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Happy Halloween!!!

I don’t like Britney Spears. She can dance, but she can’t sing, and she can’t sing and dance at the same time. Despite that, she’s a gazillionaire. I can handle all of that, but this is ridiculous. I saw a picture of it on CompuServe. (If you have AIM, go to What’s New and click the Simon/Britney link, then the wax statue link in the article.) It’s just… sigh.

The Google Halloween logo is very cute. I love how they change the logo for holidays, even obscure ones, and you almost don’t notice.

Anyway. Wednesday. We got our cumulative tests back in PreCal. I got an 85, but when she worked out the bonus question on the board, I realized I had it right even though she’d marked it wrong. I asked her to fix it, and she was really nice about it.

I went to Ms. Sim’s room during lunch. I was supposed to record my Voice of Democracy essay, but Greg did his, so I arranged to do it later. Ian (who’s her aide this year) put some grades in the computer, then sat and read his book. That reminded me a lot of myself.

We had our first DBQ (Document-Based Question) in Adkins. We had to analyze whether Jefferson’s characterization as a strict constructionist of the Constitution, and Madison’s as a loose constructionist, where evident in their presidencies. Yeah, something like that, only more flowery. I think I did pretty well. I remembered more than I though I would, and it helps that the time period was 1801-1817, and we’re only at 1830 or so in class now.

After school, Mr. T was busy helping people with the end-of-quarter grade crunch, so we didn’t play. I finished up my report for Geology (I’m so glad I had time to do it, ’cause the file wouldn’t open on my computer), then we just hung out. Greg and Ian played Magic. I don’t play, nor do I want to learn. I just pick up the cards randomly and look at the interesting pictures. But I always put them back where I got them from, so they don’t get angry. They just call me a four-year-old, and I glare, and we move on.

After that, I went back to Greg’s house to record my essay. It took three takes, but only because we weren’t sure how long the delay was before the tape would start recording. It kept picking up after I started reading. But we finally got it right, and he brought me home.

Yesterday, I was just too preoccupied to get online. I got an A in PreCal, which was a relief. I wasn’t expecting a B, but you never know. Ms. Comerford gave us our RP grades earlier this week, another A.

Presentations in geology were screwed up. Why would any teacher cause himself the stress of having a project due on the last day of the quarter? Mind you, this is knowing that people will be absent, that the projects all have to be presented in one class period, and that the projects have to be graded and grades submitted by noon the next day? That class annoys me already, but I’ve gotten better at not letting it get to me. Things are so stressful this year, I just deal with them as they happen.

I spent lunch in the Cyber Lab studying for my Adkins test. I was supposed to be tutoring, but Mr. Belanger’s door was locked, so I switched locations. Mykella was there doing something on the computer, but we were both busy, so I didn’t ask what. The test was pretty painless, and then we watched video projects.

Ms. Sim was busy with the end-of-quarter crunch, too, so we got to wander around. She drafted me to make the “happy scholar” smiley faces for students that got A’s in her class. Then we had a fire drill, and then I talked to Greg.

I got at least two compliments on my pumpkin earrings yesterday. That makes them worth wearing, ’cause they’re really heavy. And as I was walking out, Kevin (a junior from my Adkins class) told me that I made the Promised Land!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I got an A on my paper (93), just barely snagged an A in his class (90!), and I got an A on the test. It was a light test, only 90 points, no essay, but still. Three Adkins A’s in one day is cause for delight. And I was pretty delighted. I came home and spent the rest of the day reading magazines and watching tv and talking to Greg on the phone.

Today, I did my math homework and discussion points, and went over my college applications again. I have a lot of work to do, and not much time in which to get it all done. I want Mrs. Anderson to write a reccomendation letter for me, and I need to write a few (!!!) essays. Also, this weekend, I’m going to a party at Megan and Stephanie’s tomorrow afternoon, then to the movies with Greg. I still need to see what my mom’s plans are for Sunday, so that I can possibly shop for something to wear to Homecoming next Saturday. And I still don’t know what to do about Class Day. I kind of want to go, senior year and spirit and all. Greg, however, wants to go with Ian to see The Matrix Revolutions, since it comes out that day. I know Ian doesn’t really want me there. Relationshippiness and all, but it’s not my business, so I won’t say anything more. I have a few more days to decide.

Grr. I think I’m handling this time pretty well, considering the circumstances, but if life only gets harder after this, I’m in for some life.

