Friday Five:
1) as a child, where did you go for Thanksgiving and who was there? I don’t remember much of anything before we moved to Japan when I was seven, and then it was just me, the parental units, and the rugrats every year.
2) what food(s) do you remember best/were tradition then? Courtney loves cranberry sauce, so we always had it even though she’s the only one that really eats it.
3) where do you celebrate now, and with whom? For the past few years, since we’ve been back stateside, we’ve gone to my grandma’s house to eat… er, celebrate with that side of the family.
4) has your menu changed (if so, whats new?) ? It hasn’t, really. This year, “Aunt Cookie” made this weird corn casserole. It was actually pretty good, albeit mushy.
5) what are you thankful for this year? I’m thankful that college isn’t wringing my neck quite as much as senior year did. I’m still all wound up and stressed out, but not nearly as much as I used to be. I’m also thankful that Jenny is such an awesome roommate. I’m so glad we were randomly put together.

I skipped my classes on Wednesday. I just didn’t feel like going. Anita told me Professor Kearney gave everyone who showed up extra credit for geography, which sucks because I could have used it. And we’ve learned all we need to know for the final in math class, so it’s just reviewing and handouts now. It was a long day, though. I packed and watched tv, which was cool because I hardly ever watch tv anymore except for my regular shows. My mom came to pick me up, then I came home and watched Shallow Hal on tv.

Thanksgiving was, well, normal. We went over to my grandma’s house. They stuck my dad with saying grace, though my mom tried to force me into it again this year. The food was fabulous. As my dad would say, my grandma put her foot in it. I ate far too much, but I didn’t eat lunch, so it balanced out. I watched The Day After Tomorrow when we got back. (It has been very much a movie weekend for me.) That was actually pretty cool. I have a tree-hugger streak, so environmental stuff doesn’t just fly over my head. It was so sad, though. The special effects really were awesome, and it was almost satisfying to see the government stuck with the consequences of their inaction. When a credible scientist tells you half the world is going to disappear, maybe you should listen.

Yesterday, I couldn’t get hold of Megan or Stephanie, so I just sat around and did homework. The stupid rugrats made me miss out on IHOP, but I finally got to make the scrambled egg sandwich I’ve been craving all semester. Then I watched X-Men 2. That was a cool movie, too. I wish Jean Gray hadn’t died, though. She has such cool hair.

I have some shopping to do today, then Greg and I are going to see Ray. This may be a movie record for me. I may not get to do my shopping, though, because the workmen’s truck is blocking me in. My parents are having a gas line run into our fireplace. It gets really cold down here; I guess they’re tired of the kerosene heater. I’m so upset, though, because there are about five square holes in the downstairs ceiling where they’re running the line. It looks horrible. The family room ceiling has this great swirly pattern, and now that’s ruined. I wouldn’t let anyone cut holes in my ceiling, not even if it kept me from being cold.

It’s weird being home. It’s so quiet, and I’m kind of lonely. I enjoy privacy as much as the next girl, but I’ve gotten used to seeing people all day. It’s comforting. I miss my dorm, highway noises, random drunk people, and all.

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