I set my alarm for 9am, in anticipation of my grandfather calling. I decided that, if he was going to call, I’d hear it, so I went back to sleep. Not the best idea. I had a very unpleasant dream (with the predictable school-related elements) that actually made me cry. That’s never happened before. Dream!Me cried, and then RealAndConscious!Me was crying, too. Then I realized I was crying, and managed to snap out of the dream and drag myself out of bed.

My grandfather never called, but Greg did. We talked, but he was watching the extended edition of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, so he was only half-listening. But that was okay because I was going through old CosmoGirl!‘s at the same time, and then I left to eat lunch. He asked me to call him back, and I did, but he was shopping (he’s not feeling well today), so he said he’d call me back. (Modified telephone tag?) He never did, but that’s okay because I had other things to do, and he’s at work now (I presume).

I brainstormed for my latest AP Lit essay contest, but I don’t think I came up with anything significant. At least it’s a start. It took forever, but mostly because I’ve had great trouble being focused lately. For instance, I heard a car start outside, and it sounded familiar, so I stood up to look out the window. Imagine my surprise when I saw my 6’5″, sixty-something grandfather backing my car into the driveway! See, he was supposed to call me this morning. My car needs a part so it can pass the state emissions test (second try), and he ordered it for me, but it needs installing. My mom said he’d call to (a) tell me to bring the car down there, so the part could be installed while I wait, then follow me back down to the VEIP for the second test, or (b) tell me to do all that tomorrow. (Haven’t you always (or at least occasionally wondered what those “VEIP” signs mean? It’s Verified Emissions Inspection Point. Now you know.) So I was quite confused as I watched him lay down in the driveway to look under the car. I don’t know what he was doing, whether or not he actually did anything, or why he still has a key to my car, but since the car’s still out there in its spot, I’m good.

Ooh! Mykella is back, at her very own domain. That’s a neat gift. Lovely layout, as usual. Great “girl” section, too. I’ve been meaning to redo mine, with something significant, but my lack of focus and penchant to lie around isn’t helping. Great to have her back. Oh, and I forgot to mention in my comment: Sticky caps annoy me, too. FictionAlley built a habit of writing everything out, neatly, and I still do. Even in instant messages. (To anyone that follows that link: Is it just me, or do the female characters look decidedly male?)

Speaking of The Two Towers (I know, I’m late), The Return of the King was an excellent movie. I like muted colors in movies, especially in this trilogy. [SPOILERS] At one point, I totally forgot the name of Minas Tirith (one of the castles). I was honestly sitting in the theater, thinking, “M… M-something. It’s two words….” I get confused with the names a lot. I finally managed to tell Merry from Pippin, greatly assisted by them not being together all the time in this movie. The ghost warriors were cool. Shelob is evil and creepy and bad. I hid in Greg’s shoulder for most of the first scene, and ducked back when she showed up again. Why, why, why are giant spiders so common? I’m sure the special effects aspect was great, but had I watched, I’m also sure I would have been too terrified to fully appreciate it. Even seeing Frodo wrapped in web-goo made me shiver. I was distracted that the picture faded out about six times. The “fade to black” (or white, as the case may be) usually means the movie’s over, but you can never be sure until you see the director’s name. Overall, great movie. I may even be convinced to read the books… eventually.

Does anyone else ever have that weird Internet Explorer thing where, when you push the Tab key, it switches windows? How do I make that stop?

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