I started my day off yesterday by sleeping in. Then I did some laundry, checked my email, and forgot to blog. The day ended nicely, though. Greg came over, and we got pizza (sausage and extra cheese from Papa John’s; he let me pick) and watched Ocean’s Eleven. That was a great movie. It’s a movie about crime, so you feel a little guilty for liking it so much, but it’s just that good.

We had interesting conversations, too, as always. I accidentally led him the long way around to pick up the pizza, but I don’t see how that matters as long as we got there. Then, watching the movie, he said he didn’t think Julia Roberts was pretty. He said her nose is too long. I disagree; I think she’s pretty, and I don’t care if he does, too, because she’s far too old for him and not real. (That is, “not real” in the sense that it is very unlikely that Greg will ever met and/or run away with her, so he can think whatever he wants to about her.) I later remarked that Harrison Ford is pretty good-looking for an old guy. And he’s a good actor; I think I liked Air Force One.

Greg always acts offended when I comment on other guys, but I know he’s just playing. Seriously, if Lance Bass showed up at my front door, I’d be too shocked to run away and elope with him. ;) Greg knows he can trust me. He’ll know for sure in a few weeks, after our separation: he’s gone to Daytona Beach with his family until Thursday, and I’ll be at the Maryland Senior High Leadership Workshop at McDaniel (formerly Western Maryland) College the first week of August.

I think I’m going to switch cell phone plans. Verizon Prepaid is getting on my nerves because I don’t like the way it works. my parents have the Cingular Family SharePlan thing, so they can add me to their plan and get low-priced text messaging for me for less than I’m using with Verizon. I’d have to use one of their old phones, but they’re decent phones and I can live with that. I’m just too attached to cell phones in general to give mine up entirely.

I wonder if there’s a fanlisting for cell phones… which reminds me, I joined new fanlistings for Virgo, Notepad (the standard Windows program, which I use for all my HTML writing), and SMS/text messaging. I like making buttons when they don’t have ones I like in the right sizes, even if mine are a little fuzzy.

I missed this week’s Friday Five, and I wouldn’t have had good answers anyway, so here’s the Saturday-8: Books & Movies.

Are you an avid reader, or would you prefer to see a movie instead?
I like doing both. Preferably, I read the book first, then go see the movie afterward. I never consider movie novelizations; they’re always terrible.

When you hear that a movie is coming out that you know is based on a book, do you read the book first or wait for the movie?
I try to read the book first, but if I can’t I read it afterward. This is what I’m doing with How to Deal.

Have you ever liked a movie so much that you went out and purchased the book?
Yes. I did that with The Princess Diaries, even though I knew it was being made from the book long before I saw the movie.

Are you a purist, and get upset/angry if a film adaptation does not stay 100% to the book?
I get frustrated, but not angry. The Harry Potter books are better than the movies, but the movies are still incredible.

Have you ever refused to see a movie because the casting of a major character was controversial (like Tom Cruise as Lestat or Renee Zellweger as Bridget Jones)?
No. I never saw Interview with the Vampire or Bridget Jones’s Diary, so I didn’t object.

What is your favorite genre of book and movie?
Book: fantasy, young adult fiction, some children’s books, and some chick-lit. Movies: chick-flicks, teen movies with substance, animation, and some comedy.

Do you prefer to read one type of book, but watch another type of movie?
See previous answer.

If you could choose one book to be made into a movie, which one would it be (or book series, if you’re stuck)?
A lot of my favorite books are movies: A Walk to Remember, Alice in Wonderland, The Princess Diaries, The Face on the Milk Carton, and the Harry Potter series. Fearless might be interesting as a (warped! messed-with!) tv show this fall on the WB, but you couldn’t put that in a movie.

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