A belated Merry Christmas to all.

The rugrats were tame this year, so we started in on the presents at about 7am. We had to distribute everything first, which took a while, and then we kids attacked the piles while our parents watched. They always open theirs last. As usual, the rugrats’ piles were bigger than mine, but I had a mysterious large box. My dad kept misunderstanding some of the rugrats’ presents. (I guess you had to be there.) I got everything I asked for, and some I didn’t, like this nifty DVD/VCR dual player. I think that’s the most useful piece of technology there is, because you can watch new stuff on DVD without giving up the old stuff. And I’d asked for a bunch of movies, so it worked out nicely.

Eventually, we all got dressed and went out to my grandma’s house for dinner. My grandma’s the kind of person who doesn’t mind who shows up at her house. I swear, every time we go there for an occasion, someone drops by that I’ve never seen before. And at least two of my cousins are always around. My first cousin, Labrons, has this issue with having kids. He has five, I think. Cansais (pronounced like “Kansas”) and Cannada are great. They’re cute, but moreover, they’re good. Labrons, Jr. and Tayvonne are bad. They managed to break a few of their Christmas presents, turn off the lights so they could try out flashlights, play with a CD that wasn’t theirs, and open presents that weren’t theirs. There’s something wrong with a child that will go into a bag of presents and open one at random after being specifically told not to. The house was too noisy for me to read, so I sat around and ate, and watched part of We’re Back with my family. They laughed at me because I knew the words to the songs. It’s a cute movie!

We came home early for a trip to grandma’s house, around 7:00. I started playing Payday with the rugrats, but they lost interest when we watched Pirates of the Caribbean — one of my presents. Great movie. So many facets of entertainment: action, romance, comedy, a little spookiness with the undead pirates and all.

And now that Christmas is over, I have work to do. Ugh. But I suppose the sooner I start on it, the sooner it’ll be done and I can go back to doing nothing. Doing nothing is great fun, especially after all the stress I’ve had lately. (Oh, and Mykella, thank you for the lovely card. Your pictures look great!)

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