My fingers needed a break. Now for today.

Mrs. Anderson surprised us with a pop quiz on Billy Budd and the announcement that our worksheets were due today. I was so glad I actually read the thing and did my worksheet. It wasn’t quite finished, though, so I added my allusions really quickly. I chose the “harder” essay question to answer, because the “easy” one was a defend/challenge/qualify, which I still hate, and also just to be different. I think I did okay on it, though. That analysis paper is still looming overhead, though.

Happy birthday, Rajni!!!

Lunch was pretty cool today. Because it’s Rajni’s birthday (see enthusiastic pseudo-banner above), she came to second period lunch with Anna and Choi. It was nice to have company. I don’t see Rajni very often, so when I do, it’s quite enjoyable. She had a few karaoke moments. And she also had a yummy chocolate cake. I don’t usually like chocolate cake, but she offered me some, and it was good.

Mr. Avondet’s class was decidedly less cool. I only measured the wood for my power supply box yesterday, so I had to cut it today. I consulted Mr. Avondet, and he suggested I use the miter box to cut the wood, ’cause I’d get a perfect 90-degree angle for the corner. Not cool. The miter box is basically a saw in guardrails. And I still have weaky girly arms. I got tired of that pretty quickly and just used the bandsaw. Scarier (heavy mahinery!), but faster and less strain on my arms. I got all the wood cut out and measured the plastic. I should be finished by Monday at the latest.

Mr. Capati’s tape of the second half (!) worked fine today. It’s weird; when I was watching last night, I actually thought it was interesting. That’s the only time I’ve ever been asked to watch tv for homework. But in class today, I realized that we were watching the part I caught last night, so I kind of tuned it out — and to my horror, started to fall asleep! Sure, educational-type videos do usually put me to sleep, but I didn’t doze off at all last night.

Ms. Dixon was completely gone today. She never showed up for seventh period, but surprisingly, most of the class did. We just hung out in her room, talking and generally killing time. I read “Usher II” for my English paper, just to do something constructive. John mooned us again. I swear, if I see his butt one more time, I’m going to scream. Again.

In eighth period, Dr. J gave us another do-nothing day, so I didn’t do anything. I finished reading “Usher II”, then just read Fearless #26. Toward the end of class, I had put my book away and was just sitting and thinking, when Michael (the same one from yesterday) asked me what was wrong. I said, “Nothing. I think I’m getting sick.” Which I do. I haven’t been sick all year, but I’ve had a slight sore throat for the past few days. I think they’re Greg’s germs. Which prompted a comment from Paul about whether Greg and I had been “snogging”. Like I’d tell him. I told Michael how Greg thinks I’m calling him “diseased”. I am not! So then Michael says, “I think part of a healthy relationship is giving each other diseases.” I understood him, but Paul’s mind jumped to STD’s.

Here’s an odd thought: I know Greg isn’t especially fond of Paul, but I’ve always found him tolerable. Now, though, I find myself tolerating Paul less and less. Everyone, including Dr. J, says Greg has gotten smarter since we’ve been together. Could I be picking up some of his dislike of Paul?

After school was the first National Honor Society meeting. There was a short faculty meeting (to discuss graduation tomorrow, for which school is closed), so we started late. Ms. Sheehan just went over basic stuff. We decided to meet on Tuesday mornings at 8:30 (!). I know people are going to be late. We also had elections for officers. Ms. Sheehan and Ms. Bitondo, our sponsors, decided that anyone who currently holds an office in another club couldn’t run for NHS office. That meant that Iyen was totally out of the running. Does it make me a bad person since that made me kinda happy? Somehow, I wound up running for parliamentarian (what does a parliamentarian do? I’ll get back to you on that one.). Rajni ran for president (yay! Go Rajni! It’s your birthday — for real!) and Mykella for secretary. Rajni and I had this pact; we voted for each other. I would have voted for her anyway — the other choices were Lawrence (ha! I know that’s kinda mean, but really, Lawrence?) and Uju (whom I don’t know at all). She’s a shoe-in.

After the meeting let out (5:15-ish), I had intended to go to It’s Ac with Mr. T, but he canceled. So Greg and I waited for my dad to come pick me up. I drove home. I’m still not as good I could be, but I’m getting better. And my parking still sucks. Mr grandma pulled up next to us right as I got home. And I didn’t run over the neighborhood rugrats. So yay.

Watched my quintessential game show, ate dinner, practiced piano, got online. I totally planned to work on my papers some more tonight, but time hates me again, so that’s not gonna happen. I forgot that graduation was tomorrow, so I scheduled a doctor’s appointment at 9 AM. An unexpected day off, and I don’t get to sleep in. Bleh. On the bright side, I am making midday plans with Greg as we speak. The rugrats are going to school, of course, so I don’t have to stay home with them or feel guilty for skipping out.

My Do-Si-Do’s went stale. That is all.

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