I had a lovely, leisurely Saturday. I did some homework and watched tv and was almost stress-free. God, I miss that feeling. Finding Nemo was fabulous! I almost cried, but the rest of the time I was laughing and smiling. Part of it might have been from what I’ve heard about the movie, but the rest was a genuine reaction. That’s like The Little Mermaid for this generation. And it’s not nearly as girly.

I got up early this morning so my mom and I could practice parallel parking again. There were some students from the driving school already there, so we sat and watched until they left. Apparently, I was perfect the first try, but I don’t remember what I did, so that was useless. Then we went out to Waldorf, to Target and the mall. I drove. I actually came across another driving school car; it nearly moved into my lane. I panicked for a second, but recovered. That was weird.

I feel guilty, though, after all that shopping. I should be doing Christmas shopping now, but instead I got a bundle for me. I finally found the perfect jeans at Old Navy, and I had a $5 off coupon from my magazine to boot. I got some cute monogram earrings and some with purple butterflies in Afterthoughts. That is, after the obviously gay but very nice managers figured out how to run my giftcard through the register. I got an overpriced necklace from New York and Company to zero out a giftcard from… two years ago. Then I used my giftcard at Sam Goody for The Truman Show. The also very nice guy at Suncoast sent me across the mall for that one. He even pointed me in the right direction. No matter how often I go there, I always manage to go the opposite way I mean to. Oh, and I found this awesome deal on Bonne Bell lip gloss. It was like two for the price of half of one.

When we got back, I realized a simple mistake that might have been hampering my parallel parking this whole time, and I found out that I somehow know how to make a three- (or four-) point turn having only practiced once ever. I came in, ate, finished my homework, and generally relaxed.

I got two CD’s at Target, Mandy Moore’s Coverage and Switchfoot’s The Beautiful Letdown. I listened to Mandy’s earlier. There’s some good stuff on it, but I think it’s too mellow. I like my music uptempo and bass-y. No big deal, it only cost me about ten bucks. I knew they were supposed to be lowering CD prices, but I guess it’s actually been that long since I had new music.

I talked to Greg in Target, and I tried to text him from the mall, but Cingular kept insisting that his number doesn’t exist. I’ll try to catch him again later. … Especially since I’m going insane. I swear I just heard my cell phone ringing, but it didn’t. Help me.

Sigh. This weekend was good. I could use these more often. I miss having these weekends. I miss my old life, because I’m slowly realizing that this year is totally new. The good thing is that if I make it through this year, I can make it through anything.

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