I already answered this Friday Five, but I got caught up in other things and let them get erased from my LJ client, but they were good questions so I’m going to do them again.
1. If you were a shoe, what would you look like? Something small, comfortable, and not expensive. Like the sneakers I had last fall. They were cheap but really cute and not as bulky as my usual running shoes, which is why I wore them until they got a hole in the toe. They were white with navy blue stripes.
2. If you were a t-shirt, what would you say? I would love to find (in my size) a Happy Bunny shirt that says “Cute but psycho. Things even out.” The little bunny in the straight jacket is just perfect. That is totally me. That, or one I saw someone wearing (a while ago, but I saw another yesterday) that says, “I hear voices and they don’t like you.”
3. If your house caught on fire and was burning to the ground…what is the one thing you’d save and why? If the dorm was burning down, I’d grab my photo album. I love my computer, but it’s so bulky and I wouldn’t have time to pack her up while avoiding smoke and flames. If I was at home, I’d grab my old paper journals. They represent who I was all those years ago. I wouldn’t give up those memories for anything.
4. If you were a book…would you read yourself? Maybe. I love YA fiction because I can relate to it a lot, but my life isn’t interesting enough to carry a whole book.
5. If you could do anything at all (without consequences), what would you do? I’d ensure that I live the rest of my life perfectly content. That’s not selfish; to be perfectly content, I’d need a lot. My friends and family would all have to be content, too, capital punishment would be abolished, people would stop harming the environment so much, I’d have a career doing something I love that helps the world in some way, and everyone would work harder to avoid conflict and find a happy medium instead.

Also, earlier this week, there was a car idling outside that was playing a go-go version of Ashlee Simpson’s “Pieces of Me.” You can’t really get more random and unexpected than that.

Uh, yeah. So, last week. I had a geography exam on Monday. It didn’t feel quite as yucky as the last one. Turns out it wasn’t; we got them back in lecture yesterday and I got an 80. Even if he didn’t curve that to an A, I would still be pleased. I ran some numbers, and with one more quiz and the final to go, I think I can swing a final grade in the 80’s. Yay. At discussion on Friday, our regular TA was out (someone fell out of a window at her house or something like that), so we got one of the other TA’s — she was so much nicer! I didn’t feel nearly as close to falling asleep as I usually do in discussion.

Monday night, I went to do another psyc experiment. It was just surveys this time. I started getting suspicious when the gender section listed “transgender” as an option. I have never, ever seen that before. Once I got past the mundane questions, I realized they were studying people’s perception of and actions toward the GLBT community. I answered honestly, though. It’s nice to know that I’m helping someone due useful research. And, you know, I got more extra credit in the process.

After my experiment, I met Jenny at the Hoff for a sneak preview of Kinsey. My psyc teacher mentioned him way back at the beginning of the semester, and I’d only just found out the movie was being released (and protested), so I really wanted to go see it. Kinsey was basically the first scientist (he was actually a zoologist) to investigate sex. His studies and publications were incredibly controversial, but so interesting. It had never occurred to me that, in order for facts and statistics to be available, someone has to gather them. Liam Neeson played Kinsey, and Laura Linney played his wife; they were both really good. John Lithgow’s character was only really good when he was sermonizing (is that a word?). I’m glad I went, though, especially since it was free, and I got a free t-shirt. It says “Let’s talk about sex,” though, so I may have to not wear that one at home.

I had my last psyc exam on Tuesday. I did well on that one, too, which is good because I’m headed for an A in that class. Another yay. We’re starting social psychology now, which is so much cooler than the biological foundations were. We watched a video on Milgram’s obedience study: the subjects had to use electrical shock as a punishment for another person not learning word pairs correctly. The subjects didn’t know they weren’t really shocking a real person, but something like 60% kept going, “shocking” the other person even after he stopped protesting and responding. It’s scary what people will do without meaning to or even realizing that they’re doing it.

I’m getting a little bit better at signing. Not much, but now when we do the voice-off activity, Shannon (the president) breaks down spoken sentences into the ASL signs. For example, “Will you do homework (over Thanksgiving break)?” is signed “Do homework question-mark-wiggle”. Same meaning, just different structure.

On Thursday after my honors seminar, I went to the College of Education for walk-in advising. The woman there suggested that I get some experience working with older kids (and younger, while I’m at it) over winter break, so I’m going to volunteer at Courtney and Ryan’s schools. I went down the hall and had my major officially changed to Elementary Education, because it’s easier to switch out of that into Secondary than the other way around. I’m positive that I want one of those two, though, so I’m good.

Well, sort of. I had HH advising with Tanya midday Friday, and she says I’m on track program-wise. She suggested I take the Buffy class, as it’s called. It’s a seminar on screenplay writing using Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a model. I’m on the fence between that and the seminar on music, though. I might just stick with Buffy. I’m more passionate about writing than music, and though I’ve never written a screenplay, I haven’t played music in a year.

My schedule is still undecided, though. Not having a concrete major means I have to plan two ways, and choosing between them is proving a bit difficult. I’ll figure it out though; I don’t register until December 1.

Saturday night, I spontaneously went with ten other people from the hall to see Garden State at E Street Cinema. It wasn’t the best idea to be out late in DC, but there were ten people with me, we stayed as a group, and we went straight there and came straight back. At least we got straight back on the Metro; we made a 1am detour to IHOP on the way back to campus. The movie was fabulous, one of the best I’ve ever seen. The soundtrack was amazing, too. I’m totally in love with this movie. If you haven’t seen it, definitely go if you get a chance.

I spent most of the weekend researching for my psyc paper. It’s due in two weeks, so this is a good bit of progress. I didn’t have psyc lecture this morning, so I decided to blog before my honors seminar. Later this afternoon, I’ll work on this layout some more. I’m determined to get it just right.

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