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Oh, it feels good to be online again. ::hugs Internet:: Sure, my computer went wonky the first time I got on, but it looks okay now. I really dislike this computer, but it’s the better of the two we have, so I can live with it. Now for the catch-up, which is becoming a frighteningly regular occurrence lately.

Monday: Hmm. I know I did some stuff. I spent my entire evening working on my college applications, once my regular homework was done. I had four to finish, and I took the bad road and wrote an essay or two while very tired. I did, however, come up with one really great essay. I don’t mean to sound conceited. The first draft wasn’t specific enough, so I revised it. After all, the essay is a way of getting to know me as a person instead of credentials, so I wanted to make sure it said what I wanted in a way that sounded like me. I think I used that same essay for three schools. :x Copying and pasting is really all I was up for. I stumbled into bed at 1:30 am, knowing full well I’d be a zombie the next day.

Tuesday: I was a zombie. Being half-asleep is not good for classes. After school was the Camelot trip. I sold pizza after school for NHS, then went around to the bus. Ms. O’Neal, her daughter, and some guy whom I assume was her daughter’s boyfriend helped chaperone with Ms. Sim and Mr. Bley. I watched the sunset on the way there and talked to Ian and Greg, and Rajni for a bit. I still dislike Ian, and he dislikes me, and we know we dislike each other, but he’s tolerable. And we’re both close to Greg, so we’re civil for his sake.

We went to Philip’s Flagship to eat before the play. It’s an upscale seafood restaurant, so in addition to be underdressed, I was surrounded by a fishy smell for about an hour. (I know Ms. Sim told us how to dress, but in my rush and fatigue, it just didn’t click.) Greg and I shared a table with Ian and Jonathan, from our English class (of course). I had chicken. Yes, chicken at a seafood restaurant. It was pretty good. Our waiter spilled soda on Greg, and we were one of the last groups out, but I enjoyed it.

We walked down the street to Arena Stage after dinner. Ms. O’Neal hung back with us at first, but then she moved farther up with the other adults. I think it was our conversation that ran her away. Not that we were talking about anything bad, but still. The stage was much smaller than I expected. I understand the name now; the stage is in the middle of the room, with the seats rising around it, like an arena. I actually thought that helped. In a regular play, you can’t look over the people in front of you as easily, and the actors can’t move around as much because they can’t have their backs to the audience. The play itself was fabulous. I’ve seen Camelot before, but it was a school play back in Germany. Lancelot’s accent was too thick to be real, but Guenevere’s fake Irish accent sounded nice. The set was beautiful, the music was lovely, and the length didn’t bother me. I did notice, however, that Camelot changed a bit. There were exactly two black people and two Asians in the whole play: the knights and ladies from Africa and Japan (China, maybe?). I understand being racially diverse, especially in DC, but I wouldn’t have minded if there were only white knights in Camelot. If I’m not mistaken, that’s how it is in the legends.

We got back to the school around 11:00. I drove home, trying desperately not to fall asleep. I turned the heat off to help keep me awake. I (obviously) made it home in one piece, then proceeded to work on my RP paper until 1:30 — another late night. I felt no better knowing that I’d have to get up early.

Wednesday: NHS meeting in the morning. I nearly forgot my gift. We donated presents to families in need that signed up at Damitra’s church. I actually had to let Mom buy my gift because I didn’t have a chance to get it myself. I was even more tired that day because I’d lost sleep two nights in a row. Somehow, I managed to make it through the day and our last It’s Ac before the break.

Thursday: We had our NHS Christmas party after school. I made peanut butter cookies Wednesday night, after I came back from taking Courtney to basketball practice at the Youth Center. They had the Santa Pajama Party that night, so there were a million kids. I read. The NHS party was okay. I listened to people I won’t name talk about other people I won’t name. It makes me wonder, if I knew these people better, would they talk badly about me, too? Do people already? What do they say?

And now we’re back to today. I took the rugrats to school early; Courtney had a field trip. Math class was fine, test on Monday. I talked to Danelle, Jackie, and Craig in RP. Mr. Witko left our test (if you can call an open-book, open-notes test a real test) with the sub. I think I did well on my Adkins test. I’m hoping for the Promised Land again. This was the Civil War, though, so I may have left out a battle or two in my essay. I tried to get my multiple-choice score after school, but he wasn’t in his room. I read some Hamlet after the test. Still, I may only have a mediocre score on the test. Some of those vocabulary and text quote questions threw me. At least we’re through with that play now — finally. And of course, Ms. Sim can’t let us enjoy the break. We have three chapters of James Weldon Johnson’s Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man to read, a contest essay to write, and a Hamlet project to work on. Sigh.

