There’s only one more week of school left. If I make it, I will have survived the Year from Hell. I’d buy myself a present to celebrate, but that doesn’t seem right. Lately, everything got crammed into a short period of time again. I wrote a stream of consciousness essay for AP Lit last night, even though I’ve known about it for weeks. Stream of consciousness is very eleventh-hour friendly. I also threw together a skit based on The Catcher in the Rye for my group. I was working with Ian, Greg, and Gonzo, so I expected criticism and the like. They actually liked it. Ian called it a “masterpiece”. It’s hard to get a genuine compliment from that one, so that was nice. And Hopie liked it, too. I don’t think anyone really got it (except me, of course), but it makes me think that I should write after midnight more often.

My Geology project is nowhere near completion. Mr. Witko expects way too much work, so he winds up with projects that have huge volume, but are also crappy. Our senior final is to write about five topics and make a PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoint isn’t such a big deal. He writes us passes to the CyberLab every day so we can work on them. The paper will be trickier. He wants 10 pages for an A — per topic. A 50-page geology paper is unreasonable. My RP paper wasn’t that long, and I spent a year on that! Witko did give us an open extension to Thursday, but still. I just don’t feel like doing it. That’s another thing that makes me wish I could b.s. a project. I already copied in a paper I wrote last quarter (the topic was on the final list), but there’s not enough. This sucks.

AP Lit will be over on Monday, after the final. It’s on The Catcher in the Rye. That’s good and bad, because I read the book, but it was a while ago. And I got mine from the library, so it had to be returned. It would suck to get a bad grade on such a predictably easy test.

PreCalculus has become Calculus. Luckily, I can still do it. That’s one of the benefits of being “behind” in math like I am. Last year, when I was stuck in Trig Analysis, I had so much antagonism toward Dr. … (I’ve forgotten his name). He created my sophomore schedule for me, so it’s partially his fault I took Algebra II that year instead of Algebra II/Trig, which is why my math fell behind. This year, though, I listen to everyone’s AP Calc horrors, and I’m glad I wasn’t lined up to take that this year. Another AP test, possible jeopardy to my GPA, so much stress — I wouldn’t be able to handle it. PreCal is working, though. I learn quickly, so as long as I can remember it all, I do well.

Adkins is my main reason for going to school. Adkins and math. After the Parent Appreciation Breakfast/ Senior Awards Ceremony, I went back to school for Adkins’ class, then went home again. The Breakfast was okay. The food wasn’t great. Potatoes are terrible undercooked, and those were definitely undercooked. I liked the biscuits, though. The ballroom was gorgeous. Big chandeliers and mirrors. Someone mentioned that they host proms there. But back to Adkins. I made the Promised Land again last test. My third time this year, I think. My last test will be my final, and it’s on Tuesday. Unfortunately, my final project is due on Wednesday, which means I might not get to work on it until Tuesday night, since Greg’s having a birthday party tomorrow, and I have to do my RP project on Sunday. That makes me angry. I don’t procrastinate on purpose. I just have so much to do.

I don’t know how I’ve managed to get through this year intact. So far. I got my homework done this week and sent all my graduation announcements, but my projects lie dormant. Long-term doesn’t work for me. Long-term means getting postponed in favor the short-term, which obviously have greater priority. Then, I have to take time to do the things I want to do (like blogging right now). And my mom is giving me such crap lately. I’m not perfect. I try to be the best person possible. I really do. They’re just not satisfied. They’re proud of me, but they want more. I’m so obedient and rule-abiding, I’m almost boring. It’s hard to maintain.

I got my confirmation from UMD today. Classes start on my birthday. And I will be on campus the previous weekend for freshman something-or-other. I just hope nothing goes terribly wrong that day (which, taking the Year from Hell into account, is wishful thinking). I had a crappy sixteenth birthday. It could be a great transition, starting college and being a legal adult on the same day. Or it could just suck. I’m hoping for the former.

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