Right this moment, I am listening to the rugrats karaoke (is that a verb?) to Dream’s “He Loves U Not.” And singing along. Oh, nostalgia and hot holiday toys.

Mrs. Maus asked me yesterday if I would work this morning. I ended up canceling. I know I could use the money, and I felt terrible about “calling out”, especially since I called so late, but it was necessary. I needed to sleep. I don’t have to get up at oh-dark-hundred to get to my job, but it’s still earlier than if I woke up naturally. My mom woke me up by coming into my room. Something about sleeping so late; it was almost 11am. I looked at the other side of my bed (it’s full size), and saw that the covers were perfectly smooth. That always means that, as my mom says, I “slept like a rock.” I felt refreshed, though I came out of a really weird dream. Not that I have any normal dreams, per se. I remember I had quintuplets. Two boys, three girls, all Greg’s. Then there was something about a party or presentation in a gym that looked a lot like Flowers’. I had just broken off a slightly uncomfortable hug from Avril Lavigne, with Travis and one of the other guys from Blink-182 nearby, when my mom burst in. My dreams are usually conglomerations of things that have been on my mind. That was just freaky.

I spent the rest of the day on the computer. Most of my files are transferred, except for my music. I have a lot of music on that computer. When I explained my transfer process to my dad, he remembered a program one of his coworkers in Japan used to transfer files from his work computer to a laptop. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the same thing Mrs. Maus mentioned yesterday, and the label on a disk I saw while we cleaned up her second office. However, it’s a disk. My laptop, which I have named Bethany, doesn’t have a “floppy” drive. (We came across real, old-fashioned floppies cleaning yesterday. These 3.5″ deals are not floppy.) Even if she offered to let me use it, I couldn’t. I’m stuck with the upload/download dance.

I helped Ryan learn to play computer Solitaire today. For all the time he and Courtney spend together, you think he’d know how it goes. I realized he had a problem when he asked why the “clover” wouldn’t stick on top of the other clover. Kids are so cute sometimes. You know, when they’re not like fire ants.

My back hurts from sitting in this chair. It has zero back support. That is all.

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