Like my new layout? It’s my simplest ever, as far as I can recall. Even the garish pages of my first website weren’t as simple as this. Granted, I didn’t know CSS existed back then (did it?), but still. I tried a different positioning technique this time; let me know if everything lines up for those of you that use 1024×768. “Spoken” and “currently” are gone, as are my “outside” links. They’re all still in the big links page, though. The remaining links are the mini butterflies, which are just mini copies of the big butterfly. Yay for image editing!

I found out earlier that, by being a budding entomologist, Ryan is doing me a favor. He found out how to tell the difference between male and female cicadas, so whenever he sees a live one by itself, he tries to find it a mate. It turns out that after they mate, they die. What a life, huh? Live underground for seventeen years, emerge in a great swarm, have sex, die. What happens to the cicadas whose burial sites were paved over since the last swarm? Do they just die without ever emerging? That’s kind of sad.

My week’s been pretty blah. We’re having our bathrooms remodeled, so that when my parents decide to sell, the house will appraise higher. That means there are workmen in here for the bulk of the day. I prefer being out of the house while they work, especially now. They’re doing my bathroom, so if I’m hope, I’m basically trapped (a) upstairs, (b) in my room, or (c) in the computer room. None of those is particularly appealing, so I get out. I’ve been making the short-but-cicada-filled trek a few streets over to my piano teacher’s house to help her clean. I could use the money and the exercise (cleaning burns calories, especially in this heat!), and it gets me out of the house. Her house is enormous — 21 rooms. They’ve lived there for 31 years, so they’ve accumulated a lot of, well, stuff. I’ve been dusting and such for the past few days, but I think tomorrow we start de-cluttering. That should be interesting.

I promised myself I’d work this summer, so not having time to lay around *cough*Iris*cough* doesn’t bother me. Greg’s boss is all ready to hire me to work at his store. I still have to run the details by my mom, but I think I’ll do it. I’m tired of cleaning. It’s so boring. I need to iron out some details and get Mindy back, but as she’s gone for repairs now, I should be good to go.

I get the feeling that this summer is going to be interesting. I hope I’m right. Boring sucks.

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