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Greg and I are the strangest exes I’ve ever known. We’ve still been talking since last week. He wants me back, but I’m not sure if I want to go. What will happen to our relationship is yet to be seen.

On Christmas Eve, I spent the day with my family. That was weird. We went to see the ponderously-titled Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. (For the record, grammatically, there should be no “a” after a possessive, even as part of a title.) We ate at Ruby Tuesday, then went to vigil Mass. It’s technically “midnight Mass”, but they have it in the evening so people don’t have to go home at 1 A.M. It was the same as usual. Ryan was pleased because it was the first time he’d been to Mass since his First Communion, so he got to go up with the rest of us. Except my dad, who couldn’t since he isn’t actually Catholic yet.

Christmas was good. I got some cute clothes, jewelry, money, a new Harry Potter calendar (PoA this time. I think they’re photo-realistic paintings instead of movie stills), and other things. We only had one set of grandparents to visit this time, since Papa and Bridgette moved to Mississippi a while ago. Being around family was the same as always. I ate, I opened presents, and then I read.

This week has been pretty dull. My family’s home this week, so it’s not as quiet as last week. My dad will be home until at least February. His last duty day was last week, his retirment ceremony is sometime next week, and he officially separates in April. He’s very proud of his job-searching. He’s applied with TSA, so my dad may be in airports holding people up in those long lines while he checks their luggage.

Monday evening, I went to Megan and Stephanie’s party. It was something like a Christmas party, but not really, since Christmas had passed. There were so many people there I hadn’t seen in months: Hope, Alanna (for a little while), Jarred (okay, so I saw him at school), Meery, Kayla, Craig, McClain, Sharis, and probably some I’m forgetting. We ate, played Taboo (at which, as usual, I rocked), watched random tv, and talked. I had fun. I forget sometimes how much I enjoy being around other people. I miss E4.

Yesterday, I went out to Wal-Mart. My car has been sitting since Thanksgiving, in the cold and snow. My grandfather suggested I drive it, and I wanted to go buy the Garden State DVD anyway, so I went out. Megan and Steph are coming over this evening to watch it with me.

I got the soundtrack, too, mostly for “Let Go.” (I realized today, when I saw one of those compilation albums commercials, why I like that song so much. I have a soft spot for techno-driven dance music. And it reminds me of the end of the movie.) The rest is very emo. All the songs started sounding alike. Very male-vocals dominated, not the kind I usually listen to. The male singers I like tend to have smooth singing voices. I’ve only listened to it once, though. I’ll give myself time to warm up to it. All the songs reflect the mood of the movie perfectly, though.

So, I’ve got time to kill. Must finish my Fearless book; I’ve been reading it for about a month. So sad.


1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will be released July 16, 2005. I jumped up and down when I got the text message that the date would be announced. I was also very upset that, because my parents are NOT getting DSL, AFTER they got my hopes up, I cannot go to JK’s website to see the announcement for myself. I had to go look at the screencaps. Not nearly as much fun.

2. I am rapidly getting bored, and the break has barely begun. I have some scholarship applications to work on, and my mom’s given me dinner duty once a week. We’ll be having breakfast for dinner a lot over the next five weeks. I can’t help it; I enjoy breakfast for dinner. And we don’t have any waffles, which makes me sad. Maybe that’s what I’ll make tomorrow.

3. I’ve written a new short story. I have also posted a found poem I composed using only the words from a poem Megan wrote. Please comment.

4. Greg and I broke up last night. I’m not ready to talk about it, but I wanted to let you all know.


Friday Five
1. What is a fond holiday tradition from your childhood? Being super-excited on Christmas morning, so I woke up early, even though I have never been a morning person.
2. If you could start a new holiday tradition, what would it be? Waffles on Christmas morning?
3. What is your favorite Christmas song and who sings it? I love “Angels We Have Heard on High.” It was the second recital song I ever played. I also like to sing “O Little Town of Bethlehem” and “We Three Kings” sung together, and Nat King Cole’s version (the best one!) of “The Christmas Song.”
4. Is there a certain event, food, television program, etc. that makes your Christmastime complete? It’s not really Christmas time until the Jackson 5 tell me that Santa Claus is coming to town. Which, for the record, means that it’s not yet. But I have little fear that my mom will break out the Motown Christmas CD any day now.
5. Does is traditionally snow where you live at Christmastime? If not, do you wish that it did? I don’t think so. It snows, but we don’t get the heavy stuff until January, as far as I can remember.

Finals are over. I just posted my last assignment on WebCT, which means that I am officially finished with this semester.


It’s been a long week. I slept in very late Saturday and Sunday, so my body clock was completely off Monday morning. I was running late on the way to my 8 a.m. (!!!) psyc final, but the Hall Council left bagels in the lobby, so I got to eat as I rushed to the exam. My hands were freezing though, because I ripped it as I walked. It is so cold now, and I left my winter gear at home. Yesterday morning, I honestly thought my fingers were going to freeze off — but I’ll get to that later.

