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First, a clipping from CosmoGirl! that I agree with completely. Personal experience made me look at this and see that she’s got a point.

I hate how the only time we see interracial relationships in movies or on TV is when they’re pointed out! Whenever there’s an interracial couple on-screen, that’s always the conflict of the storyline. Why can’t it ever just be part of the storyline? — Jenna, 17; Reading, PA

Next, the Friday Five.

1) Of everything in your wardrobe what do you feel the most comfortable wearing? Why? Jeans and one of my many t-shirts. The smaller ones, though. Jeans are just incredibly comfortable like that, and I prefer the shirts that fit to the oversized ones. Jeans and a t-shirt is my uniform.

2) How would you describe your style? Comfortable and casual.

3) How many pairs of shoes do you own and do you wear them all? Maybe fifteen? I only wear two pairs regularly, since it’s summer. The rest are either dress shoes or just really old. But I’ll be tackling my closet soon.

4) Where do you buy most of your clothes? Old Navy. I occasionally buy a shirt from Target, Wal-Mart, or Kohl’s, but Old Navy is my staple. I just buy what I like. As long as it’s reasonably priced (which usually means “on sale”) and fits well, I’ll buy it.

5) What was the last piece of clothing you bought? A dark red rugby-logo shirt from Old Navy. It was on sale.

And last, my usual random comments about my day. Mrs. Maus has set me to listing all the references for her dissertation. She doesn’t have any subjects at the moment. Or a clear idea of what she wants to study and how to go about it. She said she’s been working on this dissertation for five years. I believe her. She had a good one going last summer (which I also helped her research) on music therapy for cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. She’d enlisted some of her friends to help with the sing-along therapy sessions, but couldn’t get approval from the hospital in the end.

In the spirit of sharing, I have posted two more articles. College tips this time: 10 Things and 36 Things. I’m big on advice columns and such, especially from my magazines, because they’re teen-oriented. I also love “Hints from Heloise”, “Dear Abby”, and “Tell Me About It” in The Washington Post. The more I know about what to do or not do, the better chance I have for doing and not doing anything I want or don’t want to do. … Did that make any sense?

I watched True Life: I’m in an Interracial Relationship last night. (See opening quote.) I love that series. I watched several episodes before I realized it was a documentary! That episode attracted me because of Greg. One of the couples was a black girl and a white guy. She was a stripper, though, so it didn’t fit completely. It was still interesting.

I pulled a Rajni just now. I went to Pick-A-Prof, where they list reviews of college professors. It turns out the prof for my honors seminar is an unusual grader and prone to taboo discussions. Not for me. I switched to another, still about literature, but taught by a professor who got 4.8 out of 5 in student ratings. And they’re at the exact same time, so I still have Tuesday afternoons free. With all the stress I have now — before classes have even started — that’s one less thing to worry about.


Yesterday, Greg and I went shopping. We had to pick up a gift for Iyen’s debutante ball on Sunday. I debated not going, but my grandma went through the trouble of cleaning my prom dress so it could be worn again. It might be interesting. I won’t say what we got her, but I think she’ll like it.

I’ve started cleaning my room, just a little. I really need to go through all my clothes. I only wear about half of all the clothes I own, so I could stand to box up or give away the rest. Gotta figure out what’s going to school next month, what I can pick up at Thanksgiving when I bring back the warm-weather clothes, and what I don’t plan on wearing again, period. It makes me feel so spoiled, thinking of all that. My tastes are allowed to change, though. I’ve never actually had a “new” wardrobe. I just buy clothes when I feel like — and more often than not, when they’re on sale. Gradually, I stop wearing things.

Besides clothes, I need to figure out what else I need to take with me. I have those towels my uncle and aunt gave me for graduation, and I got a twin comforter and sheets, both purple (the color of royalty). I finally remembered to look for a storage box in Wal-Mart. It’s meant for beads and embroidery floss, but I’m using it to hold my earrings.

Cleaning Mrs. Maus’s house for two months has made me hate cleaning. I’m that much less motivated to clean my own room, because I’m not getting paid. Sad, but true. I did start slimming down my magazine collection, though. I’ve had subscriptions to Seventeen, Teen People and CosmoGirl! since we moved back stateside. When my magazine rack gets full, I go through the oldest issues, ripping out the articles and celebrity photos I like. The rest… well, they’re currently in a two-foot stack in my room. I want to recycle them, rather than throw them away (because I believe in trees), but I keep forgetting to. I’m not sure when our recycling day is. Anyway, I collect the articles in binders, along with newspaper clippings and comic strips. Right now, I have four very full binders, a rack full of magazines, and no desire to take them all to school. I’m not even going to continue getting them all. I’ll keep CG and borrow Seventeen if I really want it.

