We taped for It’s Academic this morning (… afternoon), against Benjamin Banneker (D.C.) and Potomac Falls (VA). We lost. That kinda sucks.

To elaborate: I had to get up at, like, 7 this morning. Not fun, especially since I didn’t get to bed until 11:30-ish last night. (I know my sort-of lack of sleep didn’t affect anything though; I’ve gone to school after that, and I get up earlier.) But we left on time, and got to the studio at about 10. (And we only missed one turn.) Greg and Andrew were already there. Mark showed up a few minutes after I did, but Mr. T didn’t get there until much later. We watched Eleanor Roosevelt, Northwestern, and another school (whose name I can’t remember) tape their game until he got there. Roosevelt won by quite a lot.

Then it was our turn. I managed not to shake like I usually do. Somehow I was less nervous about taping for TV than I was at the Invitational back in November. Or maybe it was Mark. (I’d just told him that I liked him. He always did make me nervous and uncomfortable. I should have been able to tell sooner.) Anyway, we played. I answered about as often as I usually do. The main thing that hindered us was that Banneker was so fast! It was like: I push the button, all ready to answer, and Mac (the host) says, “Banneker!” I’m thinking, “No… Oxon Hill…” They were tough competitors. Their captain (a girl – yay) was really into it. The only bad thing is, they were sophomores and juniors, so it’s possible we could play them again next year. Yeesh.

Much of my family was there: my parents, Ryan, my grandma, Papa, and Bridgette. My mom had a sign, and she was all excited that the camera guy got her in one of the audience shots. I think she enjoyed it more than I did. They were all proud of me, even though we lost. We went for lunch at Bennigan’s. The food was very rich, very yummy, and very comforting. And I found out that although I was the most difficult birth for my mom (being first and all), I was the easiest baby to deal with. (My hair surprised everyone — I was practically bald when I was born, and look at me now.)

All in all, it’s been a pretty good day. But, ergh. Homework. Bleh. Blech, even. School is really deplorable (SAT word!) sometimes.

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