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Mark (and anyone else whom I accidentally confused), the “or don’t” button in the guestbook is the clear button. You hit that, and it restores the original form values. It’s not really necessary, but I figured I’d give guests the option.

Got up on time this morning. I set my alarm, like, right after I got home from school, just to make sure I wouldn’t forget again. Last year, back in Summerfield, my dad left for work right around the time I got up, so if he didn’t hear the shower running, he’d barge in and call my name and wake me up. It always freaked me out, having my door tossed open and then having to rush like that. I guess that’s just the way my dad is. Like his knock: it’s more of a “thump” than a “knock knock” sound. That’s how I know it’s him. And when it’s kinda soft, it’s the the rugrats. When it’s my mom, she opens the door, like, right after she knocks, so I don’t even have to think about it. Oh, well, at least they bother with knocking at all.

School was altogether boring. I mean, think about it. It’s school. No tests, no quizzes. Though Dr. J did announce that the Chapter 27 test is Thursday, and we’re supposed to get the review sheet tomorrow. My class will… ::thinks:: not be affected. I think. The Science and Tech Symposium thing is tomorrow as well. Since I have Dr. J eighth period, and the projects will have been dismantled by then, I get to skip sixth period gym (w00t) to go. But I was thinking that we wouldn’t be in his classroom at all, which makes no sense. We’ll definitely be there… one of only two classes that will (seventh and eighth). Nevermind. I suppose it’s a good thing that I did the homework problems, then. (Pardon that last part. I started thinking as I was typing, and it all kinda ran together.)

After some rapid, last-minute practice, I went to the mini-recital thing. This time, “mini” got a whole new meaning. There were only about a dozen people there at any one time (they came and went, to sports practices and such). That was all the better, though, because the more people there are watching me, the more nervous I get, and the more I shake. It went well tonight, though. I managed to get through all three pieces. And I only screwed up once, right at the beginning. On Yellow, which I’ve only been playing since last summer. (Sarcasm, sarcasm.) But I recovered, and got through Blue and Green with only a few slip-ups. We went to Taco Bell on the way to the base (I love their chicken quesadilla), and hit the Shopette on the way back. I finally got some more Icebreakers, but I didn’t get a chance to look for a new umbrella. (I still can’t believe I lost two of them. Is it me, the punks at school, or is there a kleptomaniac running around?) Then we picked up Courtney, and I caught the rest of Buffy and watched Smallville as I did Physics.

I finished Sloppy Firsts (Megan McCafferty) on the bus home from school. That was such an incredible book. And — coincidence? — Rajni mentioned in her blog today that she wants to read it. AND Sarah started flipping through it at lunch, and she wants to read it, too. (Greg wants to read it as well, but I don’t want to let him. It’s too girlie for him. Can’t have him learning all the secrets of girldom, now.) I know I said that Janine and Alex, Alex and Janine had a great voice, and it did — for 1998. Sloppy Firsts has the right voice for 2000. The main character, Jessica Darling, tells the story through the journal she writes in when she can’t sleep at night. Her best friend, Hope, has just moved away, and symbolically taken all of Jessica’s hope with her. So Jessica has to face sophomore and junior years alone, with the “friends” she hates, the parents who don’t understand her, and the boy who suddenly intrigues her. I identified most with the intellectual facet of Jessica, the part that has a sky-high GPA and “cracked 1500 on the PSAT”. And there are just enough pop-culture references to keep the story grounded in the present. Gratuitous use of the f-word threw me off a little, but that’s just me, and it didn’t detract much from the story. All in all, I highly recommend it, and am very excited for the sequel.


Woke up late this morning. Not a good thing, since I usually roll out of bed around 6:20, and my clock said 7:30 when I rolled over this morning. Odd thing is, I remember very clearly that I didn’t set it. I usually set the alarm, then double- and triple-check the time, and then go to sleep. I got to bed way early last night (11:30), so it slipped my mind.

During my get-ready-for-school rush this morning, I still managed to check the oh-so-ominous SAT scores. 1240. 580 math, 660 verbal. I am pleased. I wanted higher, especially on the math section, but I can work with that. I’m going to take it again in June; not so much because I have to, but because I want to. And if my scores ::shudder:: go down, I still have something decent.

