I think I’m adjusting well. Figuring out what my new life as a legal college student will be like. (Just to avoid confusion, I didn’t mean that my life was illegal before.) Classes are fine. I felt like I was struggling to keep up with my PSYC professor’s pace, but I think my notes are okay. It’s difficult, picking out the important things from what she said and from her PowerPoint. With Adkins, I already had notes on exactly the content he lectured about, thanks to discussion points. In that class, she explicitly told us she wouldn’t be following the book, so it’s more like a true lecture. I think I preferred Adkins.

Geography is going to be a very dry, boring, long class. The professor barely scratched the surface of his PowerPoint, and the content was nothing like what I’d read in the book. I was slightly interested when he started talking about plate tectonics, but not much of what he said corresponded with anything I know. Anita, Chris M., and I went to lunch afterward with Regina (I think that’s her name). They all have much busier schedules than I do. I e-mailed an advisor, though, so I know my light-ish load is okay. Next semester will be tougher, because I plan to take a lab course.

I met with an advisor from Education today. It was technically a Change of Major workshop, but I was the only one there, so he just talked to me. Basically, I should decide very soon whether I want to switch to Education. Elementary requires two lab sciences, and I think History also needs a foreign language. That could complicate my getting out in four years, especially with Honors Humanities to think about.

I found the perfect place to study: the library. Specifically, McKeldin Library, since Hornbake was not a normal library. McKeldin has a/c and a bunch of those cube-type desks for studying. And that’s just on the first floor; there are seven. My classes are all on that side of campus (except my honors humanities seminar), so it’s pretty convenient. I can’t study in absolute silence; I need some white noise, and the library has just the right amount. I ran into Meaghan on the way back tonight. She asked why I didn’t just use the floor lounge. I would, but I think I’d be more distracted. We shall see.

I was warned about the Freshman Fifteen by every college advice article I read and my doctor. Having arrived, I don’t think it will become much of a threat. I find that I’ve been eating less than usual. I’m not always around to snack, and for this week, the dining halls close at 7. I stopped by on my way back to the dorms around 6:20, and had to squeeze through the madhouse crowds for some carryout. I usually would have taken the time to eat in, but it was crowded like you wouldn’t believe. I hate styrofoam, especially when people get carryout boxes and sit down in the dining hall — is it that much trouble to use a plate? (Why do I hate it? Styrofoam does not biodegrade. In 5000 years, that carryout box I threw away will still be around. It’s a scary thought, so I avoid the stuff whenever possible.) But I overcame that abhorrence last night.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention: Choi is engaged! That floored me. It’s so weird to think of someone my age getting married. She and Larryel have been together for a month longer than Greg and I have, but I can tell you right now I’m not thinking marriage. Definitely not until after I graduate, preferably when I have a job and some kind of financial security. I wouldn’t even want to be engaged right now — who has time to pick a flower arrangement when you have a PSYC paper due in the morning? I am totally happy for her, though. I could tell just from her blog entry how happy she is now, and when my friends are happy, that makes me happy.

I think I might be able to do this college thing. I can tell already that it’s going to be vastly different, but I can deal with that. I hope.

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