Whoo. Lots of stuff to do and lack of time makes Lindsay’s catch-up entry devoid of detail.

Saturday: Shopping in Waldorf with Mom and the rugrats. I got presents for Greg and some friends. These two girls were fighting in the food court while we ate. I was relatively unfazed. After that bit with Jennifer B. last year, fights just don’t bother me. I just continue on with my business and try not to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sunday: Mom went out with the rugrats, and Dad was working at MCI all day. I drove (!) to Andrews to do a bit of shopping at the BX. There’s some stuff I can only find there, like the right color makeup (so many black people around here). Then Greg and I went back on base to go bowling. I lot the first game, but I’m not a good bowler, anyway. In the second game, I did horribly. I managed the incredible feat of six gutterballs in a row, putting me way behind Greg and making me rather upset. I know it’s just a game, but I’m not usually that bad at anything. I worked out of my rut and managed a strike in the tenth frame, but I didn’t get any pins with my third ball. Then, the amazing thing happened. Greg got, like, two pins with his first tenth-frame ball. Then I looked at the scoreboard and realized that, if he got another gutterball, I could win. He did. I won by one point. That, my friends, is why you keep an eye on your lead.

Monday: School. Bleh. Nothing noteworthy, seeing as I can’t remember it. Except that Ian used the f-word toward me during It’s Ac. I think I actually jumped, I was so startled. I just find it hard lately to tolerate that boy and his stupid 1430 flag. (That’s a metaphorical way of his flaunting his SAT score.)

Tuesday: I got to school early, prepared to do about five things before ten o’clock. I stopped by to reschedule my test with Mr. Adkins, confirmed that the NHS pizza sale I was supposed to help with was canceled, and went up to math class. I started the quiz, then left to go on a field trip. Mr. Witko sponsored a trip to Princeton Elementary to grade fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-grade science fair projects. It was okay. I judged one really good project, something about heat generated by light bulbs. I assume the parent helped a lot, since it was a fourth-grade project, but still. I saw at least two that were research projects with hypotheses and stretched data. They meant well, but a science project is, by definition an experiment or test.

No comment on my own science fair/ RP project.

We got back early, in time for AP US History, but I knew I had time to stay after anyway, and my math homework took forever, so I hadn’t had time to study. I camped out in Mr. Belanger’s room for two periods to study. He didn’t mind. Bonus points.

We had a game bell yesterday for girls’ basketball. I didn’t want to go, so I went to English. We had our sub yet again (five days!), so I looked on while Ian and Greg played Magic, then went down to Mr. T’s room and did most of the sub-work packet. After school, I took my Adkins test, which I felt quite good about. After my terrible performance on the last test, almost anything would be great. I was having a really bad day that time, though.

Which brings me back around to today. I finished my math quiz, and took part B of our statistics quiz in RP. We had a sub for Mr. Witko, but he left the outline quiz for us. I talked to the Herff Jones (?) reps at lunchtime — we’re ordering invitations, and caps and gowns and such from that company. As usual, the announcement was useless. We only needed to be measured and weighed if we were only ordering cap-and-gown. If we’re ordering other stuff (which I am), we just submit that with the order sheet. I only flipped through the catalog once, and we’re supposed to turn them in tomorrow, but we can mail it to the company or fax it within two weeks, so I have some time.

Adkins and English were eh. Ms. Sim finally came back, and greeted us with a pop test on the Arthur legends we read. No fair pulling text quotes from something we read a week ago, Ms. Sim! Then we had the rest of the class to ourselves. It’s Ac was fine. No expletives from Ian this time, though he and Greg did cut out to go buy cookies right after Mr. T insisted we start. He was kinda ticked off about that. No word yet about the Invitational.

Surge protectors are great fun. Our power keeps flickering tonight, so the other computer keeps restarting. As long as my alarm goes off in the morning, I’m good. But for it to go off, I need to set it, and to set it, I need to go to bed. So, goodnight.

One last thing: I jumped on the Quiz Your Friends bandwagon. Have at it.

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