I nearly forgot my math test this morning, but last-minute cramming of formulas may have actually worked. I’m really not sure if Ms. O’Neal plans to teach tomorrow, but from what I remember, mass testing days like those are always screwed up. She’d only have five or six students left after everyone is dispersed anyway, and she’d be relocated since her room’s on the third floor. I already got permission from my parents to skip the day, and I have plans with Greg. Please, Lord, don’t let this backfire on me. I’m having a terrible year as is, and I could use one day with less pressure. Just let me have this one day.

I got that Adkins test back today. I was two points shy of an A. Two points! One more multiple-choice, or the trivial bonus question would have done it. That test also boosted my grade to an 89. I’d almost rather have a solid B. At this point, I know the next quiz and my project (probably) will make or break this grade for me. I can taste the accomplishment lingering just out of reach. One of the guys from my math class asked me during the break in Adkins about the test, and apparently he’s not picking it up. That’s strange, considering he’s the only one that made it to the promised land this time (I think that’s him); Arelis got knocked out.

It was nice being home today, once I got the approval from Mom to “skip school” tomorrow. I explained the situation to her, and she was fine with it. Fifty points for her. I won’t be able to sleep in tomorrow, but a day off is a day off, no matter how you spin it.

I want a new dress for Homecoming. I just don’t know where to look. This is probably going to take efforts that could be better used learning to parallel park, or crafting a killer college essay.

Priorities suck.

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