame Street Muppet’s Dark Secret Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
It started with a simple affection for counting and the terror it induced in others, didn’t it? But now it’s turned into a full-blown life-consuming chaotic nightmare of order, repetition, zealousness, and perfectionism. You used to be so grand, but now you find yourself obsessively worrying over the littlest things–like, maybe if you don’t check the light switch at least once every two minutes, the electricity will go out (and damnit, you’re a vampire–that shouldn’t be a problem!), or maybe if you don’t wash your hands until your seams are coming out, you’ll get some fatal disease. Get yourself some treatment.

This is *so* not funny. I am *not* obsessive-compulsive. So what if I’m freakishly organized… and I keep my CDs in alphabetical order…? Oh. [ETA: This quiz is “not for children”, e.g. contains bad language, mocks children’s television characters, gets rather… raunchy. Take at your own risk.]

Which Harry Potter Candy are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Finally! A quiz that *doesn’t* say I’m unstable. Or rather, that I’m an unstable person with friends… crap. This is not good. Must go pout and sulk now. ::gets over it and moves on:: =)

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