I came home fully prepared to crash. I watched tv instead: TRL and Driven: Jessica Simpson. They admitted that she looks dumb on Newlyweds, but I guess everyone does dumb things when their guard is down like that. When I came out of my room, the house was dark. Dad’s at MCI tonight, so I guess Mom took the rugrats somewhere. If they went to Waldorf, I will be seriously upset. I have important last-minute Christmas shopping to do, and I’m nervous about driving out there by myself.

I’m tired, and I have many online things to catch up on. One more math test and a scholarship application, and then I’m good for the break. I can’t wait to relax.

Friday Five: Five Favorites.

1. List your five favorite beverages. Water, Sprite, chocolate milk, orange juice, and A&W Root Beer.

2. List your five favorite websites. Blogger, Yahoo!Mail, The Leaky Cauldron, LiveJournal, and the Hunger Site ring.

3. List your five favorite snack foods. Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers, Teddy Grahams, any kind of chips, pretzels, and string cheese (?).

4. List your five favorite board and/or card games. Go Fish, Solitaire, Monopoly, Life, and Scrabble/Literati.

5. List your five favorite computer and/or game system games. I don’t really play computer games, besides Solitaire, and I almost never play video games. I do like DDR, though, and Greg showed me how to button-mash in the arcade at Hoffman last time we were there, so I played a random game.

I had to fight to get out of bed

I had to fight to get out of bed yesterday morning. It was about 9:30 when I finally managed it, because I remembered the To Do list I’d made and how few things were crossed off.

I hunted around for something to eat (we really needed to go to the commissary), then eventually wound up working on homework. I didn’t get all of it done, but the proliferation of things To Do makes it hard. I won’t go into detail, but I will say that it’s a lot. A whole lot. I’m wasting using valuable time writing this blog entry, but I do it for the sake of entertaining my readers and recording my life.

My essays aren’t fabulous, but I think they’ll do. My other credentials are all shiny, so a slightly dull essay shouldn’t mar the total package much. That reminds me of the first time I met Ms. Trice, my guidance counselor, the day we signed senior contracts. (Must check with her about that….) She was looking for the people left on her list, and she said, “Okay, now I need to see Estela and Lindsay.” I pointed out Estela and identified myself, and she said, “Lindsay, I love you.” It’s only because I look good on paper, but still. That was nice to hear.

Greg came over to watch movies last night: Bad Boys II and The Truman Show. BBII was long, plotless, and incredibly violent. I have a new reflex now for ducking when I see a bullet go through someone’s head. I mean, really. I never wanted to see it, I didn’t like what I saw, and given the choice I would have watched something else. But that’s how movie nights work: he picks one, I pick one, and we try to be finished in about four hours. The Truman Show was still good, especially after reading a bunch about it from the Internet Movie Database. Like, in the scene that shows the arches above the town, the motto is Latin for “One for all, all for one,” which is basically the premise of the show/movie. My favorite scene is the one where young Truman tells his teacher that he wants to be an explorer. She pulls the map down and says, “There’s nothing left to discover!”

Sigh. It’s already past three o’clock. I have a bunch to do due to the Camelot trip on Tuesday, namely RP Chapter Three.

I need a break, without any strings or wasted time. I really do.


It was very cold this morning, waiting for the bus. We have pretty good drivers this year, except for that one time the morning driver almost forgot to stop for Choi and Chen, her sister. That one always drives with headphones on, though.

I have a test in PreCal on Monday that I’m not ready for. I’ve never had to actually study for a math test before this class. This mess with inequalities is just confusing me. I always manage to get the signs backward. Yes, Greg, I know “the mouth eats the bigger one”, but when one is an x, that doesn’t help much. And yes, I know all the people in AP Calculus are worse off than I am; I just mentioned that last night. That doesn’t make my problems any less significant, at least not to me. Compared to them, I have it easy. But… where’s that quote from Sloppy Firsts? Ah, I knew Rajni had it.

Perspective basically guarantees that there’s no such thing as a pure emotion. Every emotion is based on how sucky (or not) something is in relation to something else that has already happened.

