Ugh. That word/sound just about summarizes my feelings over the past few days.

Friday… Ms. Sim’s substitute was a young black guy. I only point that out because I believe there are three basic kinds of subs: (a) the sub that pretends to be a teacher, trying to change our assignment and such, (b) the sub that sits and reads, letting us talk as long as we work (which we’ll do), and (c) the sub that really doesn’t care and will let us do more than what we’re supposed to. This guy was type (c). That was fine with me, because it meant I had some much-needed relax time. I came home and started my homework in preparation for Sunday.

I spent my Saturday at the library, gathering books for the Adkins paper I forgot to do. The past few years have made me a vicious procrastinator, but this year, it’s more like, when I do the work that’s due tomorrow, and then add in some time for me (so I don’t go crazy… you think I’m overreacting; I think I’m on the edge), there’s zero time for the long-term things. Like my applications, my Canterbury tale allegory, RP Chapter 2, or something else I’m probably forgetting.

Anyway, I woke up late Saturday morning. I asked my mom for a ride to the library, and was seriously disappointed when I found out she was going shopping and she could drop me off on the way. I wanted to go shopping. Then, I wasn’t quite ready to go when she was (I take forever to get ready. She knows that. I’ve been this way for years. I deal with losing extra sleep so I have time, why can’t she?), so she snapped at me and told me to catch a ride with my dad later. I was hurt, but fine. Then, she came back and insisted I rush to get a ride with her, like I was supposed to in the first place. So she dropped me off, and I found the books I was looking for. I waited for my dad to pick me up, and went home to work on my paper for the rest of the day.

On Sunday, I said “screw this” to my schoolwork, because it’s really too much now. I went to FrightFest at Six Flags with Greg, his family (sans his dad, whom I met for the first time last week), and some of their friends. I had to get up early even though we left late. It started raining while we were there, and didn’t stop until Monday. Greg and I spent much quality time together. Especially when I practically broke his hands when he made me go in two haunted houses. I don’t like scary things; they scare me. We both know this (remember Freddy vs. Jason?). He made me go anyway. I screamed and held onto him for dear life. I mean, I can handle strobe lights and fog and fake severed limbs, but live actors scare the living daylights out of me. It’s no fun to be successfully ignoring the fright-faced girl (I think) right up on you until she goes “grr!” and makes you scream. In retrospect, they were actually kinda cool. Brutal Planet had incredible decorations, which were hard to appreciate as I was being petrified. Hall Manor was my first haunted house ever, so it scared me just as much. I rarely ever pull a Damsel in Distress, but I was definitely distressed.

Right before we left to come back, we all went on the flying carousel (you know, the spinny thing with the swings?) and got dragged through the rain and thoroughly soaked. That was the only ride I went on, and Greg loaned me one of his coats so I didn’t have to wear my drenched sweatshirt the whole time, so I didn’t get sick. His sister did, though. I was out late for a school night, and then up kinda late putting the finishing touches on my paper (15 pages — my longest ever), but it was worth it and I had a blast. I needed a break. I’m contemplating skipping Class Day during Spirit Week next week and going to see The Matrix Revolutions. Apparently Ian’s driving, and he’s not too keen on seeing Greg and me together, but I have to have a release from this hellacious year and I want to see it anyway.

Yesterday morning, it was raining. My hair was crap anyway from being recently washed and then rained on at Six Flags, and it became crap again during the course of the day. I was in a rush to get out the door, so I forgot to put up my umbrella and just went with a hood. I camped out in Mr. Belanger’s room during lunch because I knew it’d be open and I didn’t do my discussion points over the weekend. The random guys that spend fourth period there were getting on my nerves, but otherwise it was okay. I tried to take a fast nap during the break in Adkins, but then I felt someone playing with my hair. I said, “James,” knowing it was him. It had to be. He replied, “Dang, what, do you have a sixth sense or something?” I said, “Do you really want to know? Ignorance is bliss.” He said no and left me alone. In other yesterday notes: Listening to Shakespeare spoken quickly with British accents is difficult, goldfish crackers on peanut butter on an apple just looks questionable, and reruns are not always evil.

Oh! And Danelle was in DC yesterday when she ran into some war protesters. They threw “money” into the air, so of course she grabbed some. It was actually propaganda designed to look like an oversized bill. The details on this thing are incredible. If I had a scanner, I’d post it online so you can see. For example, the serial number is 09112001, the portrait is of a stupid-looking Bush the Younger, and the ghost portraits are Cheney and Rumsfeld. These protesters apparently blame Bush, Cheney, and all the oil companies for September 11. It’s definitely propaganda, but it’s incredible.

Today, we had a cumulative math test. Ugh. There are at least three problems that confused the hell out of me, but I think I did the extra credit one right. I’m not sure how she weights the grades, but if I got at least a 64 (I hope it’s higher than that!), my tests will average out to an A, since I did so well on the other four. Unless this one gets weighted heavier, in which case I could be in danger. Grr.

In RP, Ms. Comerford wasn’t pleased with the scores on the annotated bibliographies, so anyone who got less than a B had to be retaught. The rest of us (me included) were sent to the library to do research for Chapter 2. We had to print at least a page of something to prove that we were on task (at least until we found that one thing). Since my paper was on the top of the stack, I was drafted to bring the printouts back to her. That would usually be fine with me, since I have Geology after RP, and Mr. Witko is next door to Ms. Comerford. But of course we were in the computer lab for Geology today, which is right near the library. I had to collect the printouts, take them all the way back to Ms. Comerford, pass Mr. Witko (who reminded me that I was headed the wrong direction… grr), get her attention long enough to hand her the stack, and go all the way back to the computer lab, where I found my group’s set of computers and promptly collapsed. I needed a minute to recuperate from that mini-marathon. I used my time quite efficiently, making about 11 of 15 required slides for the PowerPoint presentation on igneous rocks. Yay for relatively fast computers.

I went back to Mr. Belanger’s room, but this time for required tutoring. One guy asked me if I could tutor math (something about fractions), but he didn’t have anything to work on. If someone ever does show up, I’ll be glad to help them, but until they do, it’s “Hamlet” worksheets and studying for Adkins for me.

Ms. Sim returned two essays today, the AP prose question and the Voice of Democracy. I got a 5/6 on my AP essay; apparently I could have gotten a 7 if I’d been more insightful and caught the irony. In my defense, that was my first Lit essay, and I’m drained this year. Insight? Ha. Coherence is all I can promise. I got a 25 on my VoD essay, though, so I will see if I can make it more specific for recording tomorrow.

Which brings me back to now. I almost gave up on my math homework, but it’s just homework. I did enough to get credit for the problems. So now I have to tweak my VoD essay, write captions for the Renaissance Festival album, maybe work on my Geology presentation, and eventually go to bed. Also, my driving test is scheduled now for late November. That’s still a while away, but I can deal. At least there’s a date now; I’m that much closer.

College application essays are evil. That is all.

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