Friday Five: Halloween, of course.

1. What was your first Halloween costume? I was only four months old on my first Halloween, so (according to my mom, mind you), I sat in my walker with a cowboy hat on, giving all the trick-or-treaters toothless baby smiles.

2. What was your best costume and why? I was just thinking about past costumes this morning. I always loved the fairy princess costume my grandmother made me, because it was so shiny and I got to have a wand and a crown. I think I won an award in preschool for my Indian princess costume, though. And my mermaid costume was cute….

3. Did you ever play a trick on someone who didn’t give you a treat? Nope. All the people I ran into had candy. I remember one house where the people weren’t home. They left a tray outside, trusting us to just take our share.

4. Do you have any Halloween traditions? (ie: Family pumpkin carving, special dinner before trick or treating, etc.) No. After I stopped going out, I sat outside and gave out candy, but that’s about it.

5. Share your favorite scary story…real or legend! Ooh, okay. A guy and his girlfriend are driving late at night in the woods when he runs out of gas. The guy goes to look for help, telling his girlfriend to stay in the car. “Don’t open the doors to anyone. You’ll know it’s me because I’ll knock three times.” So he leaves. The girl waits, and waits, and waits. Then she hears three knocks on the car, very slowly. She looks around, but she doesn’t see her boyfriend, so she continues to wait. The noise repeats. Knock, knock, knock. Still no boyfriend in sight. Later, three more knocks. The girl turns all the way around, peers through the back windshield of the car, sees her boyfriend hanging from a tree, and screams as the wind blows his body against the car, knock, knock, knock. Bwahaha. ;)


Ugh. That word/sound just about summarizes my feelings over the past few days.

Friday… Ms. Sim’s substitute was a young black guy. I only point that out because I believe there are three basic kinds of subs: (a) the sub that pretends to be a teacher, trying to change our assignment and such, (b) the sub that sits and reads, letting us talk as long as we work (which we’ll do), and (c) the sub that really doesn’t care and will let us do more than what we’re supposed to. This guy was type (c). That was fine with me, because it meant I had some much-needed relax time. I came home and started my homework in preparation for Sunday.

I spent my Saturday at the library, gathering books for the Adkins paper I forgot to do. The past few years have made me a vicious procrastinator, but this year, it’s more like, when I do the work that’s due tomorrow, and then add in some time for me (so I don’t go crazy… you think I’m overreacting; I think I’m on the edge), there’s zero time for the long-term things. Like my applications, my Canterbury tale allegory, RP Chapter 2, or something else I’m probably forgetting.

Anyway, I woke up late Saturday morning. I asked my mom for a ride to the library, and was seriously disappointed when I found out she was going shopping and she could drop me off on the way. I wanted to go shopping. Then, I wasn’t quite ready to go when she was (I take forever to get ready. She knows that. I’ve been this way for years. I deal with losing extra sleep so I have time, why can’t she?), so she snapped at me and told me to catch a ride with my dad later. I was hurt, but fine. Then, she came back and insisted I rush to get a ride with her, like I was supposed to in the first place. So she dropped me off, and I found the books I was looking for. I waited for my dad to pick me up, and went home to work on my paper for the rest of the day.

On Sunday, I said “screw this” to my schoolwork, because it’s really too much now. I went to FrightFest at Six Flags with Greg, his family (sans his dad, whom I met for the first time last week), and some of their friends. I had to get up early even though we left late. It started raining while we were there, and didn’t stop until Monday. Greg and I spent much quality time together. Especially when I practically broke his hands when he made me go in two haunted houses. I don’t like scary things; they scare me. We both know this (remember Freddy vs. Jason?). He made me go anyway. I screamed and held onto him for dear life. I mean, I can handle strobe lights and fog and fake severed limbs, but live actors scare the living daylights out of me. It’s no fun to be successfully ignoring the fright-faced girl (I think) right up on you until she goes “grr!” and makes you scream. In retrospect, they were actually kinda cool. Brutal Planet had incredible decorations, which were hard to appreciate as I was being petrified. Hall Manor was my first haunted house ever, so it scared me just as much. I rarely ever pull a Damsel in Distress, but I was definitely distressed.

