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Whoo! I finally have some free time to blog. My first day as both a college student and an almost-completely-legal adult has gone well so far. But before I get into that, I’ll update on my first weekend on campus. Well, as much as I can remember, anyway.

Thursday morning, I woke up at the crack of dawn (about 6am). Every now and then, my alarm goes off really loudly. I never use the radio on it, though I think the volume knob is what makes the alarm louder. Anyway, I had one of those loud alarm rude awakenings that morning. Not fun, also because it was the last time I’d really be waking up in that bed, living at home. I got ready, gathered everything together, and ate some waffles. I miss those waffles. I got a bit teary looking around my sort-of empty room, checking to see if I’d forgotten anything. I miss my room.

There was minimal traffic up here, so we made good time even though we got here later than I’d wanted to. We got turned around trying to find the hall, but we got here okay. I managed to get all my stuff moved in fairly easily. It was hella hot, though. My parents drove me to the Student Union for lunch and to pick up my books. The books weren’t ready (more on that later), but I did get some Chik-Fil-A. And Dominique ran into me, literally. I saw her at graduation; she was in my engineering class with Avondet junior year and on the battlebot team with Mark and me.

After lunch, my parents drove me back to Easton (my hall) and said goodbye. I spent a while unpacking. We had a floor meeting that afternoon. The icebreaker was okay, but I got a boring question: favorite color. I wanted “Do you have a birthmark?” — I have one on my neck that looks like Japan.

I woke up at the crack of dawn again on Friday. I expected my roommate that morning, so I wanted to be up and dressed whenever she came. Jenny showed up around 9, I think. She’s pretty cool; a biology major. She brought a lot more stuff than I did, though. I didn’t think about rearranging the furniture until after I’d unpacked, so she actually wound up with better stuff. So much for the moving-in-first advantage. I also noticed some things I forgot to note on my Room Condition Report. I really hope ResLife doesn’t try to charge me for that.

Mykella and I went to brunch while Jenny unpacked. The Diner (one of two dining halls) is only about 5 mins. away. Mykella lives two doors down, which is awesome. Justin B. actually lives on the floor, too, on the guys’ side. Anyway, I got some free ice cream and an Honors t-shirt after that, then went to another floor meeting. After floor meeting, we went to convocation, which UMD calls New Student Welcome. That was cool. They brought the whole marching band to perform and lead us through the victory song. It’s hard to sing a song when you don’t know the tune, so I just joined in on the “M-A-R-Y-L-A-N-D” part. They gave us chicken for dinner, which was not great, but not bad, either. Iris, Mykella, and I met Colleen, who just randomly sat next to us while we were eating. The four of us wandered around the carnival on the floor of Comcast, then Colleen went back to her dorm. Mykella, Iris, and I went to the Book Center, then to the Hoff Theater. They were showing Prisoner of Azkaban for free, so I was super excited. We were late, but I still had an awesome time. Got to see all my favorite Ron/Hermione moments. After that, we wandered. We went to Iris’s room, then up to see Anita.

Saturday, I got up early again to meet my mom. She brought me some more stuff, then we went in search of books. The Book Center didn’t have all of mine, so we went out the off-campus Book Exchange. They had one of the books I was looking for, but the other was never even ordered. She took me to lunch again, then dropped me off with my stuff. I went to another floor meeting, then got dressed after guiding Greg up to campus. I had to talk longer than I’d planned, so I just parked Greg in the lounge while I changed. We went to the Olive Garden. I had manicotti, but it was just too cheesy for me to finish. Ricotta is great, but not that much at once. Then we came back here. Greg made me birthday cupcakes that said “Happy B-Day Lindsay.” I couldn’t help but think of the cake Hagrid gives Harry in SS, though I know Greg’s cupcakes must have tasted better. He got me the best presents: SS and CoS on DVD, since I left the other copies at home for my family; SS in hardcover, so my collection finally matches; some really cute pink heart jewelry; and a Finding Nemo poster for my wall. He’s such a sweetie. Friday Five that I missed.
1. It the election were tomorrow, who would you vote for? I’m a pretty conservative person by nature, but I think I’d have to go for Kerry.
2. What are the main things that lead you to vote for a certain person? Right now, it’d have to be their position on education (student loans and college costs) and foreign affairs (getting the parents of my fellow military “brats” out of Iraq and such).
3. Where do you get your info on the candidates? Honestly, from MTV and Seventeen. I am so the opposite of politically aware.
4. Who was president when you were born? Reagan, I think. Him or Bush the Elder.
5. If you could choose anyone, dead or alive, to be president, who would it be? Hmm. I don’t think Ghandi would count; not a citizen. I don’t know.