In the process of going through all those clippings, I came across my collection of CG editorials. I love teen editorials. We are such eloquent people, given the opportunity. There are two I wanted to share, Mind Matters and Decisions, Decisions. I also reorganized my fanlistings page. It looks much neater now, and I checked all my links. It’s not like anyone really sees it, but if they do, it’s presentable. Many thanks to the lovely Rajni for layout inspiration.

Is it really the end of July? Wow. Just under a month until I move to UMD, start classes, and turn eighteen. August is going to be a big month for me. I’m trying to figure out how I can get my mom to make me a cake — and do it herself, not get one from Giant. Bakeries don’t do chocolate frosting, and I like them homemade better. Just thinking about the marble-y goodness is tantalizing. I move in on August 26th, though. So I’ll either be celebrating early (which I plan to do with Greg anyway), or coming home the first weekend for some cake. It’d be worth it, though. I love cake.

I’m getting Mindy back today! At least, I hope nothing else randomly went wrong. I have to drive it back, though; I hope I remember how. It would suck beyond all reason to get in an accident right after my car is fixed. (Knock on wood.)

Edit: No sooner did I post that than my grandma showed up. She drove my car down here for me. That was nice of her, but I kind of wanted to drive it myself. I do wonder how she’s getting home, though. Also, I got a postcard from Megan in Myrtle Beach. It’s pretty, but they ruined the picture side with stray postmarks and a barcode sticker. Boo. Also, it had a 23-cent stamp on it. Aren’t we up to 37 now? All those post office workers, and no one noticed. Hmm.


Ooh. Two announcements. First, the WB has cast Rita Skeeter for the GoF movie. The Leaky Cauldron has a picture of the actress. She looks perfect for Rita. Just like the actor they have to play Cedric. I’ve seen Fleur, too, but in those pictures, the actress had short hair, so I imagine she’ll look really different as Fleur.

Second, J.K. Rowling is having another baby! I just hope this pregnancy doesn’t interfere with the release of Book Six. For anyone who hasn’t heard (and as such, has been living under a rock), it’s titled Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. All she’s said is that the HBP is neither Harry nor Voldemort. There’s been some speculation on my mailing list: Hagrid, Seamus, even Dudley Dursley (which is near impossible). Personally, I think it’s a totally new character. The last time there was a person in the title (PoA), it was a basically new character. Sirius had been mentioned, though, in the very beginning of SS. I just don’t think the HBP is any half-blood we already know. That’s really all the speculation I want to hear — at least until they release passages, like for OotP. Sure, those snippets didn’t really tell us anything, but it made the wait a bit easier (or harder, depending on how you look at it).

LiveJournal is a nifty place. If I weren’t so attached to my blog here, I’d definitely switch. I love bouncing around through the communities, just reading what other people have to say. It takes blog-hopping to a whole new level. I also love my friends page, even though that cuts down on the amount of actual “hopping” I do.

Weird random occurrence: I think a little bug just tried to fly up my nose. I saw it zooming around, and it just flew toward my face. It’s still up there, though, so I know I didn’t accidentally breathe it or anything. Seriously, why me?

My UMD unofficial transcript is still showing my major as Undecided in Letters and Sciences. I’ll go look at that email again, but I could have sworn that woman I emailed said she was going to change that for me. I hate the necessity of following up on everything, but at least I know when things are actually done. Looks like I’ve got some more emails to send. Also, it is scary looking at how much money I will owe the university next month. And this is only my first semester. It’s going to be a long time until I have extra money.

Granddaddy has been working on my car since my accident. The flashbacks of the collision are gone now, and I think I’m ready to drive again. I just hope Mindy’s okay, and that I haven’t completely forgotten how to drive. You’re not supposed to forget how to ride a bike. I haven’t done that in years, but I’m not about to test that theory anytime soon. I hope driving doesn’t turn out the same way. He has everything attached and working, except the VW emblem. He took it for a test drive, all ready to bring her over here, and the a/c died. I’m surprised it hadn’t already. It wasn’t even working right before my accident. I’d been driving with my windows down, before the cicadas came. I still have to get my final transcript from school high school. The office is only open in the morning, so I really have no way to get there unless I can drive again. And I have some checks to deposit.

