Friday Five
1. What was the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you? Back in the eighth grade, at a school dance, my half-British friend Kaicee was having a rough night. Her boyfriend had cheated on her and shown up at the dance with the other girl, so Kaicee was a wreck. I was trying to console her as she cried, and I said the usual, “I understand” line. She replied, “No, you don’t. You don’t understand, because you’re strong.” I’ve never forgotten that.
2. What was the meanest thing anyone has ever said to you? Also in eighth grade (or maybe seventh), I wouldn’t help this guy, Jonathan, by telling him the answers to a Spanish assignment. I’d taken Spanish the year before, so I still remembered enough to help him, but I just didn’t feel like it. He called me a b*tch, which really hurt because I was usually nice to him, like to everyone else. It was uncalled for.
3. At times, lots of people never tell us what they are really thinking. Who is the one person that you would really like to know what they are thinking (as far as how they feel about you), and why? I’d say Courtney. I started having a rough time emotionally (a time that’s never really ended) when I was about her age. I didn’t have an older sister, though. As hers, I kind of want to know how she feels about me. Just, if she’s doing okay.
4. What was the nicest thing you have ever said to anyone? I have no idea. I try to be nice to people in general. When I’m having a crappy day (which is more often than not), I try to avoid people and situations I know will set me off. No one should deal with me unless they have to when I’m like that.
5. What was the meanest thing you have ever said to anyone? Just like I generally try to be nice, I try not to be mean. I’ve said some stupid things to Greg, though. And in… eighth grade (I remember my time in Germany really well), I couldn’t quite handle sarcasm and started making kind of nasty comments. I didn’t mean to, though, and when Kaicee pointed it out to me, I stopped.

Last Saturday, Greg had a Halloween party. I dressed as a fairy. I was really cold, but it was fun. I played some Lindsay-style DDR, by which I mean it was on light and I still couldn’t handle it. Stupid syncopation. They (Greg, David, Ian, Lara, and two of Lara’s friends) played video games for a while, then Magic, then we watched Ghostbusters.

School was… well, school. ARHU on Monday was interesting. We have such agonizingly long readings for that class. I put off last week’s reading until Monday, so I read about nine pages of twenty-five before class. It’s been a long time since I’ve done any schoolwork halfway, but I can only do so much.

Tuesday, I met with Marisa to discuss our geography presentation. I also started writing my short story for my Honors seminar. Then I did laundry.

I managed to finish my Honors story on time. I had this brilliant idea kind of walk up to me, which is unusual but very much appreciated. I can’t tell you what it is yet, though. I turned it in on Thursday. The rest of the class will get copies of it, possibly next week, and then we’ll discuss it. I have until the end of the semester to submit revisions after the discussion, but I don’t have to share the rewrite. I was really encouraged. I wrote the whole thing in one night, even though I wound up scrapping one scene, rewriting another twice, putting a whole new scene in there, and changing the POV. Jenny read it, though, and she liked it. I hope the class likes it. I’ve never written anything like this, though, so I’m jumping into uncharted waters here.

Thursday morning, psyc had optional attendance. My professor told us we could either come to class to discuss our papers, or work on them outside of class. I didn’t go. Instead, I went to do an extra-credit psyc experiment. I was actually late, and it was raining a lot that day. By the time I got to the right room in the building, my socks were wet for the second time that morning, I was out of breath, and I was just upset. The experiment was painless, though. I just followed along on the computer and answered the questions. I’m supposed to get a debriefing email at some point, though, so I’ll share more then.

Yesterday, I got up on time and got to geography early. Once I sat down, I realized that I’d managed to leave without my book for that class — and my notes for the presentation. I had to quickly copy some info from my partner’s notes and just wing it. I think I did okay, though. Our TA was late, so the class was about to write her a note and just leave, but she showed up (sick) and they stuck around. I hope it turns out okay.

After classes, I took the Metro to go see The Incredibles. It was a really good movie. After Nemo, I expect only the best from Pixar, and this movie did not disappoint me. It’s definitely worth seeing. Watch closely and see how many references to other superhero universes you can pick up. It was, as The Diamondback put it, “freakin’ incredible.”

Not much planned for today. Homework. Jenny’s cousin is coming to sleep over tonight. I think I’m going to go see a free play at the Chapel this evening.

Yep. The story of my life.

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