Well, it seems I have a minute to blog tonight after all. Today was the first day of High School Assessments, but I went anyway. Yeah, I’m a dork like that. But there were a lot of people there (relatively; the school’s much smaller now that the seniors are gone ::tear::), so it wasn’t bad. Mrs. Anderson had to proctor, and we (Greg, me, McClain, and Jorge) got confused looking for the room we were supposed to move to, but we found it eventually. On the minus side, I had almost nothing to do this morning. On the plus side, I got to spend it all with Greg, and I finished reading Up Your Score, except that I skipped a lot of the verbal section because I’m happy with that score. It’d be excellent to break 700, but I’m content as is.

My seventh period teacher actually kicked us out, though. I was surprised; I’ve never actually gone to class and been told to leave. I wandered around trying to figure out where to go, but I wound up where my teacher went (she goes to visit her teacher-friend when she doesn’t teach). It wasn’t bad. They were watching Love and Basketball. At least, I think that’s what it was. Anyway, Dr. J wasn’t teaching, either. I sat and watched Greg, Ian, and Craig play chess. Quite funny. Who says chess isn’t a spectator sport? I really want to take Dr. J’s test tomorrow (more easy-as-hell bonus questions that way), but I didn’t study at all today, and it’s going to be terribly difficult. I think I’d rather study more first. I’ll see how long I spend with Avondet tomorrow, and decide from there. (I assume Ms. Dixon’s going to kick us out again; this time I’ll know exactly where to go.)

I wound up going to the movies anyway yesterday. I figured it couldn’t hurt. (We shall see when I take the AP Physics final…) We were late, but the movie was great. And, to my great surprise, I did not get carded. Considering my luck, that was a total fluke. WARNING: Spoilers for The Matrix Reloaded ahead. I didn’t remember much about the first movie, which makes sense since it came out four years ago (!). And the first explosion was, like, six seconds into the movie! I mean, really. Was that necessary? Hope saw it too, and as she put it, the “orgy” scene was also gratuitous. I agree. We all understand that Neo’s sleeping with Trinity from that scene where he wakes up. We didn’t need to see it. I loved the whole scene starting with Neo’s visit to the Oracle. That was cool. The Oracle as a character was cool, and Neo fighting all the Agent Smiths was even cooler. I mean, whoa. Maybe it’s because I’m so hooked on tv, but I kept thinking of Neo as, like, Angel with technology. It’s all the black. He looks good in it, but still. I wonder if anyone else got that feeling? I liked how, to ease the tension, there were jokes here and there. “She wasn’t kissing your lips.” “Okay, he obviously has some skills.” And I swear I was about to cry when Neo didn’t get to Trinity in time at the end. It was simultaneous thoughts of “Oh my gosh, he caught her!” and “Nooooooooo, Agent Smith shot her again!” But I love that he restarted her heart with the whole Sight thing. That was nifty. I think I’ve seen that method of resurrection somewhere before, but I don’t know where, and it doesn’t matter much anyway. Overall, good movie. I didn’t quite grasp the end, but I recognize that guy as the one with the knife when the Nebuchadnezzar’s crew was heading off again from Zion. What’s his deal? And what’s with the “TO BE CONCLUDED”? Duh. They obviously weren’t done with the story yet. End of spoilers. At least we only have to wait until November for the third installment — at which point I won’t have to worry about being carded. Finally.

Good season finales tonight for 7th Heaven and Everwood. I like how each of them had major dangling plotlines, but neither did the hokey “TO BE CONTINUED” thing. There was just enough to wrap things up, but leave something to tempt you back next season. Very cool. It’s sad, though, how the best tv is only during sweeps. Can’t they do that all the time?

I finished The Princess Diaries, Volume III: Princess in Love today. Oh my gosh! Shame on Disney for cramming three books’ worth of plot developments into one mediocre movie! The movie was okay, but still. A few years ago, maybe six months before The Princess Diaries came out, I read an excerpt from the novel in Seventeen. It was called “Tall Drink of Water”. The odd thing is that part of the excerpt wasn’t from the first book — it was from the end of Princess in Love. Not the very end, but close to it. I was still pleasantly surprised. Lilly! Grandmere! Kenny! Boris?!?!?!

Greg said I was blushing as I finished it, but I didn’t believe him. I pulled out my trusty mirror, and sure enough, my cheeks were noticeably red. This is horrible! I didn’t know I could blush! Why didn’t anyone tell me that before? Dear Lord. And I don’t know why that particular part of the book made me blush. I could’ve pointed out some other, more blush-worthy moments in that book. (It is called Princess in Love, after all.) Overall, good book. I just wish I didn’t have to wait another year (!!!) to get the fourth book in paperback. This must be what it’s like for people who don’t have hardcover versions of the Harry Potter books. Grr. I just refuse to have an unmatched set, you know? Sigh. ::looks at clock:: Yawn.

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