I know some of you are probably thinking, “She got a 1240, and she’s not satisfied?” Or, if you’re Sims, you might be thinking, “Is that good? What does SAT stand for, anyway?” ;) It’s just that I don’t know what I want to do yet, once I get to college. (If I get to college. Well-rounded, I am not. But that’s a rant for another day.) If I head into engineering, or almost anything science-related, I’m going to need a higher math score than that. Alternately, if I do well enough on the ACT, my SAT scores won’t matter. I don’t know if I’m prepared enough for the ACT, though. I just found out today that they don’t penalize you for wrong answers. So I have to learn a whole different strategy. And the ACT has a science section. Grr. Science is not and has never been my forte. But I can deal.

Mrs. Anderson was out today, so we sat around doing more AP practice questions. Her absence meant no It’s Ac today, either, which sucked. I think our record in Avondet’s class is 5-4 or something. In our second match, we won because the other team’s flagpole exceeded the height limit. Yay for technicalities. Out on the track again today for gym class. It was unreasonably hot. On the flip side, my mom commented again at dinner that she thinks I’m losing weight. If I am, it’s a combination of giving up two major caloric sources for Lent and participating in gym. (How can people not get A’s in that class? Come on. All you have to do is show up, act like you’re doing something, and memorize some SAT words. Easy.) However, I am back on chocolate and loving it. And I had my first Sprite in ages tonight. (They seem to have Sierra Mist everywhere now.)

Got more random college mail, the new Teen People, and my SAT score report. I only missed 7 questions on the whole test, which means I lost two points total, but I omitted quite a lot. I think next time, I’ll omit fewer math. Did some homework, practiced piano very quickly (and was displeased with it), then watched Jeopardy!, 7th Heaven, and Everwood. Good episodes on the WB lately. It’s Celebrity Week on Jeopardy!, but I didn’t recognize any of the contestants. And of course, tomorrow they’d have people I want to watch, when I can’t: Wayne Brady, Vivica Fox, and Ashton Kutcher. I’m going to the mini-recital tomorrow, and Mom said she’d come back and listen after she drops Courtney off at her Girl Scout meeting. I just hope I do okay. I haven’t played in front of people in eons, and I haven’t practiced since… Thursday? And my nails are kinda long right now. Must do some fast filing tomorrow after school. Off to bed now.


The trip to Augie’s this morning was painless. It’s a long drive, so I took Sloppy Firsts to pass the time. Loving that book, will review it when I finish. It’s due back at the library on Friday (the same day as the registration deadline for the June SAT), and I hate renewing books that I’m so close to finishing, so if you see me reading intently (and laughing), don’t take that as a sign that I’m getting weirder. She gave us awesome presents, as always. For me: a new Borders giftcard, two pairs of cute pajamas from Victoria’s Secret (don’t even think it, Greg; they are quite opaque), some honey-scented bath stuff, and two silver necklaces. She’s way into calatogs, so she always has interesting toys for the rugrats and all kinds of yummy candy. We have some chocolate truffles that I shall have to attack later. ::grins evilly:: I thought Lent made my passion for chocolate diminish, but alas, it was not so.

I updated my profile page last night. It’s nothing special, just lists. I want to add more to it, but it’s hard to talk about myself so blantantly. More content for the site will be coming… slowly. When I have some time (i.e., when I have something to avoid, like now (AP Physics homework and Billy Budd)).

I caught the “easy view” of last week’s Smallville this evening. I only sensed the very end just before it happened. (Spoilers are evil.) Is it just me, or is tv actually more violent lately? That scene with the guy in the bathtub, last week’s Buffy, just about every episode of Angel… I don’t think I’ve seen that much blood outside of ER. It freaks me out so much that I actually have to turn my head and close my eyes. I’m screwed up enough as is, I don’t need graphic tv to add to it.

Speaking of tv, I want to watch American Dreams at 8, and I have one more thing to do before then, so I’ll cut this entry (relatively) short. Gotta get up a tad early tomorrow… gonna check my scores before school. It’s been constantly on my mind for over a week, and the wait will finally be over tomorrow. I hate that one annoying, stupid test can control my whole future. The College Board makes it so the SAT tests how well you can take the test, and if you don’t do well, they just make more money. College Board, you suck, your tests suck, and causing teenagers extra stress sucks. :P


I haven’t done much today. I got up around quarter to ten, but I washed my hair again this morning, so I wasn’t dressed until around 2. Plus: My hair is now clean. Minus: It’s clean. That means it’s light, and more likely to blow around in the wind, and that my bangs won’t curl properly, and that it won’t look right until Wednesday or so. But I can deal.