I don’t have much time to post, since Greg will be here shortly. He insisted on taking me with him and David to see Without a Paddle tonight.

Anyway, in honor of today being Rupert Grint’s sixteenth birthday, today is International Ron Appreciation Day. While also celebrating Rupert’s birthday, today Ron fans honor him for his bravery, developed skill at Quidditch, and love for his friends. (Though for Ron/Hermione shippers like me, his “love” for Hermione takes on a whole new level.) We also use this day to protest the mischaracterization of Ron in the Harry Potter movies. Ron is reduced to a comic relief character who randomly appears in the movie when it’s convenient. Where is his unabashed bravery when danger confronts his friends? Today, let us applaud Rupert Grint for his excellent portrayal of our beloved Ron. Yay Ron and Rupert!


(Icons from the IRAD community my_wheezy.)


Yesterday, I did some long-overdue shopping for school. I couldn’t find any refills for my cool erasers, though. At Target, I broke my record for most money spent at one time. I stopped by the mall to see if Old Navy had any good jeans, because I only buy them when they’re on sale. I have such long legs, it’s hard to find pants that fit well. They didn’t have any in my size or any interesting washes, though. Then I went to Wal-Mart, where I found a really cute backpack. Why couldn’t that have been around last year? I was stuck with a much too large one for most of the year. I’d actually already bought a backpack in Target, but the Wal-Mart one was cuter and cheaper, so I doubled back to Target to return it.

After all that, I stopped by Popeye’s on my way home to get food for my family, since my mom only got her rental car this afternoon. They took forever, just like always. I wound up parking across from a car from Lindsay Lexus. I love seeing those license plate holders. Not, like, Lindsay Saturn. My name is front of the luxury cars. I almost made it home without incident. Mindy doesn’t have proper cupholders, so the large “small” fruit punch that went with Ryan’s food toppled over onto me. I was quite annoyed, to say the least.

Late last night, Greg, David, and I played Literati on Yahoo!Games. Greg was in the lead after a few rounds, but then I used all my letters to make the last word, so I won by 11 points. Greg was quite upset, especially since he thought he was going to win. And his word, which allowed me to make mine, was “brie”. He also had “immune” and “cranium”.

Today was the rugrats’ first day back to school. Last year, we either left at the same time, or I left last, so the alarm was always set with the motion sensors on. This morning, my mom conveniently forgot to remind the rugrats not to set the alarm, so I tripped it when I got up. I thought I could open the laundry room door (I don’t have to pass the sensors to get to that one), then run upstairs and disarm it before the delay ended, but apparently you only get the delay for the front door. I should see if that can be changed. What if I came back from UMD and randomly decided to use the green room (our name for the closed-in garage) door while the alarm was on?

So, after calling to double-check, I went to work. Mrs. Maus’s son stopped by, which was cool. I spent almost an hour listening to a conversation I couldn’t participate in, but still. I was worried, but my fears were unfounded. She didn’t even mention the “incident” last Friday. Tomorrow is my last day, so that I can run an errand at my former (!) high school on Wednesday. I move onto campus on Thursday, and I expect Jenny on Friday. Then, Greg and I are planning to go out Saturday night to celebrate my birthday. Monday will be my actual birthday and the start of classes, and my altered life will proceed from there.

When I left work today, I really had to go to the bathroom. Greg called me about ten steps out from the driveway. So, while walking and talking, I was dismayed to see a stray dog. It wasn’t an actual stray; it was Snoop, who belongs to my neighbors. My around-the-corner neighbor, Albert, was also there. So, all at once, I had to hang up the phone and shove it in my pocket, assure Mr. Albert that I knew where Snoop belonged, and lead Snoop back home. He’d broken his line very short, so I had to hold him by his collar. Walking stooped-over down a hill holding a dog’s collar is not fun, let me tell you. And he licked me — I hate being licked by dogs, I don’t care how clean their mouths allegedly are.

After returning Snoop to his owners, I finally got in the door. I noticed a tag from a florist, which was odd. We never get sent flowers. Having been licked, I was now desperate to pee and to wash my hands. But first, Mrs. Maus called. She didn’t say anything that couldn’t have waited until tomorrow. Then, the flower delivery guy showed up again. Augie sent my mom a gigantic flower arrangement and a fruit basket as “get well” gifts for her accident. My mom wasn’t hurt at all. And in typical Augie fashion, the flowers stood around two feet tall. I could barely see the delivery guy over the bouquet. So, I put the flowers and fruit on the table, and then I finally got to go to the bathroom. Quite an interesting fifteen minutes, that was.

