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I’ve spent all day working on stuff for school. After I got dressed, I did my trig homework, then World History, a worksheet for Avondet, and some work on my papers.

This English paper sucks. Really. I was trying to work on it today, but I can’t seem to analyze the Usher stories properly. And I had a horrible time trying to focus today. I’d write a phrase or two, then think some more, and then my mind would wander, and my train of thought would run off the track completely. I made very little progress. I understand now what Mrs. Anderson meant about forming our own opinions before we researched the “pronouncement of the experts”. I try to come to my own conclusions about style and whatnot, but they’re always biased toward the notes I took at the library last week. It’s as though they said something, I read it, and I agreed, without thinking myself. Not good. This won’t be an easy paper to write. Ms. Anderson said she’d give us 10% extra credit for turning it in on Friday, which rocks, but I don’t think I’m going to be finished by then. (It’s not due until a week from Tuesday.)

On the not-so-gloomy side, I am basically finished with my history paper. I call it “A War Without Combat: The History of the Cold War”. Capati gave our outlines back yesterday; I got full credit and a note to “expand” Phase One. I just sort of added more detail to the outline. The paper is pretty detailed in itself: seven and three-quarters pages of text, double-spaced. I should go through and edit it, but with my new concentration issues, that could take hours. Otherwise, I’m good.

I got a pleasant surprise this morning. I was just talking to Greg yesterday about how much I love TV Land, ’cause 60’s sitcoms rock, and what should I find but a Bewitched marathon. All Samantha, all weekend. W00t! I’ve seen at least six episodes today. There’s something about 60’s sitcoms, you know? No drama, no swearing, zero sex, not even a toilet. It reminded me of a VH1 special I saw last night about censorship on tv. It’s amazing how far television has come. Think of I Love Lucy: Lucy and Ricky slept in separate beds, but Lucy somehow managed to get pregnant. And then Three’s Company: Jack only got to live with Chrissy and what’s-her-name because he pretended he was gay. Smoking and drinking and even violence were acceptable on tv, but sex was not. Then you look at today. Teen sex, the first teen gay male kiss (Dawson’s Creek, back when I still watched), swearing galore, and prominent homosexual characters. I love Will and Grace, even though I almost never get to watch it. Sometimes, the reality of tv is refreshing and nice to identify with, but I still love The Brady Bunch, I Dream of Jeannie, and Gilligan’s Island. TV Land rocks.

I’ve been cleaning out old magazines for the past couple of days. When you realize you’ve got a year’s worth of CosmoGirl! in your magazine rack, you know it’s time to clean. I go through them all and rip out the articles I want to keep. Then I shove the remnants underneath my bed. The stack’s pretty big now, but I can’t think of anything to do with them. I used to keep them around for collages and such, but we never do those in class anymore. I wonder if the art department could use them. If not, into the recycling bin they go… if I can find it and figure out what day our pickup is.

Had an interesting convo on AIM with Gonzo (aka Thomas) last night. Boys can be so thick sometimes. Also, working on a slightly different layout. I still love my Fearless banner, but I want to add some stuff. I’ll see if I can come up with anything halfway decent-looking. If you see minor changes, that means I tried something and it worked, and I may or may not be doing a happy dance at that moment.


A thought-provoking Friday Five.
What do you most want to be remembered for? Being a good person, and helping other people enjoy their lives. And for my writing.

What quotation best fits your outlook on life? No clue. Randomly, “Like sands through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives.”

What single achievement are you most proud of in the past year? Assimilating (as my grandfather puts it) into a new school so quickly. I feel like I belong. I have friends, I have Greg. I almost enjoy going to school just because the atmosphere is (somewhat) good.

What about the past ten years? Honing my writing skills? I’m only sixteen, so I’ve done a lot in the past ten years, and at the same time, I’ve done nothing at all, so it’s hard to say.

If you were asked to give a child a single piece of advice to guide them through life, what would you say? Learn to move on. Bad things happen. Sometimes the world is a really crappy place to be in. But you can’t let that get you down all the time, because no one would make it through life thinking like that. If something unfavorable happens, just accept it, and let it go.

School was closed yesterday for graduation. They only did that because they had it on a weekday, I suppose, and because all the teachers had to attend. That makes me an unofficial senior. Whoo-hoo! I’ve been doing a little dance all day, and singing “We’re seniors, we’re seniors.” Much fun, except that Greg refuses to be an almost-senior until the computers say he is. Whatever.

