Ms. Dixon was absent today, so we had a sub. Standard procedure: the sub just sits there minding his or her own business, intermittently yelling at us to quiet down. We can basically do whatever we want, as long as we do the work she leaves us. That works out fairly well — except when the sub steps out of the room and John threatens to moon us. He didn’t, thank God.

So, toward the end of class, I was talking to Sharon and Danelle as I finished up my work. Sharon said something, and started swearing, and then Danelle decided to “psychoanalyze” her gratuitous use of profane language. At first, Danelle was joking around about it, using all the big words she could toss in there. Then she started to get serious, and she said some really insightful things. So then the bell rang, and since Danelle has Mr. T when I have Dr. J, she walked with me on the way downstairs.

So Danelle decided to psych me. I wasn’t too keen on it at first, because Mark tried that ages ago, and I didn’t like his opinion. She said, after struggling to find the right words, “I think… you don’t put up a front for anyone. You’re smart, you’re intelligent. Some people might think you come off as really quiet and reserved, but… I think you can take care of your business if you have to.” That has to be the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me, about me. And I agree with her completely. I don’t put up a front. Why bother? Mykella was just talking yesterday about girls being fake. I don’t want to be fake. This is how I am. I’m obsessive beyond control, I hold myself back, I step up when I need to defend myself. It’s characteristic Lindsay. If you get on my nerves, I’ll let you know. Ask Greg; he’ll tell you. ;)

It’s just such a good feeling to know that people see me the way I am. Yeah, I’m a goody two-shoes. But that’s not all there is to me. I’m more than that. I am multi-faceted. I’m like a box of chocolates: you never know which !Lindsay you’re gonna get.

The above was written at ten of six this evening. Now I am moving on.

AIM sucks. Or maybe it’s just my computer. Most likely, it’s those two things in combination.

National Honor Society meeting this morning was okay. My grandfather drove me, which is always awkward, because I know he wouldn’t have been out if he hadn’t had to drop me off, and he drives a big white Mercedes. I was all of three minutes late. And Mykella was later than I was, so :P. The meeting didn’t start until around quarter of 9 anyway, so I was fine. We got the election results… I didn’t win. Rajni didn’t win. Mykella didn’t win. And Jackie is vice president. Um.

School was the usual today. Watching Moby Dick in AP English, convincing Greg that PDA will not help me get rid of this cold. Ms. Sim loaned me her copies of the Shopaholic series, which was so sweet, but I know I won’t be able to finish they before school lets out. Especially since I just started a new book. Hope convo-plugged her 04 Memories Video site. It looks cool. I managed to salvage my power supply box, I think. I really don’t want to have to break it apart again.

Open-book test on the Russian Revolution in World History. I got 105. It was open-book, and I got the bonus question riddles right. The first one I can’t remember. The second was “What gets bigger when it eats, but dies when it drinks?” Answer at the end of this entry. Quick addition to my drawing for Lifsey’s class before I turned it in. I spent the rest of the period on Number2.com doing SAT review. We played kickball in gym class. I haven’t played kickball since elementary school, and our teachers could tell. I got out the first time; the second time I was out at second base. I wasn’t terrible. Some of the girls from my class couldn’t kick the ball in any specific direction. I mean, really. If I can do it (and it’s athletic-ish), anyone can. Already wrote about seventh period. Eighth was Dr. J: more final review notes and The Second Summer of the Sisterhood.

Fun conversation on the bus ride home with Megan, Stephanie, Choi, Shannon, Karen, and Craig. Megan, Steph, and Choi want me to help them finish their Adkins video on Saturday. I think I might be able to swing it, even though I’ve got stuff to do. I’m supposed to wash my hair on Saturday, and Mom all but begged me to get a new perm (I need it, though), and the SAT is in the morning, and I must go to the library to get the last bits of research for that stupid English paper. All time-consuming like that. At least I’ve started. It won’t be done in time for extra credit, but it’ll get finished.

I know I probably meant to say something else, but I really ought to go now, so I will.

Edit: I knew I was forgetting something. The answer to the riddle. A fire.

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