I really didn’t want to get out bed this morning. More so than usual. I was sitting up in bed, trying to convince myself to get up already, when my mom came in to check on me. She said, “Lindsay? Are you up? Oh, I didn’t see the bathroom light.” Odd, ’cause she’s usually on her way out when I get up. My parents never what I’m up to. I like to say I’m the girl that lives downstairs and eats their food. I have my own bathroom, and if I’m not in my room I’m here (the computer room next door), so there have been occasions where they don’t know I’m home. Like this afternoon, since I didn’t text Mom that It’s Ac was canceled.

We finally got the last of our AP English essays back this morning. On the last one, I got (drumroll, please) a 7!!!! I instantly felt better about the entire exam. In total: 30 points on the multiple choice, and two 5’s and a 7 on my essays. My weighted score was about 89.44 — 4 points shy of a 4 on the main scale. I was thisclose. But a 3 is still passable. I am pleased. (If this was in my uJ, which is actually where I typed it because the auto-tags are so much better, I’d have the square icon for “pleased”.) The last essay was the only one that didn’t get any comments from Mrs. Anderson, except “good proof”. And it was a defend-challenge-qualify, which I usually suck at. Dude. My self-confidence and -esteem were significantly higher after I read that. And Sarah calling me her “AP English idol” didn’t hurt, either. (If you’re reading this, I so *heart* you!)

I finally started messing around again with the drafting program in Lifsey’s class. He doesn’t know how to use any more than we (“we” meaning me and Hope) do, so I have to basically teach myself. He gives me excellent grades, though, so it’s not so bad. The electrical plan is suddenly due on Wednesday, which gives me one day to finish it (since I won’t be there tomorrow… oops, forgot to tell him about that.) I’ll get it, though.

My gym teacher was out again. No big, I just wandered back into the weight room. I’m getting definition in muscles I didn’t realize I had. The sub tried to not let us on time to get re-dressed, but we ignored him. I was not going to be late to class on his account.

Dr. J sprung a practice AP Physics B exam on us today. No one knew he was going to give it until first period. I had my formula sheet, but only because I’m such a pack rat. Not that it helped, because I still didn’t understand most of the problems. The sad thing is, it counts toward our grade. Boo. Grading on a curve can’t save everyone.

Gotta dash. 7th Heaven, Everwood, then early to bed for the exam tomorrow. Gotta get up extra-early, wanna be well-rested. Wish me luck. No, wait — wish me insight. =)

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