Anyway, I totally forgot about school being closed. I had to get a physical for this leadership workshop I’m going to for a week in August, so I accidentally had my mom make the appointment for yesterday morning. It wasn’t that bad, though. She forgot to tell my dad about school, so he was confused in the morning. He was like, “So, we’ll go to the doctor, and then I’ll drop you off at school.” I just looked at him. He didn’t get it. “I’ll drop you off at school.” “Dad, school’s closed today for graduation. I thought I told you.” Guess not. But it worked out. The doctor was nice, and I’m fine, except that I might be anemic. No big deal. That would explain why I get so cold all the time. I had to go to the lab to have blood drawn. It hurt, and I have tempermental veins anyway, and the lab tech was being kinda cold to me. Almost to the point of being rude. I let it go.

So, on account of school closing, Greg and I decided to make that trip to Henson Creek yesterday. I ran it by my parents, who reluctantly agreed. I just have to stay in this weekend to work on my reports. No big. And I had a good time with Greg yesterday, so I think I’ll last til Monday. Whether Greg will last is a different story. =)

Today did not feel at all like a Friday. More like a Tuesday. None of the beginning-of-the-week grumpiness, but no end-of-the-week giddiness, either. And we only had three days of classes this week, so it could not have been Friday yet. But it was. Hmm. Dr. J shaved! The few of you who don’t go to school with me can’t understand the shock of this event, but still. He seems so much younger, like he’s a different person. I wonder if he did it because of the somewhat warmer weather. (Around 80 today, not humid. Beautiful, but sweat-inducing.)

I have this theory that people become nicer as they age. My first piano teacher was an older woman, and she was always patient with me. I practiced, so I’m sure that helped, but still. And older teachers seem to be more laid back and relaxed than younger ones. Not that I’m saying, I don’t know, that Mrs. Anderson is nicer than Mr. Capati, but in a way, I am. Maybe it’s part of that whole “wisdom with age” deal.

Fire drill in first period. So predictable. To be honest, I don’t know where to go if we have a fire drill during my lunch period, or any class other that first or seventh. Common sense would dictate that people in the cafeteria should go out the door right there, but knowing my admins, we’d have to go somewhere else. Six laps in gym class (I was in the lead all period!), a sad-but-slightly-funny incident in Dr. J’s class, and catching up with Dr. J’s homework. Not to ruin my rep as a star student and all-around goody good: I just forgot to finish that in-class homework thing we did. No big. I kind of messed around on the last few problems, but he gave me credit anyway. Yay for newly-shaven Dr. J.

My piano teacher had about six relatives over tonight. My definition of “piano lesson” has changed a lot lately. Now, it’s more like “go to teacher’s house and play on an acutal piano, occaisionally for an audience”. My first song didn’t go so well, because I shook a lot while I played. I was afraid of stumbling too much, so I used my music even though I’ve been working on memorizing that one, but my shaking compensated for any stumbling playing from memory might have caused. Boo. But they liked me anyway. It’s so nice to hear people clapping for me, and to know they’re doing it because they actually liked what they heard, and not just to be polite.

Papa John’s for dinner. Yum. I may have to hit the library again tomorrow… but I should do some more writing first. Grr. This means I might have to get up and get moving in the morning. Bleh. I need sleep.

Things I have to do in the very near future: Finish my Cold War paper. Write my literary analysis paper. Study more for the SAT (next Saturday!). Take the SAT. Find a RP project. Find a mentor. Begin said RP project. Research more colleges. Get a job. Get my driver’s license.

Sigh. [P.S. Just in case you are a blog-hopper and are wondering what happened to Rajni, her computer crashed. Right around her birthday, too. We miss you, girl!]


My fingers needed a break. Now for today.

Mrs. Anderson surprised us with a pop quiz on Billy Budd and the announcement that our worksheets were due today. I was so glad I actually read the thing and did my worksheet. It wasn’t quite finished, though, so I added my allusions really quickly. I chose the “harder” essay question to answer, because the “easy” one was a defend/challenge/qualify, which I still hate, and also just to be different. I think I did okay on it, though. That analysis paper is still looming overhead, though.

Happy birthday, Rajni!!!

Lunch was pretty cool today. Because it’s Rajni’s birthday (see enthusiastic pseudo-banner above), she came to second period lunch with Anna and Choi. It was nice to have company. I don’t see Rajni very often, so when I do, it’s quite enjoyable. She had a few karaoke moments. And she also had a yummy chocolate cake. I don’t usually like chocolate cake, but she offered me some, and it was good.

Mr. Avondet’s class was decidedly less cool. I only measured the wood for my power supply box yesterday, so I had to cut it today. I consulted Mr. Avondet, and he suggested I use the miter box to cut the wood, ’cause I’d get a perfect 90-degree angle for the corner. Not cool. The miter box is basically a saw in guardrails. And I still have weaky girly arms. I got tired of that pretty quickly and just used the bandsaw. Scarier (heavy mahinery!), but faster and less strain on my arms. I got all the wood cut out and measured the plastic. I should be finished by Monday at the latest.