I finally finished the Shopaholic books today in Geology. The whole series/trilogy was actually pretty good. British television humor was always a bit much for me. I was reminded of that when I watched Red Dwarf at Andrew’s house that time. Hearing the laugh track every two seconds is not cool. These books were great, though. There were a few times when I reacted out loud, which is always a sign that I’m enjoying what I’m reading. It’s hard to believe that Becky could manage to work out her massive problems every time, though. I’m glad she managed to avoid another financial disaster in Ties the Knot, because twice was enough. Maybe it’s just her positive attitude that makes them fun to read, I don’t know. But, back to Ms. Sim they go.

I got an 84 on that history test. Not fabulous, but still good. My grade is slowly sliding downward, which sucks, but as long as I keep my work up, I don’t think it’ll fall over into a B. We discussed the Adkins diet today, as in what he will and won’t eat. I think he’s actually pickier than I am. No potatoes, which I love in all forms except sweet. No chocolate (!!!). No Asian food (I love my mom’s teriyaki chicken). And he’s never had a salad before, either.

I paid for the Camelot trip today; we’re going to see it at Arena Stage in DC on Tuesday. I’ll have to scramble to cram in my discussion points in the downtime, but I think I can handle it. I hope so. We’re almost finished with Hamlet, which is good because it’s getting old.

We voted for Senior Superlatives in English yesterday. I remember doing those in middle school; I was “most likely to succeed” in eighth grade. I put Rajni for “always seen smiling,” because she is. I sometimes pass her in the hall on my way into English, and she always smiles and waves emphatically. That’s a nice change after Adkins. I wanted to write in Justin B. for male “most likely to succeed,” but I had to change my mind. I mean this in the nicest way possible, but Justin has some issues to work out if he’s going to succeed, really.

I put Ian for “most flirtatious.” Not a hard choice. I suppose he’s over that other girl now, because I’ve seen him flirt with at least four girls in recent memory. He’s not even subtle, either. He knows that, for whatever reason, there are girls who just think he’s cute, girls that want to date him, and maybe some that just want to bang him. If they want him that badly, they deserve him. I somehow managed to get over my dislike for him to be cordial again, but he’s still as arrogant and pompous as ever. Someone needs to knock him hard off his high horse, and convince the horse to stomp on him a little. He’s smart, yeah, but his character just causes so much friction. He needs a reality check.

Okay. Ian rant finished. For now. I got my acceptance letter to Penn State today. That was nice. Now I just have to decide whether I actually want to attend. (Andra, I think it’d be cool to be roommates if we both wind up at University Park!) And wait for notification from Maryland, and my other schools once I actually apply. Damn lack of time.

I need to get up early tomorrow, despite my obvious need for sleep. I doze off randomly now. It’s annoying. I just have a lot to do, and not a lot of time to do it in. I hate time. Time sucks.

Friday Five: The Holidays.

1. Do you enjoy the cold weather and snow for the holidays? Yes and no. I get cold very easily, especially my hands. There’s just something about snow…. I think it’s the smell. Everything’s frozen, so there are no nasty odors, and the air smells fresh and clean.

2. What is your ideal holiday celebration? How, where, with whom would you celebrate to make things perfect? It doesn’t really matter where or how, but as long as I get to spend time with people I care about, who care about me in turn, I’m happy.

3. Do you do have any holiday traditions? Nope. We just visit both sides of the family later on Christmas Day, to exchange presents and catch up.

4. Do you do anything to help the needy? I am a big advocate of The Hunger Site and its affiliates, but that’s year-round. This year, NHS is sponsoring families at our secretary’s church, which is really cool. If I can make someone’s holiday better with money or time (even though I don’t have a whole lot of either to spare), I will at least try.

5. What one gift would you like for yourself? Time. I have almost everything material I need, but to have time would be blissful. Time to get everything done, time to relax, time to waste. That may be an unusual wish, but it’s what I could really appreciate.


I took the bus today. Like Mykella said, it’s not the bus ride that’s so unappealing. It’s waiting for it to arrive. (I swear, we think on the same brainwave sometimes. Also, Mykella, if you see this, don’t forget to email me when you sort out your hosting problem.) The feeling worsens when you know that, just a few streets down, there’s a perfectly good car that you can legally drive. I felt like that this morning. I did take a chunk out of my book, though. Driving so often has taken away my transit reading time. I don’t mind.

