Grr-ness. No time to blog lately. I get online, and get caught up in blog-hopping, IMing, and the occaisonal homework assignment. Rajni had this line at the end of her journal: “If I miss a day in writing, assume I died.” I could never claim that. Sure, I love blogging, but I have my priorities in some sort of order (not necessarily the right order, but there is order among the chaos.)

No one seems to be able to leave the “Greg and Lindsay” question alone. Listen, people, Greg is one of my closest friends. I put most of the guys I know into that awkward category between “casual acquaintance” and “friend”, but somehow Greg rocketed right to “friend” (or “guy-friend” as I think of it). I know he likes me. I just don’t feel that way about him, and it would be incredibly unfair to pretend I do for the sake of finding out what would happen. Our friendship is inexplicably strong: he insults me, I insult him right back (although his are usually better than mine… but I’m working on it!); he makes me laugh, I make him laugh (far less often); I spend eons online IMing him. I don’t understand it — I just know that I like it.

Mark and I are partners in our new Energy Systems project: battlebots. Not quite like the ones from the TV show; ours have to be much smaller and can’t have “destructive” spinning parts. My favorite design idea is a wedge: so simple, yet oh so effective. But no — Mark has to completely ignore the lovely KISS acronym (keep it simple, stupid) and try to make it all complicated. [Mark, I know you’re reading this, but this is what’s on my mind right now, so there. :P] [Don’t worry, Greg, there’s plenty left for you… ;)] [Other readers, disregard the previous statement. Trust me, you don’t want to know.] The drawing was originally do today, but Mr. Avondet pushed it to tomorrow, and we’ll probably be out for snow (yay-ness… sort of), so I should have the weekend to convince him to see my point.

In other school-related news… it’s almost the end of the quarter. That means tests, grades, reports/papers, and general stress. And then they wonder why we all turn out depressed, psychotic, angry, and tired…

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