Mr. Capati’s tape of the second half (!) worked fine today. It’s weird; when I was watching last night, I actually thought it was interesting. That’s the only time I’ve ever been asked to watch tv for homework. But in class today, I realized that we were watching the part I caught last night, so I kind of tuned it out — and to my horror, started to fall asleep! Sure, educational-type videos do usually put me to sleep, but I didn’t doze off at all last night.

Ms. Dixon was completely gone today. She never showed up for seventh period, but surprisingly, most of the class did. We just hung out in her room, talking and generally killing time. I read “Usher II” for my English paper, just to do something constructive. John mooned us again. I swear, if I see his butt one more time, I’m going to scream. Again.

In eighth period, Dr. J gave us another do-nothing day, so I didn’t do anything. I finished reading “Usher II”, then just read Fearless #26. Toward the end of class, I had put my book away and was just sitting and thinking, when Michael (the same one from yesterday) asked me what was wrong. I said, “Nothing. I think I’m getting sick.” Which I do. I haven’t been sick all year, but I’ve had a slight sore throat for the past few days. I think they’re Greg’s germs. Which prompted a comment from Paul about whether Greg and I had been “snogging”. Like I’d tell him. I told Michael how Greg thinks I’m calling him “diseased”. I am not! So then Michael says, “I think part of a healthy relationship is giving each other diseases.” I understood him, but Paul’s mind jumped to STD’s.

Here’s an odd thought: I know Greg isn’t especially fond of Paul, but I’ve always found him tolerable. Now, though, I find myself tolerating Paul less and less. Everyone, including Dr. J, says Greg has gotten smarter since we’ve been together. Could I be picking up some of his dislike of Paul?

After school was the first National Honor Society meeting. There was a short faculty meeting (to discuss graduation tomorrow, for which school is closed), so we started late. Ms. Sheehan just went over basic stuff. We decided to meet on Tuesday mornings at 8:30 (!). I know people are going to be late. We also had elections for officers. Ms. Sheehan and Ms. Bitondo, our sponsors, decided that anyone who currently holds an office in another club couldn’t run for NHS office. That meant that Iyen was totally out of the running. Does it make me a bad person since that made me kinda happy? Somehow, I wound up running for parliamentarian (what does a parliamentarian do? I’ll get back to you on that one.). Rajni ran for president (yay! Go Rajni! It’s your birthday — for real!) and Mykella for secretary. Rajni and I had this pact; we voted for each other. I would have voted for her anyway — the other choices were Lawrence (ha! I know that’s kinda mean, but really, Lawrence?) and Uju (whom I don’t know at all). She’s a shoe-in.

After the meeting let out (5:15-ish), I had intended to go to It’s Ac with Mr. T, but he canceled. So Greg and I waited for my dad to come pick me up. I drove home. I’m still not as good I could be, but I’m getting better. And my parking still sucks. Mr grandma pulled up next to us right as I got home. And I didn’t run over the neighborhood rugrats. So yay.

Watched my quintessential game show, ate dinner, practiced piano, got online. I totally planned to work on my papers some more tonight, but time hates me again, so that’s not gonna happen. I forgot that graduation was tomorrow, so I scheduled a doctor’s appointment at 9 AM. An unexpected day off, and I don’t get to sleep in. Bleh. On the bright side, I am making midday plans with Greg as we speak. The rugrats are going to school, of course, so I don’t have to stay home with them or feel guilty for skipping out.

My Do-Si-Do’s went stale. That is all.


Okay, so I didn’t finish that entry from Monday. No time to blog. Sleep, for some odd reason, is more important.

Okay, so Greg and I went to see Bruce Almighty on Sunday. Turns out it’s the new #1 movie. (It’s like, what Matrix?) I won’t post any spoilers, but I’ll just say that it was a really funny movie. Well acted, too. Jim Carrey should and probably will do comedies for the rest of his career. I never saw that drama he made, The Majestic, and I don’t want to. Even The Truman Show was funny. He’s innately funny. Go see it. Like with The Matrix Reloaded, I could have done without the more sexually-charged moments. I felt so sorry for the parents of the little kids two rows in front of us. No child should be exposed to sexual humor that early. I had much fun, because it was a good movie, and because I was with Greg. little hamster.) I spent the whole day cooing over her. I decided she was female and named her Princess. Of course, the general idiots that I have classes with decided that they couldn’t just let me and Princess cuddle in peace. Dwhan kidnapped her three times, and Michael was making some odd sexual movements toward her in eighth period. Dangit, Dr. J, where are you when I need backup?