I got back the math test and quiz I made up. One was an A, and the other was a B, but I forget which was which. Math is harder for me this year than it was last year, but that’s okay. I have time, and I don’t have it nearly as bad as all the people in AP Calculus this year. I always used to complain about how Dr. Wheatley screwed me over my giving me Algebra II Honors instead of Algebra II Trig sophomore year. Then during registration last year, I realized it worked out beautifully. I wound up with just the right classes to allow me to take AP US History, and the next math class in the sequence, and still have a lunch. So, Dr. Wheatley, I forgive you.

I made up the first part of the statistics test in RP. It was painless. I got confused a few times, but I somehow doubt my grade is in jeopardy. At least until Chapter Three. We copied diagrams from the book for Mr. Witko. Our work in that class rarely requires actual effort, but I’m not complaining.

Mr. Adkins will have our latest tests back tomorrow. If there’s one thing that man understands, it’s the importance of a quick turnaround. Even our first-quarter projects were back in a week or two. I feel good about that test, even the multiple-choice. Unless Japan doesn’t apply in the essay, I should be good. Comfortably in the B range.

Ms. Sim gave us more Hamlet vocabulary today, which I didn’t bother to copy. I copied the last set, didn’t look at them once afterward, and still only missed two on that part of the test. I imagine we did other stuff during that class today, but it was so unsubstantial that I don’t remember it.

Mom went shopping this evening, so I got stuck with the rugrats, who didn’t bother to call me properly when she finally came back with dinner. It was 7:30 before anyone told me, so my stomach was starting to growl. And then Jeopardy! had just started, so I had to wait a bit longer. I have such useless siblings, really.

UMD shows they’ve received all of my documents except one, which was sent with others that are listed. Penn State has mailed my decision. I have three (or possibly four) more applications to go to guidance no later than Tuesday.

I also have to start RP Chapter Three, do some more Christmas shopping, wrap (almost forgot that part), and probably do something else i’m forgetting.

Tis the season to be stressed, fa la la la la, la la la la. Bah, humbug. ::falls asleep::


Whoo. Lots of stuff to do and lack of time makes Lindsay’s catch-up entry devoid of detail.

Saturday: Shopping in Waldorf with Mom and the rugrats. I got presents for Greg and some friends. These two girls were fighting in the food court while we ate. I was relatively unfazed. After that bit with Jennifer B. last year, fights just don’t bother me. I just continue on with my business and try not to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sunday: Mom went out with the rugrats, and Dad was working at MCI all day. I drove (!) to Andrews to do a bit of shopping at the BX. There’s some stuff I can only find there, like the right color makeup (so many black people around here). Then Greg and I went back on base to go bowling. I lot the first game, but I’m not a good bowler, anyway. In the second game, I did horribly. I managed the incredible feat of six gutterballs in a row, putting me way behind Greg and making me rather upset. I know it’s just a game, but I’m not usually that bad at anything. I worked out of my rut and managed a strike in the tenth frame, but I didn’t get any pins with my third ball. Then, the amazing thing happened. Greg got, like, two pins with his first tenth-frame ball. Then I looked at the scoreboard and realized that, if he got another gutterball, I could win. He did. I won by one point. That, my friends, is why you keep an eye on your lead.

Monday: School. Bleh. Nothing noteworthy, seeing as I can’t remember it. Except that Ian used the f-word toward me during It’s Ac. I think I actually jumped, I was so startled. I just find it hard lately to tolerate that boy and his stupid 1430 flag. (That’s a metaphorical way of his flaunting his SAT score.)

Tuesday: I got to school early, prepared to do about five things before ten o’clock. I stopped by to reschedule my test with Mr. Adkins, confirmed that the NHS pizza sale I was supposed to help with was canceled, and went up to math class. I started the quiz, then left to go on a field trip. Mr. Witko sponsored a trip to Princeton Elementary to grade fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-grade science fair projects. It was okay. I judged one really good project, something about heat generated by light bulbs. I assume the parent helped a lot, since it was a fourth-grade project, but still. I saw at least two that were research projects with hypotheses and stretched data. They meant well, but a science project is, by definition an experiment or test.

No comment on my own science fair/ RP project.

We got back early, in time for AP US History, but I knew I had time to stay after anyway, and my math homework took forever, so I hadn’t had time to study. I camped out in Mr. Belanger’s room for two periods to study. He didn’t mind. Bonus points.

