Ah, back to the wonderful thing that is blogging. =) I’m not sure where to start, cause I have to make up for the past four days, so I’ll just wing it.

Here’s a coincidence: Rajni signs my guestbook out of the blue, and I realize I almost never see her. The next day, she shows up in lunch. (Mine is second, which kind of sucks, cause almost everyone is switching to fourth period lunch next semester. :P)

Then, of course, school sneaked up and smacked me in the face. The only consolation was that I wasn’t the only one who felt like that. We had computer time in English on Tuesday, to research colleges for our project. It was rather hard to get any actual work done, though, because Megan was on one side, Stephanie was on the other, and Greg was directly behiind me (which would make any sane person kind of nervous…). She warned us that it would be due on Friday, which suddenly make me think, “I’m going to wind up cramming it all into one day. Not good.” Sure enough, I did the whole thing last night. I finished around 11:45, and I think it was actually decent. Everything seemed coherent when I reread it this morning, just before handing it in (Ms. Anderson always make us do that), but I was a bit sleep-deprived, so I’m hoping for a somewhere in the mid-B range (at the lowest).

Physics is getting ugly again. Dr. J covered Chapter 13 on Tuesday, 14 on Wednesday and Thursday, and 15 today. So now we have three sets of homework (like, 16 problems total) to do. That wouldn’t normally be so bad, if it wasn’t physics, and if Dr. J hadn’t announced that he’s going to grade random homework problems as part of our next test grade. That also means the absence of Dr. J’s Handy-Dandy Homework Book. The existence of the Homework Book surprised me at first (there’s probably a blog about it, if anyone cares to look for it). I have never had a teacher like Dr. J before: one who lets us make up anything, anytime; one who works out the headache-causing homework so people can copy it (or people like me can fill in the holes every now and then); one who gives us all the formulas we could possibly need on tests; one who makes up practice tests that are so much like the real test, it’s scary. Not that I don’t like Dr. J — he’s great. But it’s like Takiyah (I probably misspelled that) was saying today, he’d probably do better as a college professor. He has, like, 5 degrees, including a Ph.D. in Physics, so he’s definitely qualified.

We tape for It’s Academic next Saturday. Part of me is absolutely terrified. Part is pretty confident. The rest is just hoping I don’t do something I’ll regret later. Whenever I have to do something that requires skill or talent for an audience, I get nervous. Well, I don’t always feel nervous, but I shake — fairly violently and completely involuntarily. That can be supremely annoying, especially when I’m trying to play piano at a recital. As long as Mark can control his trigger-happy instincts, we should do fine.

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