A very happy birthday to my favorite protagonist, Harry Potter, and his wonderful creator, Ms. JK Rowling. I just read the transcript of a great Q&A session on USA Today, and it got me thinking about HP again. (Yeah, it surprises me that I don’t think about it all the time, too.) There are some well-thought out points from Heidi in the interview, things I haven’t even started to consider. It took me at least a chapter to acknowledge the death, analyzing will have to wait for my second read. We waited almost three years for this book, and we’ve managed to pull it apart in less than a month. I love this fandom. :o)

Today is also another important day for me, though not nearly as joyous. My paternal grandmother died two years ago today. She was diabetic, about two years from a quadruple bypass, and she was on kidney dialysis at Southern Maryland Hospital. We came back from Germany that summer. I got to spend six weeks with her before she died. It hurt me to see her so unhappy and in so much pain. Reading her obituary today, and praying for her, I thought that even though I miss her terribly, I’m glad she isn’t suffering anymore. Every time I do a word search puzzle, or watch The Price is Right, or play bingo, I think of her. I will always regret that she never got to hear me play piano, or to see Ryan and Courtney play sports, but I know that if she could be there, she would. She was a great supporter like that. I love her, I miss her, and I will never forget her.

A few guestbook notes: Andra, thanks for the reassurance. Rajni, we have to investigate this thing further. ;) Mykella, thanks for the tip.

I got off work early today. Mrs. Maus had to go out to see her father, something business-related. She was really put off by it (that’s about half a day of stock market trading gone), but she went anyway. She thanked me again for just being there during the day. I’ll be gone next week, and unless her son’s fiancee comes over, she’ll be alone in the house most of the time. To be perfectly honest, my primary reason for going there is to make some money. But I like it there. The kittens have stopped jumping into my workspace, and it gets me out of bed and away from the rugrats. Mrs. Maus is a very interesting woman.

I finished Pride and Prejudice just a little while ago. That is a great book, and a rarity; a classic with elegant language that I not only read, but enjoyed. In a strange way, I liked having such short chapters, because those are good places to stop, think, and take notes (even though I hate the note-taking part). I can understand why people (especially guys) wouldn’t like it; it is very much a romance. It’s a well-written book, though, and I’m glad I read it.

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