The rest of the day was okay. Mrs. Anderson just went over the stuff for our research paper again, but I paid more attention this time. There are less than ten people left in my third period now. It’s so much quieter. Mr. Capati’s brother was supposed to tape a History Channel Documentary, Russia: Land of the Tsars for us to watch in class, but the tape got screwed up, so he asked us to watch the second half for homework. Mr. Lifsey got a fancy, neat-looking plotter. So now, in theory, we can print our drawings to look like actual blueprints. Only not blue. But it doesn’t quite work right. I spent the class trying to help Lifsey to get it working right. I swear, I am his unofficial student aide, more so now that his real aides are gone.

Gym class was moved to the senior lounge. I didn’t hear an announcement, though, so I went ahead out toward the gym. I saw Dominique, Mark, Matthew, and this other guy who I met at lunch once but whose name I can’t rememember, just standing under the awning. I talked to them for a bit, and Dominique gave me an invitation to her graduation party this Saturday. (It was a nice gesture, but I don’t think I’ll go.) So I left, being “good” as Mark put it, to go to class, only to have to turn around. You think one of those four people would have mentioned the fact that no gym classes had come in the period before. I really hope I don’t lose that many brain cells next year. Seventh period was unremarkable, as was eighth. Except for Princess’s second and third kidnappings. :P

We had a grossly informal It’s Ac meeting after school with Mrs. Anderson. It was just me, Greg, and Andrew. Mark has stopped coming now, and so have the rest of the seniors (can’t blame ’em), and Ian was tired, so Vicki went home, too. We just sat around and talked, and went over the huge, twisted mess that is the Greek and Norse Mythological Family Tree. Zeus needed another hobby, seriously. Greg brought me home. I watched Jeopardy!, frowned at some as-yet-not-turned-in physics problems, finished reading The Fall of the House of Usher, watched the History Channel documentary, then got online.


It rained yesterday. Boo. So Greg and I had to change our plans. We went to IHOP and the movies instead. I finally realized that Greg’s preferred route to Waldorf is much longer and more out of the way than my mom’s route. So we went the short way, and got there in about thirty minutes. Way cool.

Greg had a hankering for IHOP, so we went there before the movie. We must have arrived right in the middle of the after-church lunch rush, but we only had to wait about ten minutes for a table. I wasn’t especially hungry, and I have this thing against not eating when I’m not hungry, but I can never pass up IHOP. And I’ve never had regular food there — always breakfast food. How can you go to IHOP and not have pancakes? That’s practically sacreligious! The food was good, as always, and so was the conversation.

We left IHOP and went to the mall. We killed some time in Suncoast. Greg got two DVDs. I got nothing, which is what I intended when I went in. I’ve only shopped in Suncoast once ever, and that was because Borders didn’t have the movie I was looking for. My mom called while we were in line to tell me that our showing of Bruce Almighty was sold out. Greg had already bought tickets online, so it didn’t really matter. We just went straight back to the theater from the mall to get in line. The line was pretty short when we got there, but from the new line I saw after our showing ended, it must have gotten much longer.

Oops, gotta go. I wanna catch TRL, and I have two reports to work on. Will finish this entry later. Ciao for now.


Hmm. Apparently, you can be signed on to AOL and AIM at the same time. I just tried that (only with CompuServe, which is compatible with AOL), and I got an IM in both windows. A bit startling, but kinda neat.

Turns out there’s a new kind of body modification that’s gaining speed: tongue-splitting. Curious? No pictures, but just reading that article is disturbing. Why would anyone in their right mind do that? ::shudders:: Eyebrow piercing I can understand. Even chin piercing. But that’s just too much.

I washed my hair this morning, so my day didn’t really start until around 2. Yeah, it really does take that long. I spend at least thirty minutes blow-drying it. It usually takes longer, because my hair’s rather thick and long.

Anyway, after that, my mom dropped me off at the library. It was more like I dropped myself off, really, because I drove. The rugrats came, too, muttering from behind me about how they were going to die. Great vote of confidence there. I’ve only driven the van a few times, so it’s still new, but I didn’t hit anything, and my family is still alive. Mission accomplished.

I stayed at the library until it closed at five. I’d already looked up a few books for the English report, the research for which was my primary objective, so I found them in the stacks and sat down to take notes. I remember Mrs. Anderson saying something about how the report will be easier to write if we read first, then write our own analyses, and then look for reference stuff. I tried that. I was just over halfway finished with The Fall of the House of Usher before I realized I was just wasting time. So I switched to taking notes, which went nicely. I got a little distracted when one guy decided to talk on his cell phone (in the library!), but I have three non-book sources for my paper. Yay. Now I just have to write it. Not so yay.