Mom went to a funeral this morning. I wonder whose it was. She didn’t mention it, and if it was family, I’d know. She just kind of took of this morning before I got up. Talked to Greg on the phone for a little while after I got dressed, then did my Trig homework and my map for World History. We just started World War I, so we had to color a map of the different countires and alliances and such. I find it interesting that Italy fought with the Allies, even though she was part of the Triple Alliance with Germany and Austria-Hungary. It’s like Italy signed the agreement, then decided she’d be on whichever side she thought would win, so she joined up with the Allies. An odd strategy, and my map looks weird having one country outlined in red (for the Triple Alliance) and shaded in purple (for the countries that fought with the Allies).

Random thought: Why do we refer to countries and ships (water- and space-) as female? Not that I’m saying we shouldn’t, but have you ever noticed that?

Dad dragged me to Cluck-U-Chicken down the street for dinner. I kinda resent being carted along on food runs, but it’s beneficial in the end. Dad can never remember (or, when the rugrats are too far away to bother asking what they want, decide) who wants what, so I have to do it for him. And then I can make sure I get my food the way I want it (I like things plain). So, I basically go to expedite the process and carry stuff. Yep. WalkingShelf!Lindsay.

After we ate, my parents left, and I got online. They go out most Saturday nights, except that time back in September when I went to the movies with Megan, Stephanie, and Shadonna. They went to a Japanese restaurant tonight. Mom said it was the sort of place where you order and they cook your food on the hot-plate thing in front of you. Very cool. They’re much less irate when they get to go out now and then and pretend they don’t have kids. And in exchange for watching the rugrats, they buy me stuff. Works out nicely.

I just noticed Sims’s new layout, mostly because she changed the layout for her blog, too. The graphic she used is so awesome! Sims can do incredible things with MS Paint. And I checked out her hostess’s site as well. She has a neat layout, too, with Avril Lavigne and a bunch of colors. I especially like the dynamic calendar. I want one. Or, like, a countdown script that will count the “days until…” whatever. Maybe I can find one somewhere. Must go look. Just like last time, I’m going to keep working with this layout until it’s just right. I wanna put the quote section back up, but I’m not sure how I can get the lines to wrap properly. (All the links over there are devoid of long lines of text. And it took me forever to figure those out!) Web design is addicting. Even when you’re me, and you don’t always know what you’re doing, but you do it anyway.

So that was my day. Also, I have decided that Natalie Imbruglia’s Wrong Impression and Evanescence’s Bring Me to Life are my current favorite songs. I don’t know all the words yet, but I’ll learn. Tomorrow, we’re going to visit Augie. Erm… how to explain who she is… Augie (whose real name is Auga, but whom I have called Augie since before I can remember) is a relative. Mom’s cousin, I think, which makes her my second cousin. She never married, never had any children, and lives alone in Chevy Chase since her sister died. She treats the rugrats and me like her own children, so she gives us excellent presents. I don’t think she drives (something we have in common for the time being), so we go out to visit her a few times a year. She usually gives me clothes and Borders giftcards. I haven’t paid for a book in at least a year. I really appreciate that, because I love books, and the library doesn’t have evrything.

The point is: My Sunday is pretty much eaten up with that trip and AP Physics homework. I feel great sympathy for anyone who’s taking that test. Oh, and Andra, the AP exams are standardized, so everyone gets the same test, on the same day. They’re designed by the College Board, so it’s like the SAT. Same stress, too.

Days until I finally have my (free) SAT scores, and either breathe a sigh of relief or totally lose it: 2


Ah, the weekend. So nice to be here again. I was wrong; Spring Break did not help me catch up on sleep. I just got more sleep last week, so I felt all refreshed. Then I went back to my old school-night sleeping habits, so I’m tired again. At least I tried.

School was uneventful today. More AP exam review with Mrs. Anderson. I’m still pretty irked about my practice test score. Greg senses it. I’m afraid that I’m making him feel guilty for scoring higher than I did. I really don’t mean to. I’m just disappointed, cause I thought I would score much better than I did. He shouldn’t feel bad about getting a higher score; he earned it. I was pleasantly surprised, actually, to see that. I am more obsessive about school that anything else, so now I obsess about his grades, too. I want him to do well, because I know he can. (And I’m not just saying that.) I hope I can get rid of this stress before the exam. Also on the standardized test front: I will definitely have my SAT scores on Monday. I think I’m going to get up early, so I can check the website before school. Waiting all day will absolutely kill me.