Anyway, I got to my psyc final with about five minutes to spare. The exam wasn’t really hard. I blanked on a few questions, but otherwise I thought I did okay. After that, I went to read over hot chocolate at Footnotes in McKeldin. I was reading a book, not notes. I don’t read notes right before tests because it’s so easy to get confused. We studied the recency effect in psyc (you actually do remember things easier if they were the last ones presented you, but with a delay you lose the effect), but I still don’t like it. After lunch at South Campus, I trekked back to North Campus to take my math final. It was in the Cambridge Community Center. I had no idea there were classrooms in there, like Cole Fieldhouse. I was confused over one question, but otherwise I also felt good about that one.

I didn’t do much on Tuesday. I went to the Incon to buy a bunch of snacks. Even with all those snacks and a UMD logo cookie tin, I’m still going to lose about $100. Oh, well. Boo for Dining Services. I caught up on my sleep a bit.

On Wednesday, I went to check my psyc grade — an A! Yay! Greg came by later with Gonzo (who’s transferring to UMD from Georgia Tech), and we went back to the Bio-Psyc building so I could pick up my paper. I got full points on my paper, which makes me incredibly proud. I can so do college. I showed Gonzo around the campus a bit. I made him rub Testudo’s nose. We wound up in the Commons, where I played Super Smash Bros. Melee. They told me what to do, and I got four kills in the first round, which made me quite happy.

I got up before dawn on Thursday. Really. As I walked to the Union to catch my shuttle, I saw the sunrise. It was beautiful; I was a popsicle. There was frost on the ground. Suffering through that cold, walking alone in the early-morning dark, and the bumpy bus ride made me regret volunteering for C-SAVE, but spending the morning around those cute kids made up for it. And the money isn’t terrible. I went to Adelphi ES to administer MSA tests to a group of third-graders, two boys and three girls. Two of the girls spoke Spanish; the one who stayed for the experimental section seemed very pleased to be able to write her answers in Spanish if she wanted to. Only one of the kids actually used the “accomodations” (play money, Spanish-English glossaries, etc.), and that was only during the experimental section. All my kids finished early, so I sent them back to class and left. My timing was terrible, though, because I just missed the bus back to campus and had to wait nearly an hour for the next one. There wasn’t even anywhere to sit, so I had to stand around singing to myself. My feet were killing me when I got back, but I had a delicious Texas toast sandwich at the Diner, and people from my hall joined me, so it was okay. (Delicious is a rare adjective for Diner food, but that sandwich was really, really good.)

I spent the rest of Thursday preparing for today. I took an old geography final online and failed, so I got discouraged and just quit studying. It took a few hours — much longer than I thought — to finish my honors seminar final and revise my short story. (I may post that online; I’ll let you know.) I was very pleased with the revision, though. It took so long, I had to rush to get into bed by 12:11 a.m.

I took my last exam this morning at 8 a.m. (!!!) I got there in plenty of time, after walking through the cold, eating another weird-tasting-but-nonetheless-nourishing bagel on the way. I worked very carefully, taking about seventy-five minutes to finish. I won’t know what I got for a while, but I didn’t feel like I failed.

After geography, I turned in my honors final and story revisions. Then I went back to the dorm with another hot chocolate, sat around for a while, and packed. I feel like I brought half my stuff home. My dad thought it seemed like more than at move-in, which is impossible. On the way back, we picked up a free pizza from Alario’s that I won through a contest in The Diamondback. It was yummy, especially because it was free.

Now I’m at home. My parents had a gas line run into our fireplace. It has a remote. There are logs and a picture of coals inside; nothing actually burns, but the heat is wonderful. My dad and I bonded watching Roswell on SciFi. I couldn’t quite remember everything, but I tried to explain it as we watched. I never realized how complex that show is. It’s like when I tried explaining ER to Jenny.

Jenny. If her grades turn out well, she’s going to study abroad in Australia next semester. She was moving out her stuff when I left. She wrote me a card as her way of saying goodbye, because if she goes, I might not see her again. I’m going to miss her terribly. Living in a cinderblock dorm cell with someone for sixteen weeks fosters quite a lot of bonding.


There is no conceivable way to recap since my last entry. I should blog more, but other things take priority. I can only spend so much time in front of my computer.

Overall, Thanksgiving break was okay. It was weird being at home. I’ve gotten used to being around my peers all the time. Just Monday, Jenny, Hana, Becca, Sara, and I had a random conversation in the hallway. I always wondered how those got started. Now I know. It just kind of happens.