My mom went to Target this morning — without me. Boo. She did bring me a cute collapsible hamper, though. And it has a strap, for carting dirty laundry to a machine. It’s pretty nifty.

Off to the Good Ship again. Do you believe in trees?


Seriously, my mom is the least tactful person I know sometimes. I just went upstairs to ask if Greg could come over tomorrow. On my way out, she noticed my hair and asked if I was going for the Pippi Longstocking look today. I guess I braided it too tightly this morning, but come on, Mom. This from the woman who, moments before, answered a question on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire without actually reading the question.

Not much happened yesterday. I spent almost the whole day online, which is exhausting after spending most of the morning online, researching for Mrs. Maus. I did get to AIM with Andra, though, which was great. I catch up with her more often, now that she’s stateside. (To protect her privacy, I won’t say where she is, but it’s much closer.) I tried getting offline for the day early, around 10:30, but I wound up watching a Friends rerun — one I’d never seen — and talking to Greg until late.

Today I went outside. That’s a rare occurrence for this hermit. It was cool today; they predict low temperatures and on-and-off rain through the weekend. I read my Teen People first, then a computer magazine my parents got. One of those random mailings from the SAT, I’ll bet. It was odd, going from an article about abusive boyfriends to one on wi-fi. Courtney and her friends were across the street, so she was being loud and annoying. Yeah, I stay inside most of the time, but I have my reasons.

I am the archivist for the Good Ship (my favorite discussion board at Fiction Alley Park. I have one of the few positions that has actual responsibility, mine being to update the Good Ship Archives, obviously. It’s a big undertaking, but once I manage to get the page redesigned and new info included, it’ll just need new additions and the occasional layout change. I’ve been trying to learn to use PSP, but it’s still not going right for me. I think I’m just going to look around Artistic Alley (another FAP board) to see if someone will make a graphic for me. I do want to figure out PSP, though, so I’ll know if I want to bother checking Ebay again. I’ve never used Ebay before (almost online heresy, I know), but getting a cheap version of PSP would be a good reason to venture in. I’d only really use it to make graphics and the odd fanlisting code.

I’m moving onto campus in just about a month. Whoa. College just sneaked up on me. I’m still worried and stressed out. I want to just let everything run its course, but that seems so lackadaisical. I prefer to be proactive, even if it drives me crazy in the process.

Oh, and it’s time for a real episode of the Friday Five.

1) Who was your favorite band/musician when you were younger? I’m not really old, so this question is kind of weird. I’ll go with the Spice Girls (cringe) because I used to live for them.
2) Why? I was just caught up in the image. I got hooked on the unavoidable pop-ness of their music. And I was in Europe, which was as crazy for the Spice Girls as the US was. I got it from both angles.
3) Are they still your favorite/one of your favorites? No. First, they don’t exist anymore. Second, I got off their music even before they broke up.
4) What is your favorite of their songs? I did always love “Stop.” Melanie C. could sing, seriously.
5) Are there any specific lyrics you hold dear? From the Spice Girls? Not really. On “I Love the 90’s”, they pointed out that the lyrics to “Wannabe” (If you wannabe my lover/ you gotta get with my friends) are quite the opposite of what you’d want.

Random final comment: Alanis Morisette’s “Precious Illusions” just came on AOL Radio. I loved that video. It was so original. Yay for coincidences.

I Found the Friday Five Again!

Last night, I found what may be the most interesting community I’ve seen on LJ. The Friday Five shut down a few months ago, which sucked. As it turns out, some LJ-ers created a community for a new Friday Five. I love these questions, so even though it’s not Friday, I’m going to answer anyway. I missed the F5.

