Today was… a day. I got up later than I intended, which meant that I got back to work later than I intended. Dad took Ryan to CCD at the crack of dawn (okay, like, 7:30), and then went to the commissary without mentioning it to anyone. Namely, me. I needed stuff from the commissary. I mean, he did bring my body wash, but I haven’t even started using the bottle he brought me last time. There was no list or anything. I realize that this is a petty thing to be upset over, but a little consideration would have been helpful. I hate running out of things.

I wrote my essay for the Voice of Democracy contest. It’s not really good. And it’s on the long side, about half a page longer than she requested. I may see if I can whittle it down later. I write long sentences. It feels weird to look at the readability statistics and see an average of 14 words per sentence, but only 5 letters per word.

I talked to Greg briefly today. Lots of friction and tension. Not good. I hate conversations like that. Runaway Jury was good last night. It’s Oscar season; I reminded Greg of that when he thumbs-downed the trailers. There was lots of suspense and deceit and foul play. Like I expected, it wasn’t really my kind of movie, but then again, neither was School of Rock. We went early this time, which was unusual but welcome. It was a good date.

My mom’s back from California. She brought me this nifty candle. It’s in a glass triangular container, vanilla-scented, and the “wax” is that cool gel stuff. And inside, there’s sand with blue streaks through it and a little starfish and a bunch of shells. It’s pretty. Even prettier because I didn’t ask her to bring me anything. We went to IHOP went they all came home. I guess my lack of enthusiasm at seeing her again was pretty obvious. She assumed my terseness was because I remembered her “fussing” at me before she left. I think she was right. The thing is, she then proceeded to “fuss” about the same thing, right there in the car. Why bother acknowledging that you did something unfavorable and its effects if you’re just going to do it again? It makes no sense. I did warm up a little while we ate, mostly because our obviously new waitress was warm to us. And the food was good. Yay for yummy pancakes.

I should get back to work now. I still have to finish my annotated bibliography and see what I can do about my VoD essay, and American Dreams is on at 8. And I need to talk to Greg again before I go to bed. I hate letting storm clouds just hang there. It’s very depressing. And there’s already a bunch of schoolwork clouds and college clouds (those are the grayest).

How long until graduation again?

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