I was talking to Will in third period. He’s surprisingly easy to talk to. It must be something about talking to almost-total-strangers. Anyway, I let the notion of my obsessive-compulsive tendancies slip. Not a good idea. People always seem to get a kick out of bothering me, annoying me. So when Will realized how much of a neat freak I am, he took every opportunity to move my stuff. Twisting my books so they weren’t stacked neatly like I like them, flipping over my eraser, and just watching to see how long it’d take before I gave in. (In most cases, not long at all.) Ricky, Matthew, and Dwahn joined in, just for the heck of it. Grr. This is why I keep most info about me on a need-to-know level. If I don’t think you need to know, I’m not going to tell you. This blog is excluded from that statement, because it always surprises me that people actually read and enjoy this thing. My ramblings, my thoughts — I’m really not that interesting. But whatever.

The quiz and BCR for Dr. J were pretty painless for me. I looked at the pages in the book and took notes about Rutherford’s experiment, and despite what standardized test are telling me lately, I can still write, so the BCR went well. I included everything, used “devoid” for an extra SAT word point, and labeled my drawing of the planetary atomic model correctly (I think). I had the simplified graph from the quiz in my notes, so I just redid that and reworded the definition of the photoelectric effect. Dr. J didn’t grade my quiz during class, but when I turned it in, he looked at it and said, “Your usual,” which I think means I got an A. My numbers may have been a teeny bit off, but they still worked. Dr. J rocks.

Came home after school, in the medium-strength rain, carting my model house. I got 100 on it. That’s refreshing, considering that I had to work on it for about five days straight, and I accidentally put a crawl space under my garage, but I’m not complaining. I almost wanna make some teeny little one-quarter scale people to put inside the house. Almost, but not really. Piano was pretty good. I got to practice a lot this week, due to a mysterious lack of homework. She had another friend over, but I didn’t get nervous shakes playing for him. Maybe because they’re all kind of… old (my teacher, her husband, and the friend), so I feel more at ease. I have found that older people tend to be nicer. I’m going to try to get to the mini-recital on Tuesday. I could use the performance experience.

Had to take this quiz, which I found in Stephanie’s blog. (Thanks for the layout kudos, Steph.)

You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You’re the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you’re rare or that you cheated :P You’re
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
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What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
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Before I go, and since I always forget to do it, the Friday Five.
What was the last TV show you watched? That’s So Raven, on the Disney Channel, because I was bored waiting for my piano teacher to call back about my lesson. It’s not a horrible show, but I don’t usually watch it.
What was the last thing you complained about? The AP English Language exam, most likely. It’s really been getting on my nerves for the last three days.
Who was the last person you complimented and what did you say? Sims, the girl I beta-read for. I wrote her an email yesterday praising her for writing a Quidditch scene for her Harry Potter fic. It turned out remarkably well. I said something like, “I’d never attempt a Quidditch scene myself, but you did, and it turned out great.”
What was the last thing you threw away? The paper plate I had leftover pizza on. Papa John’s from last night. Day-old reheated pizza is still yummy.
What was the last website (besides this one) that you visited? Yahoo!Notepad, to grab the results of the quiz I just took.


Okay. I’ve had enough of trying to make my layout work with multiple resolutions. My computer is set at 800×600, and it looks fine to me. I have difficulty reading the text on 1024×768 screens, so I always leave mine lower. My site is designed for 800×600, so if you can’t see it right, please change your resolution. I’m tired of trying every CSS trick I know to make things line up properly. This is how it’s gonna be for a while.

Mrs. Anderson gave back the multiple-choice part of the AP practice exam this morning. I was so disappointed: my weighted score was 37.5. I got 33 right and 12 wrong. I knew I answered too many questions! Something told me to just go with it. I always omit a bunch, because I’d rather have a slightly lower score than to have so many wrong that I drag myself down.

To add to the blow to my self-confidence, Greg got around 48, and Alanna got a 57. I’m not jealous, though. Alanna deserves her score; I fully expect her to be a National Achievement Award finalist. I think my selection index is just a little too low for me to make it, though (around 190; usually you need close to 200). I don’t know how Greg did it. He was finished at least twenty minutes before time was up, and he finished about forty minutes early on the essay section. I used to think of myself as a good writer. And I totallly thought I could handle standardized tests. Apparently not. The moment of truth will be on Monday: my SAT scores should arrive and/or be available on the website. I’m almost afraid to find out. What if I lost it and, like, didn’t break 1000? That’d be traumatizing, ’cause my PSAT score was 1230. And I’ll have to take it again in June, which sucks.

Everything is stressing me out again. The SAT. The AP exam. AP Physics. The stupid new BCR requirement. What is that about? We’ve taken all the High School Assessments we’re going to take. We should never have to write another BCR. So why, then, are they requiring them in all classes? It’s ignorant. And they’re not even “brief constructed responses” — they’re short answer questions. No need for a fancy acronym. Then, I’m not going anywhere with piano. There’s another mini-recital next Tuesday that I want to try to attend. I still get horrific nervous shakes when I play in front of stangers, and the only way I can cure my chronic musical xenophobia is to perform. But it’s really hard to play piano — at all, let alone well — when your hands are shaking. I hate that.

