Happy birthday, Alanna (if you even still read this)!

Calm down, Rajni. I’m reading. I learn visually, so I believe reading the textbook will help. For now, I’m just doing the best I can. Everything has been mentioned before, so it’s just a matter of digging back into my often-unreliable memory, adding that to what I’m learning now, and remembering it all come test time. And my lovely swarm of Adkins vets is always there to give me tips. :) As a side note: Can you imagine if I did a video of like, just me, and half a dozen of his former students? He’d be having serious deja vu.

We were almost on time this morning! So close! The bus was pulling up to the school entrance at 9:30 on the dot, but then there was a line of buses and cars waiting to get in, so we got held up for about five minutes. Better than usual, though. There were a lot of cars, I presume driven by seniors. (Grr…) When I get to drive to school, I’m coming early on purpose.

I finally met Ms. O’Neal this morning. Is it just me, or do she, Ms. Niebuhr, and Ms. Soraci look enough alike to get them confused? It’s like Mr. Single’s replacement, Mr. Bentley (like the car). The resemblance isn’t much, but still. We did SAT math practice. I swear, if I never hear those letters again, I’ll be quite happy.

It is wonderful to be able to sit through a lecture and not space out once. Especially when it’s a subject I don’t really like. Mr. Adkins is just like that. He teaches through the break between periods, but no one minds. And so far, he hasn’t plowed through the material like former students thought he might, now that he’s got double periods to work with. We watch videos. I’m waiting for this to get hopelessly difficult, as it’s only the first week of school, and there are many weeks ahead. I just want to take it one step at a time, to test the waters myself. I may need help though, but I know all you formers will help me if I ask.

I think the thing I like least about Ms. Sim is the way she talks. Her sentences are broken, which makes her harder to follow, but when I make an effort to listen and think about what she’s saying, I get it. I see what she’s trying to say. She’s a little too enthusiastic, I think, but at least she cares. So many teachers don’t.

Still no plans for Saturday. What is it with me? You’d think I’d have so many ideas, I’d have a hard time picking one. Instead, I have nothing. As is the norm. Argh. It would just be altogether depressing to do nothing, you know?

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