I didn’t wake up until nearly 11am, so that’s probably why I’m not sleepy now. It’s going to be a pain trying to get to sleep tonight. The knowledge that I have school the next morning is never enough to coax me into sleep when I’m not tired.

I’ve enjoyed the break, though since we left school I’ve dreaded this day, the last day before we return. I had enough relax-time to watch movies on my spiffy new DVD player (I went with Beckham last night — yay for British accents). I should have worked on the memory book thing I got last Christmas, but I didn’t. Unless I made my to-do list wrong, I finished everything. Or at least, when I edit and print my essay, I will have. I managed to write it in a few hours this afternoon. It’s not very good, sort of unfocused, but it’s decent. I don’t think it’s as dry as my writing usually is, and it’s pretty specific. Those are my weak areas, but I’ve been working on them.

Huh. I have so little to write about today. It almost makes me want to look for a prompt, but I won’t. All you lovely readers could use a break for your eyes, and writing just for the sake of writing doesn’t make sense. And it’ll encourage me to get to bed slightly earlier, maybe. Tomorrow, it’s back to the daily grind. I hope that I won’t start the 2004 chapter of the Year from Hell, but at least I know I can deal with it. If I can’t… spring break, anyone?

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