I hate this. I know, I keep saying that. This year is negatively changing my life. I stayed up late last night doing homework. Yeah, I spent an hour watching ER, but I love that show. Holding onto little bits of habit help keep me grounded. That and Greg. He helps a lot, too.

Yesterday in RP, Ms. Comerford asked me where I want to go to school. I usually hate those conversations, but it was painless. I mentioned a few, and that I’m undecided. She asked “What about your boyfriend?”, which caught me off guard. Greg walks me to that class, so she assumed correctly, but still.

If I did well on the pop quiz from Thursday and my project (which is looking iffy), I may actually get an A in Adkins. It’ll be a low A, ’cause I have an 89 now, but an A is an A. There are no numbers on transcripts.

I tried to call the automated appointment system for MVA, but it didn’t work right, so my mom called today. They have it set up wrong. Apparently, the first convenient day for my test is in late November, which is not wonderful, but still good. I can handle driving now, and my parking is getting better. We shall see.

I got my pictures in the mail yesterday. Not the proofs, the actual copies. They look okay. My mom put them all away (for invitations and distributing to the relatives that ordered them), but I’ll go reclaim them soon for trading.

I still have a lot to do. It never goes away. I have so much daily work to do that I tend to forget the long-term stuff (English and History papers, RP chapters) until it’s down to the wire. I don’t have a lot of Lindsay time anymore. I haven’t even looked at the last chapter Sims sent me. I’ve been busy since mid-August, and I fear that I will still be busy into April and May. If the stress doesn’t break me first.

Oh, and Rajni: I totally agree with you about Justin B., Mr. Adkins only mentioned you in passing and had nothing but good things to say, and how did you live through this last year?

And to top it off, a sign that I’m not alone: the Friday Five is absent this week.

If you’re a religious person, please pray for me. If not, I could use some hope. I might not make it otherwise.

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