Friday Five: Writing
1. What color ink pen do you like best? Black. I write with blue when I have to, but something about black writing on white paper just seems right.
2. Do you prefer plain paper or paper with lines (notebook paper)? Notebook paper. I’ll use blank paper for scratch writing, though that’s usually just the wrong side of bad computer print-outs or old fliers. Otherwise, I’ll write crooked, which terrifies the neat freak in me.
3. What’s better: books from the library, or reading online? Ooh. I love the library, because the books are free, but online reading (fics) is free, too. I’ll go with library books, but only because I get tired of staring at my computer screen in an uncomfortable chair. I can curl up on my bed with a library book.
4. Which would you rather get, e-mail or snail mail? Snail mail. I love getting email, but there’s something about a letter in a real envelope, with a stamp and everything. Both are great, though. Blogs are the best source for daily info, but letters require more time and consideration.
5. Do you have a paper weight on your desk? No. My room is naturally cold, being halfway underground in a neighborhood full of trees, so I never have a fan. Otherwise, my papers stay put. Except when I fling pillows over toward it while I’m making my bed. That only happens recently, though, since I stopped keeping my desk clean for homework. (Bad Lindsay!)

It took me a while to get out of work this afternoon. I went out to check up with Mrs. Maus at three o’clock, which is when I usually leave, but she held me up for almost another half hour. She could have called the music therapy group tomorrow, but I guess she didn’t want to wait, or something. Add that to my mixed feelings about my job.

My blogger code is B6 d- t- k- s u- f i o+ x– e- l c. That was an interesting meme. I was checking out a list of memes from the LJ F5 and found that link. It was weird, but kinda cool. It made me think a lot about my blogging habits. Also, the Bloginality test identified me as an ISFJ (introverted, sensing, feeling, judging), just like that other personality test I took.

In blogging, your journal will always be immaculate and have a touch of style. You may also feel overwhelmed because you want to be a part of everything going on. Because of your wonderful memory, other bloggers may come to you to ask about things you posted months before.

Except for that bit about my “wonderful memory”, that’s pretty accurate.

Version: 3.12
GU/ED>$ d- s+: a17 C+ U? P? L? E? W++ N? o? K? w+ O? M- V? PS+() PE@ Y PGP- t+ 5? X+ !R* tv+ b++ DI ?D G e h! r++ x?
That was fun. Tedious, but fun. And old. I mean, 1996 is practically the dark ages.

I should stop with these memes now. I’ll just add it to my links to come back some other time. ;)

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I was going to blog yesterday. In hindsight, I’m glad I didn’t. I was depressed again yesterday. Same crap as usual. I hate feeling depressed. It’s like wallowing in my own petty problems. I know it’s not serious, because, though I feel like that every now and then, it’s never persistent or extreme. I just need something else to put my mind on, you know? Talking to Greg last night helped a lot. When I have something else to focus on, I am incapable of wallowing in my self-pity and whininess. And then, I work my way out of it.

For the last week or so, I’ve been checking the mail every day, eagerly heading out as soon as I heard the mail truck pull away. I was so eager to confirm my AP exam scores with what I saw on Testudo. Yesterday, I was on a mission to avoid wallowing. That mission basically involved hours on the computer, just doing anything to keep my mind active. So I forgot to check the mail. My dad brought it in with him last night, and I was so excited to finally see that funky AP envelope (because it opens upside down, sort of; you have to see it to understand). I all but snatched it from him and ran back to my room to open it. Testudo was right! I was so giddy, I actually jumped up and down. Then I called Greg, needing to share the good news with someone. I got a 4 on AP US History. Yay for Mr. Adkins! And, best of all, I got a 5 on AP Lit! It’s hard to explain how great that makes me feel. Finally, something positive to come out of the Year from Hell. And UMD will give me 12 credits — before I even start this fall. That alone rid me of any remnants of my crappy mood.

I’ve had two computer miracles. Yesterday afternoon, when I got online, I was actually loading for a minute. I was astonished. I’ve never even been able to choose my language on this computer before. (Must convince parental units to switch to a higher connection speed.) I eventually hit a slow-load roadblock and had to stop, but it was pleasantly surprising until then. The second is right now. There was an ad on AOL to listen to Ashlee Simpson’s new album, so I clicked. Wonder of wonders, it actually worked. Usually I have problems streaming, but this is coming through fine. It’s not bad. I think any “rock” feel to her album is from her voice. When she reaches for the higher notes, you can hear the raspiness more, which gives it a rock-ness. I love this weird combination of pop and rock that’s mainstream right now. Don’t get me wrong, I love my *NSync as much as the next girl, but sometimes I want a loud sing-along to Yellowcard, too.