We had a game bell yesterday for girls’ basketball. I didn’t want to go, so I went to English. We had our sub yet again (five days!), so I looked on while Ian and Greg played Magic, then went down to Mr. T’s room and did most of the sub-work packet. After school, I took my Adkins test, which I felt quite good about. After my terrible performance on the last test, almost anything would be great. I was having a really bad day that time, though.

Which brings me back around to today. I finished my math quiz, and took part B of our statistics quiz in RP. We had a sub for Mr. Witko, but he left the outline quiz for us. I talked to the Herff Jones (?) reps at lunchtime — we’re ordering invitations, and caps and gowns and such from that company. As usual, the announcement was useless. We only needed to be measured and weighed if we were only ordering cap-and-gown. If we’re ordering other stuff (which I am), we just submit that with the order sheet. I only flipped through the catalog once, and we’re supposed to turn them in tomorrow, but we can mail it to the company or fax it within two weeks, so I have some time.

Adkins and English were eh. Ms. Sim finally came back, and greeted us with a pop test on the Arthur legends we read. No fair pulling text quotes from something we read a week ago, Ms. Sim! Then we had the rest of the class to ourselves. It’s Ac was fine. No expletives from Ian this time, though he and Greg did cut out to go buy cookies right after Mr. T insisted we start. He was kinda ticked off about that. No word yet about the Invitational.

Surge protectors are great fun. Our power keeps flickering tonight, so the other computer keeps restarting. As long as my alarm goes off in the morning, I’m good. But for it to go off, I need to set it, and to set it, I need to go to bed. So, goodnight.

One last thing: I jumped on the Quiz Your Friends bandwagon. Have at it.


I took Megan’s “How Much Do You Know?” quiz on last night, and I only got a 60. I thought I’d get slightly higher. I could have sworn both of them liked tigers, ’cause I do too, and I thought it was neat that we all have the same favorite animal. Eh. At least I didn’t “fail.”

Anyway. I took the bus yesterday morning instead of driving. We had our first snowfall of the season Thursday night, but it turned into rain after a while, so all the white was washed away into slush. I had NBC on this morning, just in case we were delayed, and it was so disappointing to see “open on time.” They might as well not list the county, then!

School was okay. I still have to finish making up my test in PreCal, but it’s hard since Ms. O’Neal only stays after school until 4:30. RP was just RP. We started another outline in Geology. That class is so boring, and Mr. Witko just doesn’t strike a good nerve with me, but it’s easy.

On my way downstairs to AP US History, I ran into one of my classmates headed upstairs, and she said we had a quiz. An Adkins quiz is nothing to joke about, so I checked with Mr. Adkins on the way in, about two seconds from whipping out my notes to re-read. I said, “I heard four, five, and six?” And he said, “There’s no quiz.” I think I made a face. I kind of suspected something, because we didn’t even have to do number six, and when there’s a quiz, no one leaves before class starts. We walk in, someone says, “Quiz. X, Y, and Z,” and we sit down and start last-minute studying. I actually take notes at home, so I’m better off than the people that don’t even read. It’s really obvious who doesn’t, because when Mr. Adkins mentions something unusual, the people who didn’t read are always surprised. Like, it’s right before the Civil War now, and South Carolina Representative Brooks just beat northern Senator Sumner over the head with his cane until it broke — in the hall of Congress! That would terrify me if I was a congresswoman. You think someone would have stopped him; I guess there wasn’t security in 1850-whatever, but still.

Ms. Sim is still gone. The sub work is still on Arthurian legend; we had the part yesterday from Steinbeck’s Arthur tales when Lancelot and Guinevere first hook up. The idiots from yesterday didn’t show up, so I managed to finish my work, and do a decent job, too. Now I understand why she makes sub work count as a quiz grade, because I know several people that just didn’t do it. If it didn’t count so much, I’d be more tempted to blow it off.

I spent much of yesterday evening glad to be inside, out of the bitter cold, and working on my college applications. See, I’m having issues with guidance. I never liked their policy of only mailing transcripts directly from the guidance office, and I definitely don’t now. About two weeks before Thanksgiving break, I submitted two envelopes to guidance. I did my applications online, so the envelope for Penn State had the counselor form in it, and the envelope for UMD had the counselor form, my recommendation, and a resume, I think. I stamped the school’s return address and wrote my name on the envelopes, paperclipped them to my transcript request form, put them on the stack, and left.

