Today is NOT a fine day for science. — Dexter, Dexter’s Laboratory

I am not having the best day. That quote up there, that’s what I say to myself when I have a not-so-great day. I used to watch that show all the time. In one episode, they show Dexter waking up and saying, “Ah, what a fine day for science!” Then he does a bunch of experiments, and before he goes to bed, he writes in his journal, “Today was a fine day for science.” It goes on for about three days, until one day he wakes up and falls out of bed (or something like that.) Nothing goes right that day, and then looks really sad and says, “Today is not a fine day for science.” It’s stupid, I know, but that always comes to mind.

I couldn’t sleep last night. I went to bed around 11:40, then woke up at midnight, then 5-something, then 6-something, and 7-something, and then my alarm finally went off at 8. I wanted so much to just turn it off and go back to sleep. So much. I somehow managed to get up and go to work.

Mrs. Maus had the air conditioning on today, even though it’s overcast and not really hot, so I was on the verge of shivering the whole day. I spent the day going more magazine articles for her dissertation. The computer I was using has a ridiculously big screen, and she has it set to a high resolution, so I was straining my eyes. That computer’s chair is also far too low for the desk, so my neck was tired from tilting my head up. I had a sore neck, and sore eyes, and I just wanted to go home.

I came home to find traces of the rugrats all over the house, just like always. I went to shut the green room door to keep the AC in, and they screamed. Like they were surprised I was home; I get home at the same time every day. I sat down in my room to read, but I dozed off around 3:30, so I conceded and closed my eyes for a quick nap. I woke up at 4, then practiced piano for my lesson tomorrow. My dad interrupted me so I could wish my grandfather a happy birthday (he’s 60), then I played “Wedding March” and “Clair de Lune” and “Moonlight Sonata” until my hands hurt from stretching so much.

I finished practicing, then went to eat some applesauce to clam my growling stomach. In retrospect, my day doesn’t seem as bad as it feels. My disposition is just not sunny, I guess. I feel like the weather today: kind of gloomy, not sunny at all, and somewhat uncharacteristic.

Oh, there’s another reason for my bad mood. My mom. She’s back to hounding me about the future. According to her, I am “odd” for not knowing what I want to study because she’s “never heard of anyone who doesn’t know what they want to do going into the twelfth grade.” And I’m not doing enough for her in the way of looking at colleges and scholarships and such. She aggravates me so much sometimes. Unappreciative of what I do, always wanting more. She’s never satisfied. There’s only so much I can do.

Edit: Darn. I was all set to have a nice sulky day, avoiding my mom so she wouldn’t ask (again) what’s wrong, and then I go read Rajni’s writing, and I almost feel bad for feeling bad. That, or we are now sharing a psychic bond. We could use some cheering up. Almost time for Friends, though.

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