Registration sucked. BEGIN RANT> I thought I was confused, but when I went to see my Letters and Sciences advisor last Tuesday, she laid it all out really simply. So, I headed home and got ready to register (online) the next morning. By getting ready, I mean second-guessing myself, being confused, and wearing out Venus, the virtual schedule planner. I was so frazzled, I barely got to register on time. And I forgot to add one class, so by the time I got to it, it had filled up. That means I’m currently on two waitlists. I need my honors seminar, but I’m fifth out of six on that waitlist. The other class is an English class to help me get to my degree faster, whether I choose elementary or secondary education. I’m second of five on that one, so I’m way more likely to actually get in, but it’s still up in the air. Then, all the classes I want equal 17 credits. The max is 16 until the first day of classes. If I get off both waitlists before the first day of classes (unlikely, but possible), the latter will bounce. You need permission to register for 17+ credits before classes start, which I could get if I wanted, since the last credit is my required HH seminar. If I get off one waitlist before classes start, I’ll have to wait until classes start to get the second. And if I don’t get off either waitlist, I only have 11 credits, which means I’m not full-time, which will probably affect my charges for next semester. END RANT>

Later on Wednesday, I took my last math exam. Yay for easy probability — I totally aced it. Regressing in math levels was not as terrible as it seemed at first. I also learned the ASL signs for Hanukkah and Christmas. I taught them to Annie in the bathroom last night. The Hannukkah sign is so cute: four fingers on each hand, like a menorah. The Christmas sign is just “tree” with a C handshape. Boring.

I watched Pirates of the Caribbean in Age and Dan’s room on Thursday night. (That’s Adrienne and Danielle, not “Asian Dan”, like it sounds when you say it.) Great fun. A friend of a friend of theirs showed up; he was introduced at “Big Asian Rob.” Dori, who was sitting next to me, said, “Hi, Big Asian Rob. I’m Small Jewish Dori.” Then, he asked who the rest of us were. I was sitting next to Dori; I just said, “Lindsay.” And Dori goes, “No, you have to say ‘Medium Black Lindsay’.” I cracked up. Which reminds me: If you check my AIM profile every now and then, I change the “crazy quote of the moment.” People say the craziest things here. A sample:

  • “They’re two feuding drag families.” — Sara, my across-the-hall neighbor
  • “It’s like a cherry-flavored ear infection.” — Andy, on his Diner milkshake
  • “Remind me never to get arrested in Russia, the prisons there are rampant with tuberculosis microbes.” — the lovely Rajni
  • “Love is forever, but beach nourishment is not.” — my crazy geography professor

… I started writing this entry Monday evening, so I’m trying to remember what I meant to say and still say what I want to add from the rest of the week. Bear with me.

I did another psychology experiment last Friday, brining my grand total to three. I’m going to see if I can still volunteer next semester, even though I won’t get extra credit. They take about a half-hour each, and I like contributing to science without, like, donating my corpse. Greg and I went to see Shaun of the Dead at the Hoff. They canceled Garden State (because they “couldn’t” show it… hmm…), and he kind of had to talk his way in. Turns out you need UMD ID to get into the free movies. Jenny and I didn’t have to show ID for Kinsey, so I’m not sure what that was about. It was such a fun movie. Like the tag line said, “A romantic comedy. With zombies.” Seriously, if the living dead hadn’t been wandering around England, it would have been a regular old movie, but the “zed-words” wandering around made it worth the watch.

On Saturday, I did a training session for C-SAVE. If any of you read Rajni’s journal, it’s the same thing she’s doing. For those that don’t, I’ll be supervising standardized test administration for third-graders. C-SAVE is doing a study within the normal testing to see if giving children word-picture lists or counters will help them show what they really know. You could say they’re making the test easier, but that’s debatable. I’m doing it for the money. I was hoping to get 2-3 days, but I only got one. It’s during finals week (next week!), so I suppose that’s a good thing, though.

I did homework on Sunday. This whole week has been mostly homework. I finished my psychology paper at about 9:00 last night, but only because I started on Monday instead of yesterday. It’s such a fascinating subject. I’ll write more about it sometime. I aced the math test I took last week. We’ve been reviewing all week, so I think I’ll be fine for the final. At least I will if psychology doesn’t kill me — that final’s at 8 a.m.! On Monday morning! My other final is on Friday (also at 8!), and the take-home final for my Honors seminar is due Friday at noon. We met in my Honors seminar for the last time today. It was great; Dean (the teacher/professor) read us one of his stories. And he got us Papa John’s.

That’s really all I have to say. I have a massive geography quiz tomorrow and a practice math final exam. I may do movie night tonight. I’ve supplied the movies a few times. I don’t mind at all; I like watching with other people a lot more than I do watching alone. Since I’m home early, I should study.

Random fact: I found this incredible grammar site last night (where’d I put my Nerd Club card…?) and discovered that there are, in fact, Multiplication Rock cartoons for eleven and twelve, and a Grammar Rock for prepositions! I’m so excited, but now I want to see them. Too bad I can’t afford anything right now. Presents for my family, my mom’s birthday, my roommate, and Greg are stretching my finances right now.

New pattern for my layout. Felt like I needed a change. I will close this by saying that winter sucks because of cold, rain, and dry skin.

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