Well. I’ve pretty much given up on trying to recap when I have blogging dry spells like this, so I’ll just write what comes to mind

Yesterday was my last day of school. I am finished with high school. It’s such a weird feeling, knowing that I will never have to go to a high school class again. I’ll never have to drag myself out of bed on a dismal Monday morning to go to Oxon Hill. Wow.

So today, I took advantage of the day off. I went shopping. Greg took me out to St. Charles, and I got a hair clip and necklace at Icing and earrings at JC Penney. They don’t exactly match, but they’re all pink. And I got nail polish at Icing, too, because I knew the color matched the dress perfectly. I checked just a little while ago, when I was trying on all the accessories. I was right, it does match. We saw a bunch of people from school there: Jamesa, Sherelle, and Veronica in Icing, and Greg B. and Colin in the food court.

After shopping, we went down to see Shrek 2. I wasn’t expecting a lot out of it. I firmly believe that not every popular movie requires a sequel. Some are just great on their own. It was pretty good. There were new surprises, and it was funny, but not as much as the first one. I think a reviewer I heard on the radio put it best. With the first movie, there were no expectations. It turned out to be fabulous. Because the first was fabulous, we expected a lot from the second, and it does a decent job of living up to that. I wouldn’t see it again, and I probably wouldn’t buy it, but it wasn’t bad. Some people called it plotless. I found a plot. It was worth it (though we did see a matinee).

The only reasons I went to school yesterday were to take my math final, turn in my crappy Geology project, and go to the senior meeting. Greg gave me a ride to school. I was a bit late, but the final wasn’t too hard, so it was fine. And we’d discussed synthetic division in the car, so it was weird to find a synthetic division problem on the test. As long as that conic section was an ellipse and not a hyperbola, I’m good. I almost want to show up in school next week just to find out what my grades were on my finals. Ms. Sim and Mr. Adkins both said nice goodbyes to me. The meeting was mostly pointless, as almost all the class meetings were. They did tell us “no sandals” for graduation, which is a problem. My graduation shoes are definitely sandals. They’re kind of casual though, so I might have to return them — which sucks because they’re the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I’ll have to clarify at grad rehearsal. If they just want dressy shoes, I can wear my prom shoes. I’m actually wearing them right now, to break them in a bit. Walking so slowly is getting on my nerves, though. I got a ride home from Stephanie after the meeting, so I got home early and I didn’t have to take the bus. Yayness.

The bus. I had to take it home twice this week, because I got in an accident Tuesday morning. I don’t want to go into the details. It makes me relive the crash. No one was hurt, though I do have this bruise under my knee. It only hurts when I kneel on it, though. Mindy was more damaged than the other car. She’s fit to drive, but only if I absolutely need to. I felt bad for asking Greg to take me out today, especially since the car he drove has problems, but he did it anyway. He’s a keeper, that one. Mindy won’t be fixed for a while, though, so I’m stuck at home. I didn’t have plans to go anywhere, but still.

AP US History ended surprisingly well. I made the Promised Land on the last test, and I did it again on Tuesday. More yayness. Ending the class with two Promised Lands in a row. I also started working on my paper a day earlier (i.e. two days before it was due instead of just one), so I think it turned out better than usual. And I did the whole thing without one website. I got a lot of books for projects the last time I was at the library.

Prom is tomorrow night. I’m excited. I rarely dress up, so it should be cool to be all princessy. As long as I don’t fall down, I should be fine. I like dancing. I might not look great doing it, but I don’t care. The point is to have fun, and I can’t have fun standing around. If they wanted us to stand around, they’d call it a “stand-around”, not a “dance”.

I need a new layout. For that, I need time. Maybe next week while I’m sitting around the house. We’re remodeling my bathroom, though, so they might take up the hallway. That could leave me trapped in my room (sans computer) — or worse, trapped outside my room! Oh, the potential horror!

Now that the stress is alleviated for a while, I think I’ll feel less emotionally drained. Maybe the Year from Hell is over.

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