I did some more packing after that, mostly my CD’s and DVD’s. I finally bagged two massive piles of paper. I kept tossing random college mail and old magazines (the ones I don’t save for clippings) into big piles in a corner of my room, but I finally got fed up with it. And I am on this huge cleaning spree. The less I leave, the less there is to come back to — and if my family stays out of my room, there shouldn’t even be dust. (Dust is made up mostly of dead skin cells — yucky, but true.) I think I’ll tackle my closet after work tomorrow. It’s so weird, seeing the section of my room that I’ve designated for things to take. My entire life brought down to specific possessions.

I am less stressed out than recently about my impending life change. Hmm. That makes it sound like I’m becoming a man — which I am definitely not. Considering that I still need laundry detergent, that is a very weird way for me to feel right now.


My mom was in a car accident this afternoon. I don’t know where exactly she was, but it must have been close to her work. The woman says she was feeling dizzy, so she never stopped at the red light. She slammed into my mom’s van, causing it to spin, and crushing to front to a degree that surprised my mom. She should have been injured or died, but as she says, “I guess it just wasn’t my time to go.” My mom’s fine, but she’s still scared and shaken up. Right after the accident, she called me, asking me to call my dad for her. Hearing her voice cracking and quiet brought back old feelings. Earlier, when she told me the rest of the story, she had to whisper to get the words out. It reminded me so much of my own accident back in May. I was glad I hadn’t hurt myself or anyone else, but still terrified. She isn’t hurt and the accident wasn’t her fault, but she’s still on edge. I feel so sorry for her. I know what it’s like. Our experiences weren’t exactly the same, but on some level, I know how she feels.

Greg will be busy all weekend, so we got together last night. He finally conned me into watching Little Nicky, but then he re-watched 13 Going on 30, so I suppose we’re even. For someone who was only alive for about three years of the 80’s, I do love them. I Love the 80’s was so cool. I had much fun bouncing around singing and dancing to Jesse’s Girl and Love Is a Battlefield. I liked that movie, though it’s a bit weird no one ever noticed how young she was acting.

I’ve tried to write this part of my entry twice so far, so I’ll just forget about it. In a nutshell, I may have lost my job helping Mrs. Maus, but I won’t really know until Monday. I’m not even quite sure if I should go back Monday. We didn’t end on the best terms today. I don’t even know if I’ll get paid for these last two weeks. I wish things would stop going wrong. It depresses me, and no one likes Depressed!Lindsay.

The Friday Five.
1. If you were an alien visiting Earth where would you come from? Saturn. I used to watch this Nickelodeon series when I lived in Japan, Space Cases. My favorite character was Catalina, and she was from one of Saturn’s moons. But now that I think about it, I’d probably be from Vulcan. (For non-Trekkies, that’s the name of the planets the Vulcans are from. Very logical, of course.)
2. How would you get here and how long would it take? I would take a wormhole from Saturn, or I’d just take a regular ship from Vulcan. It wouldn’t take long, because tv space travel rarely does, and that’s all I have to go on here.
3. What would you do or say when you got here? I’d probably discover chocolate and spend much of my time in Hershey, PA, and Belgium, the capitals of the chocolate universe.
4. What would be your best judgment about Earth and what would be your worst judgment about Earth? Best: That for people confined to such a deteriorating planet, we’ve come along nicely. Worst: That we haven’t overcome war yet. It’s such a petty concept. Why do we spend our lives killing each other so that no one will tell us we’re not in charge?
5. What would you look like? Again, I’d want to look like Catalina. She had this awesome purple hair. All the other aliens on Space Cases looked too weird.

I’m Two

Again, thank you all for being supportive and reassuring. I tend to whine a lot, but you never call me on it. You just remind me that things will be okay. Sometimes, that’s really all I need to hear.

Yesterday sucked. I usually would have taken the opportunity to blog about that here, though I’d have given you the short version. Instead that “woe is me” rant was banished to the world of private LJ entries. Unfortunate things just kept happening, one of which was going to the dentist. Now, my dad’s a dentist. I understand that it’s necessary and good. That doesn’t mean I like it. Yes, dentists are used to hearing people answer questions while their mouths are hanging open, possibly with the little pick and mirror poking around in there at the same time. I still don’t like doing it. I like to be understood when I speak. I like having clean, smooth teeth, but I don’t like the strange feeling. Does that make sense? It seems more normal when they’re not perfectly clean.

