Okay, so I didn’t finish that entry from Monday. No time to blog. Sleep, for some odd reason, is more important.

Okay, so Greg and I went to see Bruce Almighty on Sunday. Turns out it’s the new #1 movie. (It’s like, what Matrix?) I won’t post any spoilers, but I’ll just say that it was a really funny movie. Well acted, too. Jim Carrey should and probably will do comedies for the rest of his career. I never saw that drama he made, The Majestic, and I don’t want to. Even The Truman Show was funny. He’s innately funny. Go see it. Like with The Matrix Reloaded, I could have done without the more sexually-charged moments. I felt so sorry for the parents of the little kids two rows in front of us. No child should be exposed to sexual humor that early. I had much fun, because it was a good movie, and because I was with Greg. little hamster.) I spent the whole day cooing over her. I decided she was female and named her Princess. Of course, the general idiots that I have classes with decided that they couldn’t just let me and Princess cuddle in peace. Dwhan kidnapped her three times, and Michael was making some odd sexual movements toward her in eighth period. Dangit, Dr. J, where are you when I need backup?

The rest of the day was okay. Mrs. Anderson just went over the stuff for our research paper again, but I paid more attention this time. There are less than ten people left in my third period now. It’s so much quieter. Mr. Capati’s brother was supposed to tape a History Channel Documentary, Russia: Land of the Tsars for us to watch in class, but the tape got screwed up, so he asked us to watch the second half for homework. Mr. Lifsey got a fancy, neat-looking plotter. So now, in theory, we can print our drawings to look like actual blueprints. Only not blue. But it doesn’t quite work right. I spent the class trying to help Lifsey to get it working right. I swear, I am his unofficial student aide, more so now that his real aides are gone.

Gym class was moved to the senior lounge. I didn’t hear an announcement, though, so I went ahead out toward the gym. I saw Dominique, Mark, Matthew, and this other guy who I met at lunch once but whose name I can’t rememember, just standing under the awning. I talked to them for a bit, and Dominique gave me an invitation to her graduation party this Saturday. (It was a nice gesture, but I don’t think I’ll go.) So I left, being “good” as Mark put it, to go to class, only to have to turn around. You think one of those four people would have mentioned the fact that no gym classes had come in the period before. I really hope I don’t lose that many brain cells next year. Seventh period was unremarkable, as was eighth. Except for Princess’s second and third kidnappings. :P

We had a grossly informal It’s Ac meeting after school with Mrs. Anderson. It was just me, Greg, and Andrew. Mark has stopped coming now, and so have the rest of the seniors (can’t blame ’em), and Ian was tired, so Vicki went home, too. We just sat around and talked, and went over the huge, twisted mess that is the Greek and Norse Mythological Family Tree. Zeus needed another hobby, seriously. Greg brought me home. I watched Jeopardy!, frowned at some as-yet-not-turned-in physics problems, finished reading The Fall of the House of Usher, watched the History Channel documentary, then got online.

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