It started snowing this morning, out of nowhere. It wasn’t supposed to start until tonight, and it snowed steadily throughout the day, so they decided to close the schools 3 hours early. We were all on the bus, and we heard the announcement over the radio, and everyone got really quiet trying to hear it. Our bus driver even told us to have a blessed weekend, instead of a blessed day like she normally does.

Whenever they modify the schedule, we do one of three things in any given class: busy work, a test/quiz that the teacher refuses to postpone, or absolutely nothing. Mrs. Anderson took that third option in first period today, so we all just sat around. I sat around with Greg. xD I am reassured that I made the right decision whenever I spend time with him. And he has very warm hands. =)

Dr. J mentioned something about the Ch. 18/19 test being tomorrow, which apparently went right over my head. Still, I started (copying) the problems for Ch. 18, and I remember doing all of this electronic systems stuff last year, so I should be okay. (92% on the last test – w00t!) And I have extra time to do it today, so there ya go. Off to do some more surfing now; will be back later tonight.

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