Mykella: Yep. It says so in the application fine print, and in the application itself. You really can learn stuff from the type you need a magnifying glass to read. :)

I got to school almost on time this morning. If they’d just change my bus time back to 8:30am, like it was, I’d be fine. At this point, I’d settle for 8:45. At least we’d be on time.

Ms. O’Neal’s sub had pre-tests in PreCal this morning. It was just algebra, though. All stuff I can pretty much still do. I’ve forgotten how to divide polynomials, it seems. I think you’re supposed to factor them first, but those trinomials did not want to be factored. I just moved on. I didn’t quite finish, but in my defense, I got started late.

I’ve given up complaining that I could (or should) be in a higher-level math class. Dr. Wheatley’s placement for me sophomore year resulted in me not having to give up lunch this year. Had I done what I wanted, I’d be in AP Calc this year. I am not a pleasant person when I don’t get to eat. If some teacher needs a hand fourth period — and will let me eat — I’m all for it, but for now, I’m good. It’s good for my sanity to have a break, anyway.

I forget if I mentioned it yesterday, but I found a mentor. She’s an organic chemist at PG Community College, which will fit beautifully with my project. I added that to my RP cover sheet this morning, with a note that I only found her yesterday, so that’s not part of the paper.

I won’t know how I’m handling Adkins until we have a test. He gave his first lecture today. I’d heard from Rajni that it’s important to listen more in class than to read, so I intentionally paid more attention to him that I might have otherwise. It’s usually easy for me to tune out history lectures. If it’s not medieval, I’m not interested. But I don’t think I spaced out once today. He went off on this long spiel about the Spanish monarchs fighting the Moors, and I was thinking, “Okay… I know there’s a point here somewhere…,” because it doesn’t feel like note-taking if I don’t write something, but he cut it off eventually. My outlook so far is positive.

Nothing big in English today. Ms. Sim put two and two together, so now she’s picking on Thomas (“Alanna’s young man”) as much as she does Greg and me. The Pride and Prejudice test wasn’t bad. There were a few questions that confused me, especially in the “identify the speaker of this quote” part. Until I reviewed last night, I’d totally forgotten who Mrs. Phillips was. I guess she didn’t contribute as much to the drama of the story. Also, I hate it when the last few multiple-choice options are combos, like “A and C” or “none of the above”. That just makes it seem like she ran out of specific questions to ask or fake answers to write. That bothers me. Takiyah switched out, so now I have an actual desk (behind Sarah). What a relief.

It’s Ac was okay. Some days I play really well, and some days I suck. Today resembled the latter. I’m still warming up, though, and even on my good days, I’m not that great.

I still don’t know what I want to do on Saturday. That’s a perpetual problem. I want to do something interesting, but I don’t know what. Why am I so indecisive?

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