I woke up tired again this morning, but when I got home, I was fine. Maybe staying up late (not!) is making me fatigued. I skipped my nap today. I will try to get ready for bed right after my beloved Cosby Show reruns tonight. No telling whether I’ll actually be able to sleep that early, though.

I finally finished clipping articles from Investor’s Business Daily today. That was a lot of newspapers, no kidding. I have no greater understanding of the stock market than before I started riffling through those papers, but I did see some interesting articles along the way. I collected a whole bunch of new quotes, and I got paid for doing something that would not otherwise have been done. Yep, yep.

My new assignment (ack! reminder of school!) is to search online databases through the Virginia library system to find articles for Mrs. Maus’s case study. I only looked for about twenty minutes today, and found nothing relevant. Some of the irrelevant stuff was interesting, though. I read the beginning of an article on parents causing stress and depression in their own children (aha!) by putting them in too many activities (darn). I ran across an article on synesthesia, which is a very interesting and very rare condition where a person’s senses unite. Like, someone may look at a black number six and see it as blue. Or, they might touch a tree and get a woody taste in their mouth, or listen to music and literally see colors. They’ve done studies to see if people are just imagining it or pretending, but it’s real.

I just checked Merriam-Webster, and they couldn’t give me a synonym for “interesting”. How odd.

I tried to start taking notes for my Adkins paper; I’m doing Eisenhower. There is a thick, imposing library book on my bedroom floor (where else am I supposed to put it?), constantly reminding me to write that paper. I just don’t want to. I’ve never found U.S. History terribly interesting. Any history, really, but I enjoyed World last year. I’ll see if Adkins can sway me.

Oops, I just realized I ripped the same song twice and gave it different titles. It’s so easy to get distracted when your computer crashes. Rajni is back now. I missed the subtle part in her journal where she mentioned she was going away. I still miss Greg. And now I am just wasting time. I should go back to note-taking, as much as it bores me. Sigh.

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