The rest of school went okay. My house for Lifsey is coming along much better now. I worked quite dilligently today. After school AP review was pretty good. Except that I was in a bad mood, and I was still getting multiple-choice questions wrong. I showed those partial essays to Mrs. Anderson, but I had to leave before she got to look at them. I don’t expect her to do it tonight; she still has to grade almost 90 essays from the practice exam yesterday. She really cares about us. I like that. I think those partial essays turned out way better than my practice exam essays, though. I got into that groove and just went with it. I wonder if I can get back into that groove a week from Tuesday, at the actual exam. I shall try.

Sims is back from India now, which means I should really get back to beta-ing her fic. The Quidditch scene was good, considering that I would never attempt it myself. I was talking with Mark about that this morning, sort of. I was telling him how slow Billy Budd is, and he told me that The Three Musketeers is the same way, and then we discussed how writing action-packed scenes is really difficult.

Oops. Missing ER. Gotta run.


Ergh. I’m still trying to sort out my CSS so that the links will not overlap the blog. What you see know is my latest effort. I forgot that a higher screen resolution would throw off the padding, because there’s more pixels to work with. Thanks for the advice, Rajni. I think I can work it out, though. Maybe. We’ll see. I still want to be able to add the quotage to this layout, and to avoid using tables at all. Cause… just because. I know I can write the CSS so that it will hold shape, I’m just not exactly sure how to do it.

Yesterday’s ramblings and woe-is-me-ness is in the uJournal. I just didn’t feel like signing into Blogger and seeing the Slightly Screwed-Up Layout again. Sigh. Today, they had another state standardized test, so we didn’t do anything in classes. Mrs. Anderson held a practice AP English exam first thing, though. Ugh. Three hours of essay-writing and passage-reading. I think I did okay on the multiple-choice, even though I answered far more questions than I meant to. I think I only omitted five or six on the whole thing. I thought the time allotment was just about right. Though, at one point, I thought I was five minutes behind, so I tried to hurry up, and then later I realized I was about five minutes ahead. Mrs. Anderson is so nice! She brought in flowers (for extra oxygen, I assume), her nifty scented candles, and snacks: peanut butter crackers, cheese crackers, and the good kind of juice boxes. And she had a clock with a large display, so we could keep track of the time. AND she set up essay booklets for us so we could get a feel for the amount of space we’ll have. She had it all planned out, although I doubt she meant for the AP Calculus students to set up camp outside, waiting for us to finish so they could start their practice exam. It was long, very tiring, hard on my hand, and pretty much the only thing I did today.

Lunch with Greg, Alanna, McClain, Stephanie, and Jarred. Pretty interesting conversation. Greg, Alanna, Jarred, and I shared a table at the exam, so we just kinda picked up from our earlier chats. Remind me not to contest Jarred’s Trek-ness. Lord. I used to be a Trekkie. It was all about Voyager, but Deep Space Nine was cool, too. I never got into Enterprise, though. When it premiered, it was on oppposite Dawson’s Creek, and I worked on Wednesdays, and you can’t tape two different channels at once.

After lunch, went to Trig seventh period. Did nothing. The class we relocated to was watching to was watching The Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps, which was very distracting, as I was trying to catch up in Billy Budd. I swear no one told me we were supposed to read it over the break! Eighth period, cut out of Dr. J’s to do the Knowledge Master Open with Mr. T (for It’s Academic). It continued after school, but I couldn’t stay because both of my parents went to Ryan’s soccer banquet, so there was no one to pick me up. I don’t see why one of them couldn’t have skipped it so I could go to my sole after-school activity, but whatever. That makes me sound selfish.

Came home, did laundry, practiced piano. No actual homework because of no actual class. Ate, watched Jeopardy!, finished reading while watching My Wife and Kids and the very beginning of George Lopez. My Wife and Kids is really funny. I’ve only seen it once before. There was this little boy named Franklin that was so adorable. Now that I think about it, he reminded me of Ryan, only way more articulate. And cuter, because I don’t have to live with him. Did some multiple-choice AP stuff Mrs. Anderson gave us before the break, watched Angel (which is wicked cool lately), then got online.

I just realized how many tv shows I mentioned tonight. Huh. That says something that I don’t want to hear. Late now, school tomorrow.

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