Auuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggghhhhhhhh!!! I had to go two whole days without getting online! I was practically in Internet withdrawal. And, to make matters worse, the only reason I couldn’t get on was because I was doing very agitating homework. I swear, four hours on AP Physics is enough to make you want to kill someone. However, I managed to not commit that crime. I aced Dr. J’s test (with a teeny little hint — so I can’t always get metric unit conversions right — I’m not perfect), I wrote my English essay last night (instead of, like, now), and I probably did the same on my Trig Analysis test as I always do (which is to say, really well). And the withdrawal symptoms are basically gone now.

Nothing monumental in school today. Vocabulary test in English was easy; no new words this week. Finally persuaded Mark to go with simple-yet-effective wedge design for the robot. (And I made up a nifty new acronym last week: SIM for Stop It, Mark.) Mr. Lifsey has assigned us to CAD an entire house this time. Since I am his unofficial student aide, he let me pick which floor plan the class would do. Naturally, I picked the simplest one, so that I’ll spend less time showing everyone else how to do it. Dr. J had zero planned for class today, which made me think back to this morning. My intuition said, “Just in case you’re stuck in class with nothing to do, grab a magazine.” But did I listen? No. So I was bored. But I talked to Megan and Stpehanie on the bus home, so it worked out okay.

I suppose that, yearning-for-info people that you are, you want to know about the current “situation” between me and Greg. It’s like this: there is no situation. If there ever is, you will know. Otherwise, I don’t want to talk about it. It confuses me more than anything, and I think that I’m the only one who can un-confuse it. Bed now. Goodnight.

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