Right before we left to come back, we all went on the flying carousel (you know, the spinny thing with the swings?) and got dragged through the rain and thoroughly soaked. That was the only ride I went on, and Greg loaned me one of his coats so I didn’t have to wear my drenched sweatshirt the whole time, so I didn’t get sick. His sister did, though. I was out late for a school night, and then up kinda late putting the finishing touches on my paper (15 pages — my longest ever), but it was worth it and I had a blast. I needed a break. I’m contemplating skipping Class Day during Spirit Week next week and going to see The Matrix Revolutions. Apparently Ian’s driving, and he’s not too keen on seeing Greg and me together, but I have to have a release from this hellacious year and I want to see it anyway.

Yesterday morning, it was raining. My hair was crap anyway from being recently washed and then rained on at Six Flags, and it became crap again during the course of the day. I was in a rush to get out the door, so I forgot to put up my umbrella and just went with a hood. I camped out in Mr. Belanger’s room during lunch because I knew it’d be open and I didn’t do my discussion points over the weekend. The random guys that spend fourth period there were getting on my nerves, but otherwise it was okay. I tried to take a fast nap during the break in Adkins, but then I felt someone playing with my hair. I said, “James,” knowing it was him. It had to be. He replied, “Dang, what, do you have a sixth sense or something?” I said, “Do you really want to know? Ignorance is bliss.” He said no and left me alone. In other yesterday notes: Listening to Shakespeare spoken quickly with British accents is difficult, goldfish crackers on peanut butter on an apple just looks questionable, and reruns are not always evil.

Oh! And Danelle was in DC yesterday when she ran into some war protesters. They threw “money” into the air, so of course she grabbed some. It was actually propaganda designed to look like an oversized bill. The details on this thing are incredible. If I had a scanner, I’d post it online so you can see. For example, the serial number is 09112001, the portrait is of a stupid-looking Bush the Younger, and the ghost portraits are Cheney and Rumsfeld. These protesters apparently blame Bush, Cheney, and all the oil companies for September 11. It’s definitely propaganda, but it’s incredible.

Today, we had a cumulative math test. Ugh. There are at least three problems that confused the hell out of me, but I think I did the extra credit one right. I’m not sure how she weights the grades, but if I got at least a 64 (I hope it’s higher than that!), my tests will average out to an A, since I did so well on the other four. Unless this one gets weighted heavier, in which case I could be in danger. Grr.

In RP, Ms. Comerford wasn’t pleased with the scores on the annotated bibliographies, so anyone who got less than a B had to be retaught. The rest of us (me included) were sent to the library to do research for Chapter 2. We had to print at least a page of something to prove that we were on task (at least until we found that one thing). Since my paper was on the top of the stack, I was drafted to bring the printouts back to her. That would usually be fine with me, since I have Geology after RP, and Mr. Witko is next door to Ms. Comerford. But of course we were in the computer lab for Geology today, which is right near the library. I had to collect the printouts, take them all the way back to Ms. Comerford, pass Mr. Witko (who reminded me that I was headed the wrong direction… grr), get her attention long enough to hand her the stack, and go all the way back to the computer lab, where I found my group’s set of computers and promptly collapsed. I needed a minute to recuperate from that mini-marathon. I used my time quite efficiently, making about 11 of 15 required slides for the PowerPoint presentation on igneous rocks. Yay for relatively fast computers.

I went back to Mr. Belanger’s room, but this time for required tutoring. One guy asked me if I could tutor math (something about fractions), but he didn’t have anything to work on. If someone ever does show up, I’ll be glad to help them, but until they do, it’s “Hamlet” worksheets and studying for Adkins for me.

Ms. Sim returned two essays today, the AP prose question and the Voice of Democracy. I got a 5/6 on my AP essay; apparently I could have gotten a 7 if I’d been more insightful and caught the irony. In my defense, that was my first Lit essay, and I’m drained this year. Insight? Ha. Coherence is all I can promise. I got a 25 on my VoD essay, though, so I will see if I can make it more specific for recording tomorrow.

Which brings me back to now. I almost gave up on my math homework, but it’s just homework. I did enough to get credit for the problems. So now I have to tweak my VoD essay, write captions for the Renaissance Festival album, maybe work on my Geology presentation, and eventually go to bed. Also, my driving test is scheduled now for late November. That’s still a while away, but I can deal. At least there’s a date now; I’m that much closer.

College application essays are evil. That is all.


I hate this. I know, I keep saying that. This year is negatively changing my life. I stayed up late last night doing homework. Yeah, I spent an hour watching ER, but I love that show. Holding onto little bits of habit help keep me grounded. That and Greg. He helps a lot, too.

