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Friday Five
1. What is the one book that you reread over and over again? I haven’t reread in a long time. I think I’ve been through all the Harry Potter books except OotP three times, though.
2. What is your favorite genre? Young adult fiction.
3. Do you usually buy your books or visit the library? I usually buy. Getting them from the library forces me to read in three weeks, rather than just having it around when I want it. I do like having the library as an option though, even though at school, we just have, like, two million reference books.
4. Who is your favorite author? I like Cynthia Voigt and Lois Lowry. And Meg Cabot, since All-American Girl was good, too, not just The Princess Diaries.
5. What book have you read that you absolutely hated? I remember this one book, Robyn’s Journal or something. I think it was about a girl with cancer… something terminal. I just got so bored I had to stop reading it. That doesn’t happen often; I usually pick good books for myself, and I can deal with school reading.

The Faux Paz a cappella show was good. They sang “Iris”. I was glad I went, especially afterward. Ali invited me to go down to First Fridays karaoke, so I did. I had so much fun! I sang “Everywhere” and “Thank You”. It was yucky and rainy out, and I didn’t get back until after midnight, but it was great. I’m upset I haven’t been going all semester; there’s only one First Friday left. Boo. Ah, well. I’ll have my chance again next month. Joan of Arcadia sounded really good (from the recap), but I had so much fun at karaoke. Real live friends are better than tv.

I studied all weekend. Such is my life. I had three assignments due Monday, though, so I had to work on them. I did my astro homework, wrote a review of The Handmaid’s Tale (though mine was more of an essay… I think that’s what she wanted… hard to write a five-page review), and wrote flash fiction for my workshop. I’ve done fifty-five fiction before, which is a story in exactly fifty-five words. Flash fiction is under a page, or 100-1000 words. Mine was 150. I think it might be too short, actually, but I had something to turn in, and I was pleased.

Tuesday wasn’t horrible. I didn’t finish my lit reading, but I’m beginning to think that’s inevitable. We watched a video in my Honors seminar. Buffy class was fine. We’re nearing the end of watching Buffy, boo, but I’ve enjoyed it. Our assignment this week is to write a plot outline for an original episode, which is kind of terrifying. What am I going to do? Open houses at the observatory are on the 5th and 20th every month, so we stayed in the CSS building for astro lab. It was so nice to not have to rush from Buffy class to dinner to the shuttle to lab. It was also nice to be back by 9:00. Unfortunately, it was one of the first warm, clear Tuesdays we’ve had, so we probably missed a great observing night so the general public could be out there. Boo.

On Wednesday, my workshop TA was wearing a shirt that said “we are the misfits”. Anyone else remember Jem? I was so excited when I figured it out. Half the class didn’t show up, though, which is not the first time this semester. They deserve the grades they get. About half of my women’s studies lecture was out, too, but it was a beautiful day. I haven’t seen so many people lying, sitting, and running around on McKeldin Mall in a very long time. I took Adrienne (a floormate) with me to Sign Club. She had fun, which is good. I’m not super-enthusiastic about Sign Club, but it’s my only activity, and I intend to keep up with it.

I almost finished my lit reading for Thursday. It was a play, and I had to read the last act when I got to class, but I basically got through it. Nothing to contribute to discussion, though. We had a guest speaker in music history, the woman who co-produced Tuesday’s video about the women’s music movement. She had lots of performance clips, which was fun: Aretha Franklin, Madonna, Queen Latifah. I spent the evening studying, as per usual.

I went to visit Greg after astro lecture today. We’re not doing so great. I talked to him for a few hours this afternoon. Our minds just aren’t in the same place. We want different things. He already stopped talking to me, then initiated talking again without any prodding from me. He always said that if we ever broke up, he’d have to hate me. That might be true.

After I left Commons, I went to the funeral mass for Pope John Paul II, who died Saturday. It was a nice mass, with… guest priests. One had a cool accent. I’m wearing my Catholic Terps t-shirt now, which I got to wear today. It’s too big, but I did what I could. Going to church made me feel better after hashing it out with Greg. It brings me peace. I’m glad I went back. It’s complicated my relationship with Greg, but I don’t regret any of my decisions.

Also, I got a card from Niki in the mail today! Niki wins the prize for best snail-mail sender ever. I love getting real mail. Email is awesome, but there’s something about a tangible letter that you can keep without printing. Yay.

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