Dentist appointment today. Just cleaning, nothing painful. Annoying, yes. But no pain. And my teeth are all clean and shiny now, so there ya go.

Yesterday only got more irksome after I blogged. Apparently, Ms. Anderson is very disorganized this quarter and was messing up everyone’s grades. I only found out about it in seventh period, though (during which we didn’t even have the quiz — grr.) Since Dr. J didn’t have any plans, either, I went up to check on my grade. Turned out to be fine, comfortably nestled in the A-zone. Yay-ness. I passionately dislike this time of year. The whole end-of-quarter mania is enough to scar everyone for life. There is a reason why assignments have due dates.

New issues with Mark. Same old issues with Greg. General stress over school, but the promise of three and half more days without it. Sudden boredom. Bleh.

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