All was well until the break started. I got a letter from Penn State saying they’d never received my transcript. The document tracking site for UMD says the same thing: they don’t show reception of anything in that envelope. Now, I had reason to believe the Penn State envelope was sent, because they received my counselor form. UMD may just be backlogged with things that aren’t in the system yet. I submitted another transcript request form for Penn State to guidance on Tuesday (I think), and when I checked the site last night, they said my file was complete. So I don’t know what’s up. I think I’ll send an email to UMD to check if they got everything. And just to prevent this from happening again, all I’m submitting to guidance with my next batch of applications is a transcript request. I’ll mail the other papers myself. I was trying to avoid sending my file in pieces, since it’s easier for things to get lost that way, but I suppose getting one thing lost is better than five.

There was substantial snowfall last night. I woke up to, “Do you have a hat on your head?” The rugrats have this thing about building snowmen. Not that there’s enough snow around here for a big one; theirs run about two feet tall. I was unloading groceries, and Courtney came in (with wet boots!) for a carrot. I also deep-cleaned my shower — Tilex Mold and Mildew Remover is some powerful stuff. I let it sit for about a minute, and the mildew had totally disappeared. It smelled like bleach, but it was all nice and clean.

And now I am back to work. Sort of. My library books are overdue, but I don’t know if Mom will let me drive in snow, or if I even want to. I have five, though. That’s about ninety cents a day. Yeah, that sounds cheap, but the point of checking them out is that I don’t have to pay for them. And my renewals are up, but I’m not ready to give most of them back. Grr. I’ll figure something out. I have to go pick up a book for my Adkins paper, anyway. Okay, back to essays. Bleh.


Yesterday, I was running late for my NHS meeting, but I made it before they called it to order. It was my first time driving myself to school early, so I was hoping I wouldn’t be late. No more excuses about my ride being responsible. We planned our Christmas party, and I finally signed up to sell pizza. We’re not really a social kind of group, so I’m not sure whose idea the Christmas party was, but I’ll go along with it. I’m just wary in an inexplicable kind of way.

I skipped first, second, and third period for the Knowledge Master Open. The KMO is one of the competitions we do for It’s Academic; they send us the questions on a computer disk, we go through all 200 using Mr. T’s computer-tv contraption, and then we call in our scores. We’re not great, but we do pretty well. We had at least one streak of twenty questions correct, all in a row. I missed a math test and had to delay one of Mr. Witko’s vocabulary quizzes, but otherwise it was cool. We played smarter this time, I suppose. Ian was in charge of the keyboard (to input our answers; it’s timed), and it froze up a few times. I enjoyed it, though it made me late to lunch.

I don’t feel at all good about the DBQ in Adkins yesterday. I didn’t really know what I wanted to say, so it was hard to fake that.

Ms. Sim has gone to Japan. It must be an emergency or something, because she wouldn’t leave us for a week without some hint. She was supposed to be collecting money for Camelot — we’re going after school on the 16th to Arena Stage in DC to see it. We don’t know if she even bought the tickets before she left. We walked into class, and there was a sub assignment on Arthurian Legends from the 10th grade English book. We just did the work first, then messed around.

Oh, and club yearbook pictures were yesterday. I don’t like pictures of myself anyway, so I wasn’t about to jump into other photos than It’s Ac and NHS (though I know some people that did, ahem ;)). After the NHS picture, the latter of the two, my eyes were watering from having such a bright flash go off about eight times in less than a minute.

I can’t remember if it was last night or the night before, but I spent about four hours on homework one of those days. I don’t know why school has me so compelled to do everything I’m supposed to. I carry far too many books around and home, I do more work than necessary, and I work so hard for so little. Yeah, I get good grades, and people that do less work generally don’t. Still, sometimes it just doesn’t seem worth it.

As for today, I drove again. It’s almost becoming likeable now. Megan got her license, but just barely — still, felicidades. I think Steph retook hers, too, but I don’t know how she did. More Arthur with Ms. Sim’s sub, a video on the unbelievably crazy John Brown in Adkins, and starting to make up my test for PreCal. Ms. O’Neal is part of the whole “teach to the rule” thing that the teachers started in lieu of striking, so she only stayed until 4:30, and It’s Ac was canceled due to lack of attendance, so I just came home a bit late and started my homework.

My life is so unappealing sometimes. Like now. Also, visit my Mr. Picasso Head.

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