Other things were unfortunate about yesterday. But like I said, that led to a massive rant that none of you want to hear. I will note randomly, though, that knowing how to unclog a toilet with a plunger is a valuable skill.

I missed my second blogiversary. On August 13, 2004, I had been blogging for exactly two years, right here at Musings from Calliope. My second year of blogging was much more stressful than my first. I went from blogging almost every day to only once a week, if that. My weekend-only posts were long, devoid of many of the random things that make everyday blogging fun. I was more stressed out that I had ever been before, which drove me to random emotional breakdowns and physical pain. It was generally not a good year. I hope my next year of blogging will have much more pleasant posts, for your sake and mine.

Another random comment: Did you know that, outside the US, “one, two and three” is grammatically correct? In the US, it’s also correct in newspapers. (There should generally be a comma after “two”.) I just think that’s weird, grammarphobe that I am. Of course, being a grammarphobe is weird in itself. I should just stop now.


I have the best friends ever. Seriously, you guys rock. What brought on this sudden epiphany? A quote from Hope’s comment to yesterday’s entry.

Once you step on the campus for the first time, all the anxiety will fade and you will finally say to yourself, “Lindsay, here we go on a new journey. Begin…[walks nervously up the stairs to her dorm]”

I am really nervous. I’ve had points in my life where everything changed. Usually, they involved moving to another continent. In comparison, this might be a tad easier. I really hope things will work out well. There’s just so many variables. So many things that could go terribly wrong. I can’t help but think that, with such a large list of potential pitfalls, I’m going to fall into quite a few of those pits.

I thrive on worry. I discovered that a little while ago, but it must be true. Unless something is bothering me, stressing me out, frustrating me to no end, I feel so lifeless. I almost search for issues that could use worrying. It’s a wonder people can stand me. I wouldn’t want to be around someone who gets as self-pitying and stressed as I do. Which leads me back to my initial comment for the day: You rock.


I got to see The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement last night. I had to fight for it. In the end, it took a promise to see Alien vs. Predator next time, as well as chocolate chip cookies. I felt like baking and had promised Greg cookies ages ago, so they made a nice bargaining chip. I had the oven too cold at first, but Ms. Betty Crocker’s recipe pulled through with a hotter blast on that batch.

The movie was nice. It was every bit as fluffy and fun as I expected it would be. The plot was totally contrived by the scriptwriters. The crucial elements of the book (including Mia’s mother romance with her Algebra teacher, and Mia’s relationship with Michael) were glossed over in favor of the movie plot. I didn’t identify with Mia as much as I did in the first movie. As with Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde, I think PD2 was a good movie, but largely unnecessary. True Mia fans likely turned to the books for more after seeing the first movie. I did. In the books, she’s still in high school! Mia was more a princess than ever in this movie, but in becoming that, she lost most of her lovable geekiness.

Megan and Stephanie are back in town. They were evacuated due to the two (!) hurricanes headed up the coast. “Party at the Shell station!” I’m glad they’re safe, even if their vacation was cut a few days short.

I still haven’t called my roommate. At this rate, she’ll call me first. I spent today cleaning. I dusted almost every piece of wooden furniture, and most of my figurines. My bookshelf is next to the window, in partial sunlight, but I was still surprised to see a faded spot where my books were lined up. I hadn’t realized the sun was so strong there! I have a few more shelves, then the closet. Please, please, let the giant spider be gone. I can’t handle another week of creeping in to get clothes and shoes. I shouldn’t have to be afraid of my own room.

The Friday Five
1. If your family was a television family, who would they be? Name family and/or television show. My parents’ jobs aren’t professional enough for us to be the Huxtables (The Cosby Show), but our family dynamic is something like that. Maybe with a smidge of the family from My Wife and Kids.

2. If you and your friends were a television show, what show would best describe i.e. personalities and/or day-to-day relations? Maybe Lizzie McGuire, with a tad less Disney fluffiness.

3. What television show would best represent your life? I have a lot of the perfectionism and frustration reactions of Ren from Even Stevens.

4. What theme song would run for a television about you? May be one used by a show already or something different. I like “What I Like About You”, the version sung by Lillix for the show of the same name.

5. Who would you have play yourself? Friends and family? I forget who played me in the movie version of my life (from my scrapbook). I really don’t know. It’s hard to think of people with the proper skin-tone and ages. Why can’t we just play ourselves? After all, I am the greatest expert there is on me.

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