Yesterday in RP, Ms. Comerford asked me where I want to go to school. I usually hate those conversations, but it was painless. I mentioned a few, and that I’m undecided. She asked “What about your boyfriend?”, which caught me off guard. Greg walks me to that class, so she assumed correctly, but still.

If I did well on the pop quiz from Thursday and my project (which is looking iffy), I may actually get an A in Adkins. It’ll be a low A, ’cause I have an 89 now, but an A is an A. There are no numbers on transcripts.

I tried to call the automated appointment system for MVA, but it didn’t work right, so my mom called today. They have it set up wrong. Apparently, the first convenient day for my test is in late November, which is not wonderful, but still good. I can handle driving now, and my parking is getting better. We shall see.

I got my pictures in the mail yesterday. Not the proofs, the actual copies. They look okay. My mom put them all away (for invitations and distributing to the relatives that ordered them), but I’ll go reclaim them soon for trading.

I still have a lot to do. It never goes away. I have so much daily work to do that I tend to forget the long-term stuff (English and History papers, RP chapters) until it’s down to the wire. I don’t have a lot of Lindsay time anymore. I haven’t even looked at the last chapter Sims sent me. I’ve been busy since mid-August, and I fear that I will still be busy into April and May. If the stress doesn’t break me first.

Oh, and Rajni: I totally agree with you about Justin B., Mr. Adkins only mentioned you in passing and had nothing but good things to say, and how did you live through this last year?

And to top it off, a sign that I’m not alone: the Friday Five is absent this week.

If you’re a religious person, please pray for me. If not, I could use some hope. I might not make it otherwise.


Today was the second day ever in which I have purposely not gone to school. The first was the “last” day of school last year. In both cases, my parents knew, and I didn’t miss anything because there wasn’t anything to miss. (At least this time, I hope not.) Last time, I spent the day finishing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix because Mom wouldn’t let me go out. It was school or home. I picked home. Home has air conditioning. No Greg, but cool air to ward off complete misery.

So anyway, I woke up, took a shower, kicked the rugrats out — I mean, told them when it was time to leave for the bus, and made lunch while I finished getting ready. Greg was early due to zero traffic and favorable stoplights, even though he drove the speed limit. (Which makes me wonder, does he usually speed?) He waited patiently, as far as I could tell, and we left.

We went to picnic at Fort Washington. It was way too windy out there. My hair just wilted like it’s never wilted before. The fort is still closed for renovations, so we sat near the lighthouse and then on the “beach” while we ate and talked. I had fun, especially knowing what my other option was: being bored to tears for hours at school. I think I made the right choice. I hope I made the right choice. Ms. O’Neal, please don’t have taught today. Or if you did, let it be something that won’t be too hard to make up.

I watched tv and napped when I got home until the rugrats came back. Courtney looked into my window (which is near the ground, right next to the porch, easily accessible by anyone outside), saw me asleep, and apparently thought it would be funny to wake me up by knocking on the screen. I was frightened awake by that brat, who then told me not to get up. She has a key and was perfectly capable of using it without bothering me. But no, that’d have been too considerate. I can’t stand her sometimes.

I watched more tv while I filled in as many blanks as I could on my UMBC application, then did the short answer questions for UMD. I was fairly productive. I should have researched my Adkins report, or redone my bibliography for RP (which I may end up doing anyway in a few minutes), but I wanted my day. My “I will not let school rip me apart again today” day. I think I got it. Who knows when I’ll get another.


I nearly forgot my math test this morning, but last-minute cramming of formulas may have actually worked. I’m really not sure if Ms. O’Neal plans to teach tomorrow, but from what I remember, mass testing days like those are always screwed up. She’d only have five or six students left after everyone is dispersed anyway, and she’d be relocated since her room’s on the third floor. I already got permission from my parents to skip the day, and I have plans with Greg. Please, Lord, don’t let this backfire on me. I’m having a terrible year as is, and I could use one day with less pressure. Just let me have this one day.

I got that Adkins test back today. I was two points shy of an A. Two points! One more multiple-choice, or the trivial bonus question would have done it. That test also boosted my grade to an 89. I’d almost rather have a solid B. At this point, I know the next quiz and my project (probably) will make or break this grade for me. I can taste the accomplishment lingering just out of reach. One of the guys from my math class asked me during the break in Adkins about the test, and apparently he’s not picking it up. That’s strange, considering he’s the only one that made it to the promised land this time (I think that’s him); Arelis got knocked out.