Drove home, briefly practiced parking in the lot at the rugrats’ school, made a sandwich, watched the end of The Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas, got online. My parents went to the movies, so I am currently listening to the rugrats scream at each other and washing my white clothes. Would you believe that every single pair of socks I own was in my hamper? I only wear white socks, and I don’t do white laundry as often, but I have so many pairs that it doesn’t usually matter. It does now, though. I was stuck wearing the socks I hate because they’re all stretched out… and possibly my dad’s. (Don’t ask.)

I have run out of things to say now. If it doesn’t rain, Greg and I are going to Henson Creek tomorrow. It if does, we’ll do something else. Not having a concrete plan kind of alarms me, but that’s the point. I never just wing it. It might turn out okay.


Hmm. Brand-name questions for today’s Friday Five.

What brand of toothpaste do you use? Crest Dual Action Whitening. Either it actually works, or I just think it does. Whatever.

What brand of toilet paper do you prefer? It doesn’t matter to me. I think we usually have Northern, though.

What brand(s) of shoes do you wear? Currently, Reebok. But I wear whatever looks cute, fits, and is comfortable, really.

What brand of soda do you drink? Sprite. Or Sierra Mist. And occasionally A&W Root Beer.

What brand of gum do you chew? Extra. But I’m hooked on Icebreaker Mints.

I went to school today mainly to finish up my power supply. I have to make a wood-and-plastic box thingie for it before I’m totally finished. But, as (bad) luck would have it, Mr. Avondet was switched to proctoring today, so I couldn’t. I ended up going back to Ms. Dearing’s room with Ms. Dixon to sit around and watch movies. Greg came with me. It was nice. I watched X-Men while Greg did his math homework, then we went to lunch, then we came back and watched Barbershop. I hadn’t seen that one before. Good movie.

Ms. Dearing’s seventh period (that’s the one that was frozen today) is all freshmen. In general, freshman are annoying. Some are okay, but the majority are childish jerks that make everyone else look bad. I spent all of Barbershop cuddling with Greg in the corner. Hey, what else was I supposed to do? Danelle was actually in the far corner, but she didn’t mind. I appreciated that. I know it used to bother me to see couples “all hugged up” like that. I assume Greg and I evoke those same emotions in other people, but it might be stronger because of the race (non)issue.

Anyway, these two punk boys decided to mess with me and Greg. One of them said to Greg, “Hey, why don’t you get off my girl?” We just ignored them, though he did tell me that he was glad we were so… intertwined that he couldn’t get up without tossing me aside. I didn’t really believe he would have gone over to them, but I appreciated the thought. Then, they tried to say something to me. I just said to Danelle (who was acting as a go-between), “I refuse to even acknowledge their presence.” And I didn’t. They were being jerky to me, so I turned it right back on them. Problem solved.

Eighth period I sat in Dr. J’s class. Several people showed up to take the final. I stuck my head in the back room to tell Thomas he could return my calculator later, and that room was getting kinda full. Dr. J had to move in an extra desk or two just to accommodate all the test-takers. I just sat and read Fearless.

Then I headed upstairs for first period. I found four or five people from my class in the doorway, waiting for Mrs. Anderson to show. After a minute, someone re-read the sign on the door and finally comprehended. I’d read it too, and hadn’t realized what it said: “Mrs. Anderson’s first period report to Ms. Sim, room 334.” It didn’t register with any of us that we were first period, so we should have just gone over there as soon as we saw the sign. But it clicked, and we relocated. Ms. Sim tried to draft me to help some of her students with a worksheet for To Kill a Mockingbird, but I read that book in the fall of sophomore year, and they seemed to be doing okay by themselves, so I was released after about fifteen minutes. I joined my classmates to play a game of Harry Potter Uno. It was fun, even though Greg won and I lost. About eight people were playing, and it was down to me and McClain, and everyone went “aww” went I finally lost. They wanted so much for McClain to lose. And they were her cards, too. I was sort of nonchalant about the whole thing.

Came home, ate, went to piano, got online. My day generally gets boring after school. I’m working on refining this layout, so bear with me. Speaking of layouts, Rajni and Mykella both have pretty new ones. Go look. Admire them. I do.

And. If you were at school today, and you know what happened, just let me say one thing: I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to mention it. I really want it to not have happened at all, but it did, and I can’t change that. I just don’t want to talk about it. So leave the whole subject alone, thanks. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s even better. You don’t need to know. Ciao.

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