Friday Five:
1) What is one thing about you that you hate? Only one? No, kidding. My total failure at decision-making. It takes me forever to finally make a decision about anything, but when I finally do, I stick to it. When I find myself pondering over trivial, minor things, I use the alphabet method: the one that comes first alphabetically is the one I choose.
2) What is one thing about you that you love? My patience. It bothers people sometimes, how I can be so patient about things, even when I have every right to be impatient. I believe in choosing my battles, and sometimes the battle isn’t worth fighting.
3) If you had to change one thing about you what would it be and why? I’d like to be a better decision-maker, but more than that, I want to have opinions. Most of my opinions aren’t original. I read or hear something, and think, “That sounds like a good idea,” then latch onto it as if it were my own. Very little of what I think actually comes from my own heart and mind. I have such trouble in big discussions. A discussion is a venue for the opinionated. I’m not opinionated, so I just kind of sit back and observe. It sucks sometimes.
4) One is one word that you would use to define yourself? “Girl”. I know, most descriptive words are adjectives, but that’s the only thing about me that is always true. I can’t say “smart”, because sometimes I feel (and act!) like the world’s biggest idiot. I can’t say “nice”, because though I try to be generally nice, I lapse. I’m human. I can’t say “Lindsay”, because that’s just a crappy choice. No matter what decisions I make or how I behave, more than anything else, I’m a girl. And (most of the time) I love it.
5) Imagine what you would look like in a perfect world.. what do you look like? Oh, these were supposed to be appearance-related. Huh. Okay. In a perfect world, my hair has shape, and it’s sleek. I like the way I look without glasses. My feet aren’t so long and bony. And my tummy rolls are nonexistent. Other than that, I’m okay with the way I look. Well, I mean, I’m okay with it now, but it could be better.

I finished my trips back to high school this week. Greg and I went to see Ms. Sim and Adkins on Monday, then we went back to see Mr. T on Wednesday. I played one-on-one with the current It’s Ac team. I totally won. The team doesn’t have the same spirit it did when I was there. We always seemed so much more into it than they are. Mr. T hasn’t even chosen a tv team yet. They tape next month. I’ll have to watch for that game.

I have no idea what I did on Tuesday. I really need to blog more often, even if they’re just entries for myself.

Yesterday, my dad took me to lunch at IHOP. I didn’t get breakfast food. I probably should have, because my regular lunch food wasn’t that great. I do love those pancakes.

My life isn’t really as empty as it sounds. I do stuff. I watch a lot of tv, but I also get things done. I’ve been comparison shopping for books for this semester, but until my schedule is finalized, I won’t know for sure about my last class.

I take that last line back. I haven’t really done much. Not that my life was ever jam-packed with exhilarating events, but you know.

Oh, and my sitemeter reports make it seem like a lot more people read my blog than ever comment. Do me a favor — if you read this, leave a comment. If you don’t have anything to say, something like “I read” will be fine. Thanks.

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