It was nice being home today, once I got the approval from Mom to “skip school” tomorrow. I explained the situation to her, and she was fine with it. Fifty points for her. I won’t be able to sleep in tomorrow, but a day off is a day off, no matter how you spin it.

I want a new dress for Homecoming. I just don’t know where to look. This is probably going to take efforts that could be better used learning to parallel park, or crafting a killer college essay.

Priorities suck.


Today was… a day. I got up later than I intended, which meant that I got back to work later than I intended. Dad took Ryan to CCD at the crack of dawn (okay, like, 7:30), and then went to the commissary without mentioning it to anyone. Namely, me. I needed stuff from the commissary. I mean, he did bring my body wash, but I haven’t even started using the bottle he brought me last time. There was no list or anything. I realize that this is a petty thing to be upset over, but a little consideration would have been helpful. I hate running out of things.

I wrote my essay for the Voice of Democracy contest. It’s not really good. And it’s on the long side, about half a page longer than she requested. I may see if I can whittle it down later. I write long sentences. It feels weird to look at the readability statistics and see an average of 14 words per sentence, but only 5 letters per word.

I talked to Greg briefly today. Lots of friction and tension. Not good. I hate conversations like that. Runaway Jury was good last night. It’s Oscar season; I reminded Greg of that when he thumbs-downed the trailers. There was lots of suspense and deceit and foul play. Like I expected, it wasn’t really my kind of movie, but then again, neither was School of Rock. We went early this time, which was unusual but welcome. It was a good date.

My mom’s back from California. She brought me this nifty candle. It’s in a glass triangular container, vanilla-scented, and the “wax” is that cool gel stuff. And inside, there’s sand with blue streaks through it and a little starfish and a bunch of shells. It’s pretty. Even prettier because I didn’t ask her to bring me anything. We went to IHOP went they all came home. I guess my lack of enthusiasm at seeing her again was pretty obvious. She assumed my terseness was because I remembered her “fussing” at me before she left. I think she was right. The thing is, she then proceeded to “fuss” about the same thing, right there in the car. Why bother acknowledging that you did something unfavorable and its effects if you’re just going to do it again? It makes no sense. I did warm up a little while we ate, mostly because our obviously new waitress was warm to us. And the food was good. Yay for yummy pancakes.

I should get back to work now. I still have to finish my annotated bibliography and see what I can do about my VoD essay, and American Dreams is on at 8. And I need to talk to Greg again before I go to bed. I hate letting storm clouds just hang there. It’s very depressing. And there’s already a bunch of schoolwork clouds and college clouds (those are the grayest).

How long until graduation again?


My mouse is spastic. (That’s my word du jour, “spastic.”) I am having a decent hair day. I still have a heap of stuff to do, including an essay for the Voice of Democracy contest. I resent being forced to enter. I’m a senior living like a junior, so I really don’t think I can handle all of this. I’ve got so much stuff to do, it’s not even funny. I find myself putting aside the things I have to do for the things I have to do. (I think I just almost-quoted myself.)

Greg and I are going to see Runaway Jury tonight. I’m not especially keen on it. The only court show I ever watched was Ally McBeal, and I always like the non-courtroom scenes better. It’s technically his turn to pick, though, so I will be quiet.

I have basically nothing else to say, which is a sign that I should quit procrastinating because “I have to blog” and get to work. So I will.

Oh, wait. I didn’t blog yesterday (’cause I was trying to work – yay me). ::slaps forehead:: No wonder there were no F5 questions — it was only Thurdsay. I am such a ditz sometimes. (Greg, be quiet.)

So, the recycled Friday Five, a day late: Five Things.

1. Name five things in your refrigerator. Eggs, cheese, leftover macaroni, water, and red Kool-Aid.

2. Name five things in your freezer. Hot Pockets, Eggo Waffles, various meat and poultry, ice, and French toast.

3. Name five things under your kitchen sink. Trash bags, Resolve, large shopping bags for carrying odd things, Pledge, and whatever brand of dishwashing detergent we’re currently using.

4. Name five things around your computer. Me (hehe), assorted CDs, floppy disks, the mini speakers, and the printer.

5. Name five things in your medicine cabinet. I have a big free-standing cabinet that I use instead of my medicine cabinet. Three kinds of lotion (I have a thing for moisturizing, okay?), facial cleansers, conditioner, towels, and Scrubbing Bubbles.

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