Blog-hopping has not taken as long as usual this week, as Stephanie was so quick to point out. I just feel this need to update my lovely readers on the not-so-interesting saga that is my life. And those were two blog-free days when I felt like ranting! (Case in point: last Friday’s piano rant.) There are few things worse than not being able to rant when you want to.

Nothing the least bit interesting happened this weekend. I spent a large chunk of yesterday working on AP Physics homework. Unlike a lot of the people in that class, I actually attempt to work out and understand the problems. (Whether or not I wind up understanding is an entirely different problem.) Consequently, I am fully into recycling scrap paper now. All those numbers get hairy after a while, but I ran down another eraser, so I’ve started to work them out separately and copy them when I finally get it right. Takes forever, but I feel good having figured them out.

Ryan’s birthday was today. He had a party at Chuck E. Cheese’s, which I passed on because (a) I didn’t wake up early enough and (b) he told me he didn’t mind. He’s surprisingly perceptive sometimes, considering he’s only 7 today. I think he could turn out to be really smart. I think I’m closer to him than Courtney, but that’s probably because I was older when he was born. They would never let me hold Courtney, and she took away my only-child-ness. It was like, “What good is she? I can’t hold her, I can’t touch her, and all she does is eat and sleep and cry. If I want something to look at, I’ll get a stuffed animal.” Not the nicest thoughts, but I was six. What do you expect?

Not too cold this weekend, but it still snowed just a little while ago. Not much, but enough to cover the grass and stuff. It looks so beautiful, but it’s so frigid in the mornings! Why does it only have to snow when it’s too cold to just go out and enjoy the splendor of it?

Oops, getting late, school tomorrow. Ciao for now.

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