I think I’ve exhausted my usefulness to Mrs. Maus. Except for two closets full of framing materials, I’ve basically cleaned her whole house. We tackled all the rest of the closets and all her outdated files. She had the carpets steam-cleaned and has a maid service for normal upkeep. There’s really not much left for me to do. I’m glad to have done it, though. I don’t want to work during the school year. I tried that sophomore year, when I didn’t have nearly as much schoolwork as I anticipate I will this fall, and I was stretched too thin. If I can’t work, I obviously have to get money from somewhere else. I try not to ask my parents for money, especially now, after the influx of graduation money. They’re already taking on the debt of closing the gap in my college tuition. I feel bad about that. But like Greg keeps reminding me when I bring that up, it could have cost more. I just can’t help dwelling on it. It bothers me still.

My mom must feel that I don’t spend my out-of-school time wisely. She comes up with random chores for me to do during my downtime. Tonight, it was cooking dinner. I can’t really cook. I can scramble eggs like nobody’s business, which is one reason why I love scrambled egg and cheese sandwiches so much. Food always tastes better when you made it yourself. I made Pasta Bake tonight. One of the easiest dishes known to man, but perfect for my limited skills. It was yummy. Everyone liked it. Except for the fact that I had to spend an hour cooking it, it was painless. Though, I still have to finish up. The dishwasher was full of dirty dishes when I opened it while cleaning up, so I’m waiting for that load to finish. I’ll go do it in a few minutes, though.

I hope Mom doesn’t get the misguided idea that I’m going to be cooking regularly, or we’ll be having breakfast-for-dinner quite often.


I took a personality test online just now. It was pretty cool, and quite accurate. It supports my natural inclination toward teaching.

ISFJs are private, faithful, sensible and sensitive. Shy, modest and unassuming, this type needs to support and minister to others in order to feel useful. Others count on the ISFJ’s steadfast caring and help–so much so that they may become irresponsibly dependent on this type’s support. Martyrdom is often an occupational hazard for self-sacrificing ISFJs, who may have to struggle with inner doubts and fears before expressing their personal needs and desires. Work is life to these conservative souls, who put in long hours at the workplace, as well as at home. ISFJs volunteer their help generously, often behind-the-scenes. Innovation, change and uncertainty are unnerving to these folks. They prefer a stable, organized, well regulated, scheduled life, even if someone else is to control what will happen and when. The deeply compassionate ISFJ gravitates toward traditional helping occupations: human services, the ministry, homemaking, teaching and clerical work. They are happy handling details and routine, especially if there is a human element in the work they do.

I had to work early today and yesterday. Mrs. Maus was having her carpets steam cleaned. The guy that did them told her to vacuum well before he came, especially the edges of the wall-to-wall carpeted areas and the cracks along the steps. So, I spent most of yesterday and just over an hour this morning vacuuming. I like it more that carrying around heavy boxes of envelopes (I have never seen one person with so many office supplies), but it was so tedious. Those rooms have a lot of edges. We got it all done, though, and then we cleaned out a file cabinet while they started the cleaning. I wound up basically trapped in the kitchen, not wanting to get my socks wet. I hate wearing wet socks. I ended up having to get them wet, though, to get out of the house. I did get to take a really refreshing nap when I got home, though.

Has anyone else been watching I Love the 90’s? The original, the 80’s, was awesome, so I guess VH1 is capitalizing on a good idea as much as possible. The did the 70’s, then the 80’s again, then Best Week Ever, which covers the present, and now the 90’s. But, like one article I read said, it’s too soon to be nostalgic about the 90’s. I’ll admit. though, that I was squeeing with glee when I saw the Power Rangers. “It’s Morphin’ time!” We used to play Power Rangers on the playground every day in kindergarten. I was always mysteriously wearing pink (hey, my mom dressed me), so I was the pink ranger. We’d run around, jumping and yelling, not really doing anything related to real martial arts. It was great fun.

I’m just going to reply to comments in the comments window (I can edit), because it’s weird putting them in my entry.

Everywhere I look, I see pale gray lines across my field of vision. I woke up, like, an hour ago. Shouldn’t my eyes be fully functioning by now? This worries me. It’s like my lens popping out last night (took me twenty minutes to get it back in) was a sign that something is wrong in that area. I hate having bad eyes. I do like my glasses, though. They’re like part of my face, what with having worn them for so many years (since first grade).

I hope I’m just being paranoid.

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