I hit the snooze button once this morning, but I wasn’t as dead tired as I was last week, so it was okay. The rugrats may or may not have missed their bus this morning. I drop them off at the bus stop on my way to school. It’s no problem for me to give them a ride; the school is right along the road I take. I guess they like to take the bus. Anyway, there was no one at our stop this morning, so I took them on to school.

I got there a bit early, which is such a relief now after months of riding the perpetually late bus. I saw Rajni on the way in. I’m glad I nominated (or do they just pick winners from the nominations?) her for “Always Seen Smiling,” ’cause she is. It’s so hard to be depressed around Rajni — not that that’s a bad thing. On the contrary, it’s good.

The only thing I did of substance was in math class. I think I did well on the test, except for one problem I just couldn’t figure out. Maybe I tried to make it more complicated than it was. We had an “independent day” in RP, so I did my math homework, same as always, and talked to Danelle and Elizabeth. I started making up a quiz (from after the SAT video!) in Geology, but I only half finished because he had The Core on in the background. Leave it to Mr. Witko to find a vaguely geological movie to show. I mean, my Algebra II teacher once showed Remember the Titans. Good movie, but they only mentioned math once. I wasn’t complaining.

Hope showed me the cute purse she made for Mykella at lunch. Hope is so creative like that. She recycled Mykella’s own jeans for the pockets and lined it with pink gingham. If I hadn’t just gotten a new purse for my birthday, I’d ask her to make me one. I might do it anyway before we split up after graduation. (Oh my gosh, is that really in just six months? Holy.)

We watched Glory in AP US History. I’ve seen it before, but it was still good. Tomorrow, we play Trivial Pursuit. I was bad at that game the last time I looked at the cards, but then again, I was twelve. I predict that when Mr. Adkins is on our side (for half the game, to even things out ’cause Mr. Adkins is like an elephant… he never forgets. He’s only slightly gray ;)), we’re going to stomp the boys.

We analyzed some poetry with Ms. Sim: John Donne’s “Death, be not proud,” and Emily Dickinson’s “Because I could not stop for death.” We only half-paid attention, but she knew that. It’s pointless trying to teach this late in the year… though I wouldn’t put it past Ms. O’Neal tomorrow. We also spent the first period down the hall with Mr. Taylor, watching his AP English class do “Perimus and Thisby”, from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” my favorite Shakespeare play. Megan was the Prologue. She did well. I remember she had trouble memorizing The Bard before (from “Macbeth”), but her lines were flawless this time. Jorge was Perimus. Oh, Lord. He was hilarious. From the fake wig to the falsetto to those characteristic hairy guy legs peeking out from under his dress, he was perfect. I nearly died laughing. Everyone’s delivery was perfect.

After school, Greg came with me while I ran a few errands. I stopped by Mrs. Anderson for another recommendation. I swear I thought I was finished, but the people at UMBC told me to apply for the Meyerhoff Program even though the deadline has passed. And even though I’m not going to be a science, engineering, or math major. I wrestled with my choices, but I decided to apply undecided. (That’s an oxymoron to beat all.) I know that may hurt my chances for admission… but maybe not. I’m flexible. I’m not likely to be bent towards all those concrete things (like math and science), but I’m open to everything from history to anthropology (is that a real science?) to business.

What was I saying? Oh. I love Mrs. Anderson. She’s so easygoing. I find that older people are generally nicer. I figure, they’ve been around long enough to know what battles to fight, and a lot about the way the world and people are. That must come in handy. Anyway, she wrote lovely things about me on my recommendation form. I should see if I can copy that in the library tomorrow. Though Ms. Jefferson gets anal about her library. I walked in there once to look for my umbrella, and she ran me out because I was snacking on Goldfish at the time.

I made some tea when I got home. I have a killer sore throat. It hurts to move it at all, even when I laugh or smile. Not that the pain has stopped me from doing either of those things, mind you. And my dad had a hankering for Chinese food, so I had that for the second time in as many days. I’ll tell you, Chinese people make pretty good American food. I’m easy to please, though — as long as there are no vegetables. What some people call “bland,” I call “good.”

A belated congratulations to Megan (and Stephanie, I think — I’m so sorry for forgetting, but my mind has been busy lately) for her acceptance to Frostburg State University! It really is comforting getting that first “thick” envelope. (For the record, my Penn State letter was big, thick, and said “Congratulations!” on the front. No mystery to speak of.)

About my senior pictures: I’ve had them since, like, September. I don’t like them very much, but I’m warming up to them. I tend to dislike all pictures of myself. They turned out okay, except I don’t like my hair much. Since I’m not really fond of them, and my mom paid for them anyway, I’m letting her hold onto them until invitation time. Then I suppose I’ll get the rest. (Seeing as most of my relatives are the people we’ll invite, and they’ve already got larger-size pictures, there should be plenty for me.) If not, I’ll eventually convince her that most people don’t care if their pictures will go all wonky in five years, if they have them that long. Color reproductions at CVS are fine. And there’s always scanners. Pixels don’t fade.

And now that I have given all my lovely readers the traditional eye strain, I will stop and let you recover.

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