This Week’s Friday Five Is Odd

Super LJ icon: A picture of Nemo. “Just tell Nemo you couldn’t find him because you were out getting high. Nemo. My anti-drug.” Hilarious.

This week’s Friday Five is odd. I’m not going to answer them. The… bad-ness of this week’s questions made me submit my own.

Thanks to all of you that commented. My stats are still unusually high, but I’m not complaining unless I get stalked (knock on wood).

I’m not a big linker, but this story is so incredible, my jaw dropped. Can you imagine winning a black- and canary-encrusted beetle with blue tanzanite in its jaw? Yeah, it’s a bug, but that would be the most beautiful bug I’ve ever seen.

Let’s see. I attempted to go deposit some checks at the bank on Wednesday. I got there about five minutes after the bank closed, so I just went home. As I was driving, I heard this rumbling noise, so I pulled over to discover a flat tire. I blame the shopping center parking lot. I had to drive home very slowly with my emergency flashers on. My dad replaced my spare and had the tires rotated for me so I could take Ryan to basketball practice last night.

I plan to move back to campus on Monday. I called my new roommate, Joelle. (Two J-named roommates. I’m bound to call her by the wrong name at some point, unfortunately.) I was thinking earlier and realized how few things I managed to get done lately. I did some things. I also managed to clean out my closet. I have about half now of what I did before, though I didn’t take into account anything I left at school. I felt so spoiled having all those clothes that I haven’t worn in years, including some I may not have ever worn. About half of my discards went straight to Courtney or in drawers for when she grows into them, and the rest were donated to charity. That part made me feel better about being clothing-spoiled, if that makes any sense.

But back to the point. I read a few books, which was nice. I had so little time to read all semester. I was reading non-fiction this time, but only because I was deeply interested in the subject. (Having a bit of a religious crisis. Not the best timing, with Ash Wednesday in two and a half weeks.) But I didn’t write anything. Not even a poem, though I rarely write poetry anyway. I feel so unaccomplished.

It is extremely cold. I doubt my family will ever get DSL, which is so unfair. I never managed to convince them before I left, and now that I’m gone for months at a time, they’re less… urged. Before, I was disappointed, but I dealt. I didn’t know any better. Now, that awful dialing-up screech makes me literally cringe. But since we don’t have DSL, our Internet can’t be wireless, which leaves me in the computer room with only a little ancient heater to keep me warm. I think typing is the only thing keeping my fingers from freezing.

It’s snowing a lot outside, which keeps me from going back to the bank (and totally avoiding that part of the parking lot that flattened my tire) and Wal-Mart. It’s so much harder to shop at school. Maybe this will be an incentive to get out more. I already have to trek down to Route 1 to pick up books in this snowy, cold mess next week. Maybe I can talk my dad into driving me.

I’m looking forward to getting back to my floor. Not that I love taking a shower with shoes on, or random people seeing my hair post-blow dry (it’s not pretty), but I miss the atmosphere. I get lonely sitting around at home. It’s so creepy, I started leaving on my radio when I wasn’t watching tv, just for background noise. But I’ll have a new roommate to get used to, and a whole pile of new schoolwork. At least it won’t be so eerily quiet.

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